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#^C g -C lTlMl-^4Z£TTrQFIT^ JAoMIGN A RMY IN OmPk 6-f€WJDiJM>lAM)# 

23rd T»ai% t?Q= 2Q. " " L: -s:r" TOBOETTO, FSBKu AB Y 16, 1907. ™°iiEi]EF'*' Price, 6 Cents. 

■ AH AVENGER AVERTED : Am Extraordinary Story of leal Life and Remarkable 

Justification ©I Salvation Army Open* Air Work* <see P ^ ^ 

H 20th.- 

i Secret of £ho 

H 2 3rd. 

i • a.m. ass 7 
subject: "Its 

1^ fi 11 <rs ^ HI- 

and an ao- 
I ba returned 

e Tbou his sailsSS 

ieb. " ■■■■■ 

r to mass ma W&&19', | 
I avery hoar MfSoiiiJ 

tc- "iys b4sI cess : -g 
hs&rt; -■ ■"? 

trilU Thee. :-;.- './r.i, 
rj"'T 03H EiiCF i! 5i 

!03Sf ifii - 

UNO Of ■■i^:.?i-3 

iHHiay s fmftv 

On!., SbJ.. F*&>^~ Jl|f 
ia'r.em ts €*£*#* •* 3j||| 

Sun,, Fsfe. JS*-**-* 6 ^g 

Jilt. TllSJf 

fthWhcm t 
Biff i" I 

seafrePistee' . " -He- (ti@# by, the tedslde ei Ma ierf sister ''&ad vswed terille ^esgeaace se the*ane wbo hat! {(foaled her life 

Tbese*'ait& Splendid Stonies- U&phU with Musnan tnUxrsi ®m ratios. 

were- released. 

The coroners jury 

Etiliot Oi BiTciUGUliil 

Amaziiig Stftry of' Misiaken? 

.Jack Burrs came lo St, Paul for a 
is\? days, =iiu pni up at the' salvation 
Army Worfcingmen's Home. No 
Ac^.hi Lc I«U:"uctI U" iciiiain SG&ci' afll 
hunt up. a. job, as he was a. working- 
man, but his intentions were not Jived 
np to. Sunday he got drunk— the lid 
has not been put on in St. Paul— and 
iu the evening, on entering Q building 
Which he supposed was the Army'3 
Hotel, he- demanded o room. He was 
denied, but drink so controlled him 
that ho would not take "No" for an 
answer, and insisted on entering the 
apartments of a private family. The. 
man of the house imrnediatel> pro- 
ceeded to throw- Mr. B'sss do^stsirs. 
On landing at the bottom Ue struck a 
post, breakine the top ofT it "«»]<r!g 
be had been unjustly treated, ho re- 
paired to I'm Ct.-ni.ral ?oiice Station 
&tsd demanded the arrest oi the — as he 
supposed— Army officers ^who, he said, 
had thrown him out. Instead, how- 
ever, he whs iocked up, charged with 
beinc drunk. Monday morning, when 
taken into court for trisJ, the judge, 
seeing he was sick, remanded him to 
the County Jail, from wiiicli institu- 
tic« bo ^S5 takeii tu luc County Hos- 
pital, Monday evening. The nest 
night the doctors in charge of the 
hospital told him he could not live, 
as he was suffering froi» ■ peritonitis . 
brought on by a rupture. caii^ed by !•- 
!>!™w i™ the abdomen, la his auii- 
morlem statement, made in the pres- 
ence of the County Attorney snd sev- 
err.' witneeses, he said ha was kicked 
by two Salvation Army officers The 
police immediately (rot busy, Wid ■-"?- 
iug to the fact that in their investiga- 
tion they learned that aome t-u-o waess 
before « m*n had been put out of onr 
hall by Liaut. Swnnron and Envoy 
Hall, they put there ofSc-era nndPT 
arrest and sent tbem to jail. Tut 
officers wei ■ tuld that three different 
parsons had viewed the remains of the 
deceased, : id were willing to tflV* 
oath iljiii ; ::s deeeasetl was not the 
person who was put out of the hall. 

The hoys vere kept in jail until the 
coroner's ii ^uest, after which they 

The T.i*H*^nsnt, 
i'nus ieix to herself, but. isi. sflita.r.f h ff 

difficulties; at the end; . ot tha first 

""rn'o' newspapers of St. Vsvl, with month a few -penitents had been regj^ 
more or less display, wrote up tha terrf 
arrest of our. officers, but were willin: 

to not oniy listen to we had to 
say. h«t '■" prist our . deiiiiri, an.i fit 
the conclusion o£ the coroner's la- 
the suspicion that Burns was roughly 
handled by the- Army officers was -with-- 
out the slightest foundation, but that 
"he stayed at the Army Home Satur- 
day night and w33 eo pleased with 
his surroundings that he sought to 
return, bnt lost his bearings, arid 
went instead to his desth." 

"The way to hell," soys an old 
adage, "is paved with good .inten- 
tions," and the devil is always on ' 
hand, with argument.?, galore, to in- 
duce men to coat aside, for the time 
at leasts the*'r iataition^ ass just i&fca 
uno more whirl at his Kajiiu- "-Inst 
one mote dritni," wes probably the 
arpiiiiiprif -.yiiri v.'hich he indued poor 
Jack Burns to play the last hand in 
the game oi life, and lose it! May God 
help the reader to beware ol such a 
fete !— American War Crr. 

STOUT Qs a. .OaifirsfjJIfll 

She story of the.Tiptree ravoIni-oT?, ' 
w^ien it comes to be written, will read 
more like some old-tirno romance ihxi 
a sober record of Essex raral life in- 
the twentieth century. ■ 

Then, one Sunday afternoon, a boy- 
tramp, k lad of seventeen or eicht-ten. 
who had be™ On Hie ioatl Jor- four ■ 
^-ears, volunUera'd to the niercy seat: 
tt^ v~= lollowvil'tv "t married .couple", . 
who, afteT realisiug their ■ own -saivtt- 
lioBy- tsroiaieei iO-^iv&-.tbA.iKaihp a 
home. A gentleman in the" meeting 
promised the', and. that riMiSK 
seventeen or- eighteen souls. Bquglii- the 

There were but the" beginnings of- a 
steady stream .61 converts, wrricti' be* 
continued^up-to. tha present time; 

The - soldiers'*-: Toll bow mtaabers - 
seventy-five comrades,;" wilh twenty-. 
thres naeruits, while some more -as© 

?©3u? {O EO Oft, 

Sot are these'-'cossrades -.sntfiss-.'hob- 

minds. Afcnit-'fiiieen- «mrried"e>s?>l«B; 
are included is the numl^r, several 
ea-drunkards,. end s^iewfeiorki athsist; 
This msR holds & go##fpsaUoii : a 
the Jam Factory* •»&teii i is *M efiSie 
main indaatriea ■; o'£ : tire- vSagei ■ H4 
came to- the Salvation Army for.B-huga 
joks= and -H*sd to ;: ass* s *-'-*'»^f- "* : 
Csptair* conseming hef.^relisicEi;'™* 
after coming for- ecvcebI w^ik«!«*» 
ojia night fooad, ^vith other*. SfeiSse 
penitent feirsi: and is- tcday ajioEU'. 
formed '. SwVfltiossst. -■ 

- Ok $% tb-^'Cvw'fmwi e^^FWR^y^fe?^i>- 
JsiilS feilCW, W^SS/SCSie' felw-i'aLj tt '■ 'T 

the- local .-I p^Hc& " b$iom\ :i«ara»iijiSfflK. f ; ■ 
Anoilieiv Jitrimj" JSsakef, ^*.coirPsrt> " 
ed before ih= sisajsrabl-i "brefe&i * aa. 
a rssnit nt -v^a^ir.-; ssd-Elte* v =stsa-*:" 

zsys,: while it is generally ȣiif 
° • Ul - J ~<eo«ge J . jj r \ 


"cBari, ffie souga ate 
fiofli ...and the behavior "ii S 
v.uu.-'.. ao credit to tlm-'jatot^SiaV 

institution in. : the ■eoraUTJtf^*- 


■F*3fi{*# r ..» .reader sands v&U iJ 
Sstersstiag cornmurr.«ation: 4H|ven' 
?s«g»go,:-' .S^^rJtes, "Istasgo^- 

JBitB- ^nsife?- Jor-.g-.Siro tti "ftdliHs". 

;,-OWc*«MkjrtMs ^nci^lysKabsc-iBusi 

'SSS^?. " '' ' 

,,"0£eijjKjrnins the "&^f.\zgiiisi use 
inio . n** etfieG and, :Ioid.. sis fhafsas 

...gfiiOg. to fels*S ffitcricirwiian^ ^ tajp, 
would bo increased, and as I haJ.j 

" wife 'End seven ' ehildren,'tliigi seined 
Btfirat v*ry acceptable. ; "[ 

,;'"!hc oBine evening I went tol.tta 
holiijfflss meetirig nt ray Gprpg/aisji jit'-, 
that- meeting God revealed to Jneiflsat 
rt was inctfriiEHfent-.vritn ray prdefiiinii. 
M a- seldisr to gct ; my livisg fetm 
SuSlis-hsas* .Kork, , ?} ; L 

"I prayed nboat the matts=, iMim 
it Over with tlW'wrfe, but oin^-ntt : 
aleace t&* Vkiios iwhich sai4;'Sivv 

work Bir.ongBt the .ijjg"Sal,vgtioa ia; his h«j»i said jtotUts 

villagers in Tiptree, the mirjistet at- 
tached to one of the chapels, di^.-.rms- 
ing the apparently hopeless ouMom 
with' one of his congregation- deter* 
inined to . invitfl the SaWaiioa Army" 
to open firs is fee village. .Alter a 
time Headquarters decided to .assept 
the invitation, ami two Isssi&ofSeera 

m z&tlmj 

friends," and - steted; og -.--d?n3-> tber 
sircst. He nils M^.3ri|S&i8f-iaftTil? 
ail ths". . vr3Qfc r . nut J&L-Jlijfc; d«i^- iwell -■- 
and ha3-.beco:ffl*~'fr<8siiWr; : .' ; - - '| i 
Evea the eow®f%»; tiSiisiselvSB conlfi ■ 
sosasely ::beiieve;fefeatejSifcv /srKsthet 
ariskit>g4-chsa*^te 1 fi ^Bj4|B^l!y. sfed«- 
Bg!y ■ sari to. Bee what wiia Wprbv^lit fe£-3isgfife. 

s ^Shi. SiitL ^ffflTeSt of- fill He (W S Tiid'-jf?:-! 

ona e£ ; Jiis sep5 8s«®S— two of his bro-; 
ttesrs are ceaiSgjiSj. ^i*5 their wivss 5T5. 
stiff seld&rs. 

Interest ia- tli&.Sa^^feti Army li 
well muintained. The meeiiriys 'Src 

they could do. 

After s. fortnight, althanjh theeon-- 
gr=gation= -^sre good, jei. the- results 
at the penitent form were far from ?s« 
coaraging, and, to crown all, the Cap- 
tain's health failed, and ahe was com- 
pelled to take a prolonged rest. . 

i ae ft syiiig i^esigiie 

Prayer Topic: fray that all who' 
ice! that G9H is calling thcrn to be 
soldiers in the Salvation Army may 
have ths courage oi their convictions. 

Sunday, F^b. 17.— Feeding Uie Egypt- 
ians. — Gen. slvii. 7-25. 
Monday, Feb. 18. — Ephriam and Men- 
: asseh. — Gen. ilviii. i-a>. 
Tuesday, Fob. 19.— The Twelve Tribes. 

vfeiinesday, i''eb. 20. — Funeral of Ja- 
cob. — flen. -ilix. 33; i. i-13. 

Thursday, Feb. 21.— Death, ot Joseph. 
—Gen. 1. 14-26. 

Friday, Feb. 22.— Birth oi Moses.— 

Saturday, Feb. 
Ex. ii. 11-24. 

J. — Flight oi Mosea 

- .'-. THE PRAYERFUL. Lire. 
XConthincd from last wsek.) 

■ The "frivial ttiousht, the wayward 
look, tha light £pc<-ch,. ths volets stara, 
tee irfeyereil K£stucp-are i!l oiyt;,JoK- i 
abler behave called 1 God's dttention 

to ks, snihayi oaji we be other than 
reverent? "Jiis probably tv/j* the rea- 
son why Dr. Dale would net hnve his 
prayers reported. They were not fnr 
mes, thfiy wer« «or Ucd. Ttayer is 
the most solemn act of life. 

2. "xlie habit of prayer" ,5 tlie sav- 
ing art of life. I'royer is an act, hut 
it should become iiabitual. The soul 
neeSG no-arishment daily. Even as the 
•body, needs. meal-tiQ,-«js, so the -.Jtoul- 
needs its hunger to be EppfrnKed. Then 
the soul acids steadying! In the midst 
of the worlfi we gel dSstracfed. vvc 
lose our bslanc*, Sifc-gots cat 01 
iocus. : Tha ■ h.%Mt of pr«j-irr -bi*Iri^s 
calmness. We find ourselves agfein. 
■>Ve regain the iJerspcctive. 

It is tteI! to have regular tlme3 fnr 
praypr, mid .slated places. In this we 
have tits sH>mpl« 01 the -wuiid'B best. 
We think of Mr. Gladstone going 
morning by morning to the parish 
church. Wo think of lis Tumr is Gen- 
eral Gordon's day when liie tent war 
a seized plac : 6._ Or. noiton fel)s of s 
business-man in a country town who 
eosb. Ad? ?t r.5cn 'locWi iiis otnee- ■ 
door for grayer. The soul is_of mor: 
eosccTn"tiiair swsreigissv-- v/e mnsti 
JindJ,ime daily for prayer. 

wnst i Deailiiiui testimony was that 
ol.Dr, .Dale.'a ; sGlleBgBel- Jfe: r Bftrhai; 
says,- It was, however, at Jdinily 

{Jrnyer thai- >„_ie;t most th" ps~a" "S 
seemed to have vfith God. ftight after 
sight Lave I made an excuse- to call 
20 thit I iriiKliS' i?Lay for larsily t,-o»- 
ship; it was as though we were in the 
presence of tho 'bnming 'bush,'" sud 
oitflntimes as ws roae from our kneea 
■srs saw a new -light shilling in each 
other's face." This is tho beneficence 
of the habit of prayer. 

■ "- -;-— .,..,— . ..^i u .^^.._ ... VJ ^ ;V ^._ -^._ 

SCBie-'6i the^iCri.-s-lio'l.^ffiiSssrrfiT- : 
St"d hijiiJiHi .iji^. VotS ''£&¥£ .,bWNt., r TB£l. 

that they. shto^%S5Sss'- - s«K«S6»5'.Jfe: 
the . Graying tejaguei" ,We aafvery 
pleased to wet«<Me ttess brol§|s an® 
ttuiit that thft rfi<5Kbership»ii|jK: prove;", 
a real blessir.i; .*« . i«sss-. #ogg^5n*S 
their names throiigh the lii^iiwafair 
Oilicer from a far wsstera »ri»?«, - Wa - 
cordially greet' them. .' - --_ 

. :':.. .• „i*l..-. i,ri-i 1 .. 3" . u . 
sching- not®;.&oaj i::Mi>'$&,^g. S&KS*' 1 - 
OtkS oi our deas' I*g&gfe*-y|JM£*Cy.iS^v' 
teiS fofWBPfla it. to -i', 
has had a vc-y ^jJFfcrl.. .j« , i;;*J 
fall of -wsssjijwii -r' r i." . j." 

-tioriS: ■ He-rws'faifed^H'l}»%"'BfcBBflS* J 
bu " Jfev UB ' n Ji' s ^s a S"'i e oJ 3£erjy wore- 
ei'o he hae takeri ffesli'c6ulfS8®"Sld'ig"' 

.trusting ±he, 5 Lo-d to- eriafcljo bira ^ts.„ 
live a new ChlJBtfan' life. Ke'alJiS^ ■ 

./ffiejn^tsr.saa foM hfe\H^*sll?;s7J, 
Jst.l«a¥«S h» service. tespfiiislSj 
.: Es^oug^fc*,- ti>9 step,. i^aich.i sfflft^Bi = 
isssaa iE ■ isS^u!'mc= tft- .con^e^n^. . Ii 

i '■■'■ "Qii, my.- *4^ :Jk>iae I^H»i- 
is ?fi.Sffi™ I ESd-Ewl awn sor-WO "jfsis/ ^ 

-ffi«S^k5j^ fce.;: ssinsiaBJf.!K^. as" 
- ! y0i*t*feHskhe!*;to?sigSi,. jesms itis 
isyii 3fj^ttfi?siB go ta 51-.^- Jfenll;: 
.seM'MjoJs.t£ tofd luai-sloHS jottlhii _ 

-C^^w&a^gSt tl™ job, .-waa 'snfidft-LO^- 
ss^alt^s ^^t-,w?e|i,' go£ iiriss is:&S£ia^ 

;*S5SI5™.»w -Sovfei E'.'" ' to ",vr!r 'r. n ' 
kioc of : ", pa^^oBss .worfe «nce, 

ssd H&f rfefcteoc^sjess, sad till fitsa 

! : U,lf" -I U' i'i'.d UD 1 1' - 

-^iliish-Gyffii"^ . ■■':- '^S;iffesS 

SrayiSg League rnemesrs «o ; . ■ - 
Kim, 6c so, dear frieriSs. ' T^jssii 

Strong Drink tha Chief Csuesr ^ 
AiiproDCS oi the tiiousht olfis? ;»:="• 
BOnerB in our jails cobms i?>c- reraei. 1 !' 
branco oi the fact that the Jarooiy.j 
arc tho victims ot the stoogA-iM . 
habit. Oh, how many are .;n*s!5. 
. Jrom .thJH_£jsaLevi!, ._ 

& ^ "'■■""■."''"': 

"^fwsjtes-Settprf; ■ -— ■ - - 

TUT-- \;£?.r.7^ U" 1 . :;-..'.-i ^'^'" : * - 

Vavth'&toPfOLylsg hiiZ" '--"' : ," 
~68m$, t &n& ' me.l:c?i :h = v.crV"^J 
I-esg'as.a rtsi joy to uif.'-'tS!*'"^. - 
s»isf -wxii-as of the te'i-ini^.i «* ''' 
■»etly> colamn 111 tii(» •' V,, ' ^, ,. 

.-^smamiSi froS'CofiBi Pt^r ,1' 

s^B:,.&! ; oV'#"b!iiii '.r7" -'■"'; \, t '.: 
v^&kig , 'lhTough "^ ■;• - ;■' 
J MMf ior tbe pr&jera oi ,grfs.S?f f 
|l||jg»*Ms tha^Ione^y h>OT|« ^ 

l^lipiiik" wid 'how'^F^iS^a 
?-"fe'S-*Skuesi8 oi Hra tru .:i"3 
'Mea^^mtut nflr.Arn.nnv-." 

answers to prayer, o*l:ii ( "' ".-;"', : 
*^gt®hWS'iiS'"* ■■epsaarwBR' 

,-ifir^Mi^^ knoMi-n 4 s ,»^§ 
" A^#®sr *of pf ay ef.' " " . .. i? js 

rACH heari taoweth 
bitterneRR, end the 
"~S - meridleth not with : 
■l.^..fl»"WI».-KMi» in 
tviJH uijuce gone. But 
■slill remains, ?.nd rnasy a 
the busy, mart and crowded i 
fday ■■meditates upon a deep s 
senso of injury sustained, . ai 
one perhaps nureee a terrib 
to avenge. himself of hie-adv< 
.... Such was the cosa.with am 
we- will call. William Jon 
walked down the thoroughfi 
: Canadian city only, a few mon 
Locked In his heart was 
' grief, and" a fierce hatred o: 
. who had wifuufrhi him : s. 
. '.wonK; in hia.- ponbijt iepos! 
vu'ver iviih wliiczi, tor ion 
he had proposed to avenge tl« 
A Great Wrsr.g. 
This, in brief, is his story :- 
His sister wa8 in the emp 
dpetor, and having worked in 
ily for many years, 

- was erectly iespected 
by the membsrj. , 

Then one day a- 
v«ung man crossed 

- her path. They be- 
came acquainted, 
and- ultimately lov-. . 
era. For two years j 
she was the flaneec ot- 
tiie young man; and 
loved him well, but 
not wisely. Under 
promise of marriage 
lie wrought her tha ' 
great w roup, and 
ilwn hugely derided 

Sonie time nfter- 

wnrds, when t i m 

had partly healed he: 1 

sorrow, an o th a r 

young man .-obtained. 

lier fvieiniship and 

usk€d hev hnnd vn 

hcuor&blc marrifiKi;, 

He had become ac- 
quainted fWlth her 

story, and she, being 
-deeply, touched --with 

hiB sympathy., .consented to Sw 
■wife." ■ " ■ ' 
1 Arriuigernenta . r were ■ ae< 
jri'iaJe ior the. marriage gf.-th& 
; .peopie. But bofcre th© wedd? 

tr.~6 i;iBve ine:-.-ba™fiyar ■'***' 

the sesnc, ! snd foi; his Wn 
.- jioaea deieisBiaed..:Ju . ihwnri 

poses of ifte iovsrs- ^'Tc that,« 

iiorribie rauaIty;;iaiS€iousl 
1 iuto the earaiol jth* jjfffl^sti 
1 groom the. m^stijheaitlssSa^ 
-respecting- .ihsijcBEtgjiJsisinea 

: The. effacfe: ^«a!!.to .aatSe t! 
■man to m;tka.&snu60fl. to brw 
-enejig*sr2eat f 7 T ^ i t n ,nb. fm?ypd.s 
■ young wom&5i!s icaiipia:. tt»* 
•came ill, and ait^tii&tlguiari: 

lima dieti of s brolt^n. heart. 
Bcfsrs, ^K» .fiiwiic^ iib.e,jioc 

whem she lived hnd writte 

brother, thair in Uew York; i 
■lvim that his. aiater lay. dying 
-at oace- wosfeed h;r- psfi==gc c 

csltje-boat. and arrived; in 
,juat sis hours bsfoia.ahg 'm» 

The, .D*ntti-^Wl Uvwi " , 

. On hsr-, .d«»(h4Miii-. she;.i^ 




*s5°%»¥b WHS: 


>s generally nuMkZ£> 
Cone .o{ 3ve &>dS§ iij a 

!s uw. aonga . i^lfc? 

behavior i« Ujri.; : „ 
" 10 the ■ iB(Hit*"m^-.; 

tile CQUQtrsi4^--- : -V- : 

u<m,c.' SAIE, 


.£f sd 

to our fir»t,"9fariCrj 
fedes-. ssnde m^a teiy 
lramrieation, >■ ; j Elites 

X9ritaS, "I Has te,-,i:„. 

rased, and as I hi>U fBlf 
i children, this asemed -'iSMS 
eeptable. ; "''^SbS 

svemng I Trent to fe jEE 
ig it 127 cotpsj abjl in §§iJB§ 
rod revealed to me:tfiat T -Jagg 
tent.^iUi my proes!^ .' aBjgg 
* goi-. my liviajr !;m jB§i§ 
''uric. ' : \j .. '-IHllfll 

be wife, but o^a 2=t -|j|j 

jf bOufC X 'WB&.£tfij&«i'i 
l:ri53 swjn lor f.$H> vs?*t?.- 
r an sse ■iBSt.-Sis 'sdiu'I': 
I ; . • ™H!I3pilI?> JyBipSt &9 s 
a to-Bigbt,. IsEJBMjfiiki 

ill gi- to MT.'-t--ptfir1 
oid liiai-*BOal joisthisS 

tho ^oh, .-was sjsdej&N-j 

?r= ns*£ io -$?crl£ 5^&3s : | 

-t^sfe- SjirjgrR?" iOE^fc^ f ^ 
>o«s>fS3, aatS $U shre 


EIfiD€r5 tv 3". s^U 

the Chief Cs^-S'^jgjgl 
ihe tuousikt efFilHTi-i'" 1 |Ij 

jails corcrea thesHS-!=~..- «-; 
fact that tlia feSf ■'■; 

la of the i 

[>\y rr-.ony !-! - - " .1 

QioiT Wt^i. ••»•,«';; 
joy to- mffi^55*p5?r : j 
t the ins«i|«»'**': ! 
1 in *:■>- >;■ /' ]_ 

sC' I't'!' 1 ' ""■- " : - . .r 
■hut'V"~hi!!?Tf'' **" 
ugh "dsep ; ■- _ 

ravers tf-&^m&p! 
! lonely ketmnJJSgj 

Toif""' '"""■■.■. : ". : :'r 
is oi hii ir" r 

v.'-icA 'sli *-' '" 

O^Jl .te.tfe 

layer*. ' ".,, 

Fi: :$t™Ilf-rsg Sisny fttom icsal Life ©f a 
.--If-'-. Gini's Betraya! — H Bit^tbeit's 
Floe! a 'Salvation'- Hitmy Ossfi^HiF 

Tbfest fo 

In Canada* 

! ■gST'^ ACE heart knoweth its owii 
• W biitsmess. and the Hir/ingiir 
[ g~ meddleth net with it, wroi« 
:-Brf- the "^ ise Man" in the no?« 

' l^riie fliiiue E oue * But the inct 

f'.i!! rsnjnir.s, J'.nd man? a heart in 
the bmy. mart and crowded street to- 
rday raeditites nr.nn a deep sorrow or 
Kenso of injury sustained,, and some- 
one peruapa nurses a terrible desire 
to avenge himBelf o£ his .adversaries. 
Such v?»s the caso with a man when 
ve will call William Jones, who 
'walked down the thoroughfare of :i 
Canadian city only a few months ago. 
Locked in his heart was a deep 
grief, aad" a fleree. hatred of a man 
. who had wrought hinj _ s. grievous 
vii liiis ; in bis pockBi x-spvHed a re- 
-.-.livii: wiih i-Liuii, for iong yecm, 
he iiad prepRsed to avenge that wrong. 

This, in brief, is his story :— 
His sister was in the employ of a 
doctor, and having worked in the fam- 
ily ior many years, 

by the members. ■ 

Then one day a 
yuunc man crossed 
her path. They W- 
c a m a acquainted, 
ami ultimately lov- 
ers, ior two years 
slie was the fiancee ot 
the young man, and 
loved him well, but 
not wisely. Under 

he wrought her Ths 
(jieat wronp. and 

wards, when t i 111 
had partly hesled he 
sorrow, a 11 u t h -i 

dying breath gasped out that he hail 
tolc! lies coriK-iriiiue her. 

As he guzed upon the lifeless form 
hitter iswlini™ ar~:= ifjto :;;-o hear"., arid 
led him, with ixinK -.lplift^d, to vow ■ 
with terrible vehemence that liis sis- 
ter's honor and death should be 
washed out. with the blood oi the base 

At the. bedside was the shocked 
brother of the ami wlio . had :'-ihi=i 
the. girl's young 'if<>, snd he promised, 
to assist ^Yiliieni in. wreaking venge- 
ance on tlie ■ betrayer. , 

'•'I will .keep you. informed oi liU 
whcreabOutE,'*^ he ssuid, ; "and y qu can 
follow him till you run him-dowa, and 
then— shoot hiru." 

With this terrible pn:-pnp-" «: vi;v.-, 
and n-lyifs on the promised ai>Ristar.ce 
of his friend, William set cut »u !ii H - 
quest ior vengBnhce, 

irst of all he bought- a- revolver, 
and then lay in wait for his man 
where he thought he would be liiwiy 
to pass. The conscience -atricKen 


he rushed with fevced; io 
deseeius tha oeafiolding, and losing 
hia foothold, fell to the ; , .™^s;1. "; 
v<as pitked up in an injured condition 
and taken to the hospital, and so fo 1 .' 
"the lime .the victim escaped the 

When he. recovered '-if>. Jicssd the 
object of his. .-search h<id. gon^ to 
Toronto, Canada.-and lie.liustled over 
the line in his efforts to gratify his 
■desire "for Wood, 

On ttu, Trail. 

There was plenty of good work he 
could- have, had in the city.ii he had 
be^u - disposed tr. take it, but nil lie 
wanted was n .clianee io iopj; annuul 
i<ti ids man-.. He, accordhigly, look si 
job at carrying a- sign mound the 
sircots, bo that he could scar, the 
faces of the. passers-by. In his pocket 
was the loaded revolv^i*, ready to be 
drawn out on the instant and emoli ;d 
if he caught sight of his hated eneniy. 

The man he had soueiit ior n-> li.nj. 


rieiidship and 
her hand in 

He had become ac- 
.^uaiaieu , "n it h \vit 
-tory, and she, being 
ieeply- touclied. with 
lis fivmnatt!", sossariti 

a brass band reached liim. He veiit 
to listen, and was attracted to the Eal- 
.aiiuii jiniiy meeting. 

What he heard them made him. feel 
miserable, but when a brother spoki: 
10 him about Salvation, he .only shook 
his head and said there was a certain 
msn he wuu'.d r.evei- inrgive. 
He Went to the Arm/. 

He held out for months, but came to 
the meetings regularly. He could not 
stop away ; something seemed to draw 
him there. 

One night the Adjutant spoke on the 
deuth of Christ for sinners, and Wil- 
liam completely broke down. 
Revenue Abnndnne-^. 

He forgot ail about, his revenge; he 
forgot all about where h? -«-aa. and 
who was there, and saying to himself 
over Hiid over again. "All for me, ail 
for mc," lie rushed out to the penitent 
form and prayed thai God would for- 
give him. Mo one had pleaded with 
to ga; he simply obeyed the inward 
o i r i v i 11 j of the 
Spirit of God, and 
that night there was 
pence and joy in hi-! 
heart and rejoicing 
in heaven. 

On the 20t-h of 
January, 1S07, lie 
nan enrolled as a 
soldier of the Sulv.i- 

■ 1 Army, 
>w nctii 


ucuwiYit: iilo 

A Newly-Formed Corps Band at Wetaskiwin, Alberta 
his however, ws; 

Arrangements were acsc-dirrgiy. 
...fide tor .the: -marriage of these .young 
: people. But before the wadding could 
take tileve ths- betrayer 'returned io 

',|iu SCS"C '' Sud ftir V«m crwTt C-Vli r>iil.'- 

V".™b» deierzsi;ris«i.:Ui ihwuri the pur- 
poses of l^he levers. T^o.that. ejid; with 
horrible cruelly, -.hsrinsMiously poured 
ink' the ssrsleJ Xh& fffcs»eetiys- bridi- : 
1 gronrji the .?mssfc : ihsaftle54-.> caluihni^" 
reariect|!jg r y>a7 : ^o^ag .vrsraETi, . 

: The effooi , was.'ti>.e«itS£ the..vaang_ 
■man to break off h:.s 
enonoajirioj;^,;-:^^^ BO jjreyssi--npon tile 
y-oung vv^si&i^'s iesiirig©: ^^t ehe be- 
came ill, and ^ftar_itiigiushi=3 £-.-- a 
lima Qied 01 s broken: heart. 

Before sh? .d.iecj,. th5\.Lfloetpr.„.with. 
whom che lived had writi^r* t-o her 
brother, than iri Sew Yoric; informing 
hisi that hia sister jay dying, and he 
■at onca wopked hi?.p===ag- yvcr on a 
eattji-boat. and arrived in Sngiarwl 
juatai.i hours be'ora.sljgpaaaad away. 

- ---= i*od*n-SS?? Vow* 

On kar. deatsi-ssd- shei-r^ated the 

Bto?j-o£tlie-iB6Bi's.^E§4ji-aii^r-#i& tor 

wretch, liowever, !ind heard 
enemy's terrible threat, and hmi 
speedily Sed to the next town. 

Trie Pursuer. 

Informed by a letter of his where- 
sbc-UtS tht: .uvenger oi biccrJ d/ew close 
, upon his track, and ihe guilty man 
wft-3 ft?~c?d to jlv' from , towr^ to to\v?i 
throughout England, driven from i*ity 
to city by the. Haunting fear that 
nemesis would at last overtnkfi him. 

Night. an<J dey IU2 shssc ccsliuuud. 
Willitiiu never turned from his pur. 
posii Slid never ; wearied of searching 

Das day he hsard Kiut he h::il eoiiu 
to AnieViea, and he set out red-hot on 
his trail as soon us he soiiid -?='- 
iiboard a ship. 

Like a sleuth hound 011 the scent of 
a uiurdcrr.r, h# cbaseS hirn from town 
trj town in the United States, but only 
caught sight of him once in the space 

■ - It so happened that ho wao. working 
one day, rjn a scaffold in Philadelphia, 
ur.n inciting dowc into the atreei for a 
rccrneni he saw tha man he had been 
hunting high and lew. 

■ Fearing Jest he -should lose sight of. 

, v/as not destined to fail into 
the hands of his relentless pursuer. 
Ho was indeed in Toronto, injd. oll 
the street one day he. saw William 
cni-ryiug his sign. Slinking out of 
sight without heiiiK perceived, he left 
tho ciiy iiiat night mid made fer South 
America, where he is. probably .-iill 
living in fear of one day coming face 
to face with the one who lind sworn 
to take his life. 
A Great THai. 

Out of the heart of William tnrjc?. 
/icwever, all the evil and bitter 
thoughts have been banished; and thj 
Spirit of Cir.riet now ihIob thprp In- 
stead oi burning with rcveriE" and' 
hatred, he is now a loving and, forgiv- 
ing plan, only desirous of doing Go'il'a 
wiii, and leaving vengennce to Him 
to Whom it hftfpngs. 

What could have prodnced sueli a' 

Only the power oi the 
Spirit of God; only a personal con- 
tact with tho Lord Jobus Christ. ■ The 
oireumstaiiEOii which brought about 
this glorious result, however, aro 03 
follows .— 

One Sunday William wa$' lounging 
about the streets, whon the strains of 

unto H 
fetters ? 


Him .h^ 

M.irl it;; 




Hs = 

srniicrs mid hiini;- 
ing thorn to the icefc 
o! tho Lamb of God. 

He lias written to 
ihe brother of his 
intended v i c t i m , 
telling him that nil 
is .forgiven, and he 
will pray without, 
ceasing for the Sal- 
v/ii.ion of the other 
mall's soul. 

Our God is still 

able to snap the fo'- 

ters of sin lind t» 

save to ihc utto- 

most. nil v.'iio ccttss 

He snapped your 

It not, you had better Vt 

rcc, for the pale horse 

.in o!j your track, u ,id 

- 'Wetasldwin Corps Sand. 

The Wetaskiwiu baud has just re- 
cently been organized. They played 
in public for rhi, hist time on Kew; 
Years sight. 

The Landsmen are as follows: Sec. 

tiergt. -Martin SricksoH, .slide trom- 
bone; Treas. Frank Wagner, li utias; 
Bro. A^l Anderson, d:um; Bio. Wal- 
ler.CavruthGia (behind dram), trom- 
bone; J. S. gergt. JohiiGiOves. and 
■baritone ; J. S.. Scrgt. Frnri .Johnston, 
toruet ; Uapt, Davey, G.B.M.B.A . 
hunsr=j-y. member; iinsign, Habkirk, 
cornet ; Lieut.. Hutchinson, cornet : 
Hro. Kdwivrd Quisfad, euphonium ; 
Bro. Clarence Dagger, trombone; Bro. 
Charlie Biebcr, iBt tenor; Bro. Charlie 
Gunn, 2nd tenor; Bvo. Cecil Campbell, 
al to. 

J. S. S.-In. Mrs. Wagner and Sergt.= 
Majov Luudquist wero not able to be 
present ""hen photo wua taken, owing 
to sickness, ^'ol any of the bandgmtn 
understood anything of mnaio, with 
tha exception of one, but they. ar« all 
very anxious to learn, and they hops 
'„ muke the. bapd instrumental 111 
extending God's work. 

The Portage la Prairie band has lost 
Band Sergeant Campbell, who. with 
ills wiie, has gout to the St.-ite?. He 
,v, is Hm kaainp cornet plnyei . and had 
!;c;r. a sr-ldici ~--E »ht- vorps for thirte-?!! 

The Belleville band rat:* J th< 
sura of 512S >)>■ tlieir serenndi: 
Christmas and Seiv Year. K 
and Mrs. Coy arranged » tea u 




soom l>e thirty uSayri.- J"- : 
-teen. Mrs. Coy j=po!te ".'! b- 
it:mfi£inen'< ivive-. ;!i"i ^-^ 
couinged them by snyin? wl 
in-: riiey were i» thr «'!''■ 
The latest band to Iw 01 
„i. Wetaskiwiil. i^yp^ve; 
fur the firs', nine nit ->ow 1 
l>.ilv one of them u!i'i.-:r^to"- 
silwvii music, but they wer,t 

dav'oi the Old 
"Wntriinishi 5e 

to the open-air, 
.-. tidier again 

-■ -; . 

Wirt, the Sahratiejs Ansy at lbs Earlbgssfeg Fene: 


.■■«s<wSe «cv!ee.unl only ::,,„•_. , ,. 

the'miiitwf, She hc4pit*i ^ '- ~" . 
the Major might have Wa'sissSS- 3 

-.fcslpsni; t&s surgeons in their owS'. 
!:t)!jsj bandaging and Mnd'azaw^SirV 
i-j.ihe minor hurts himself*"" 1 '"^i 

Mrs. Lindsay has offered the servi™ 
of the Army to the Government sad 
i ..if .^<.', ecte,i . ll, . a ,t'i« addition li'^ ■ 
sun T.ori\ viiuiaiiip assistant-* ui&j---' 
given to the G'3-fUiniMit deDartsjiSTT 
in relief -or*. Martial law Li «r«- 
riaiiae;._ a» £c-a:p pari*, tts the linn™. 
m "'"" "--'-.- =" ™l:- begun to loot u£ 
remains 01 provision si-n-ns. c„y^ 
have be«t sent urgently soliciting in© 
supply. and r ■;= ! ;or „ %d y,^ ^ 
umsmity o> '.-.mine will be averted. 
-*s v:o wriie. floruit tivHi'v-io-T ui>n— 

me siiu «emg found, and a great num. 
for oi noilie* have yet to b» discovered. 
'Jr. »¥«ii j^ttler.™ iiijiny of there." 
n:a:c? are lieiuc burr^.;! ;u tht- streets' 

Cai>t. Bulmer, of the Arrov iunn ai" 
wukefield,. has jttjt come m slating aU 
well thf-rv. altho^h dmrrago d S ns [„■ 
j^rt!.-^, t'aitjy were tminiurerl. 

Althaagh new, is v „f\. K | aok Ersn ,' 

coBEitrj i>Brt=i oi tlie Inland, it ;» «~-,j.- 

— • u i -.:■- i ,1 r^."j f . 

(!!;!!> I?lii::«.-! ii-v.i i;- aiixiomlr" 

ri?, and it is r.v.Eul to 
inber wiiu umst hav? 

ini-jting f 
"(loing cK 


he writer counted 


irrid remains in about 

....:..:..- . _ .. >c .,. 

A Circus 


■jdlc'JS. niUORg "itSTi 



;■ nic: 
ii ii i 

Constantiiie. buperin- 
Rovsl Kail Staiiit 

were leu 

.- A!. 

3Eiai«i: Cant. Yoisr.p, 

=■ !; - 4 si v=f 

: V ^. iv; 

steamer "Aco"; Mr. 

there wa.- 

; nr.i 

tr t sn ^ ^ueiiu^s ". r?ir 

It ft-,^. -_ii 

-r <ti 

. who we; on a visit to 

. Edear Dp Cnty?"T= : 

v,p .>f 


it are using - 

u e.oiog ttt._ 
lieviiig arid. 

reason inr 
Icken. ■iad- 

Drui-rhaw' Sevesl Tbreughjhe Wf 

TTtmran^ SmckeQ Pisa 3 

1 "SiKHcri^ Tear* . - 

We hau itmsius -meetings at 1 
jj] rinv *m Buneay. Tesliraor.: 
es^lnififeardB V7ere woncCTfui. 
uiotuer, who uiiu utien e~ nfl 
drunkard for over ■ thirteen; yean 
led to mm* the Saviour/through 
in" Ihs Vis.: Cry: GUieis who 
addicted to the aanie habit fo: 
t-"entv years, told of the mirei 
iay j£ ihioh Sod had £=v=u sqi 
thpni. ... 

The vobQCOO devil is -wonting It 
our midat. One woman, now a s> 
told us how she had bean a co; 
smoker for flixteon years. On 
while "enjoying her smote el 
came so dwgufltcd nt. hwselijh 
went ia the door and threw botl 
and tobacco out in the garden. 
iriL' the evening thn liankerirsg i 
eld pipe became bo inteneo th; 
- lit tlie lantern and went out to 
for her ideJ. She iound it, but 
God, shortly after sh? found ll 
iicr's Sftviour v.'lio lias given he: 
plete victory.- 

\Vp ore sesiisg s i$\v seesit 
Lord". "Sdsis r.ii.-~ *h=5? litui-Js 
prayed for, nnd others arc undo 
Building Sold. 

The huilding which we hnvi: 
occupying lor the pest nine r. 
has ueen sold, consequently v 
suiuewhal anxious as to how : 
affect ua; however, we tiro sui 
will hcip us ort, and if we^ in 
put our fihouluere io file wheel w 
have a new barracks up thia < 

Ueath has taUen from our low 
(Rev.) A. D. Miller. She was a 

and always ready to assist us 
uuileiLuliin&s to advance tiie ca 
Chrihl. When visiting lier we 
her very happy and trusting 
Lord whom she served so far 
through all the cihattRinE scenes 
Wc pray tiod will bless ihe be 
ngen mifiband.— J. S. S.-3I. 

ir\. Win. Sc 
oved by ili; 

idsraen. and 
ihe bsnd c 

snresis, praying, sc 
c lifiti to iiiK! iheir 
;0 the iiorror oi the = 

^r^SJirE^^^Ti *fr% PraTi 

Fortanatc-ly our officers escaped 
serious iaiury, severm* haviag Eiarrow 
er^g|:'^s. The Tiempcrsty Hea4q^a.rtire. 
although Hsuch dsEtsjffid, did iiai lal), 

CIi£crd. StsS-Cspt. jjeib, Aajt. Sha^-, 
sml Capt. Elaekjisan,- who -were cs the 
T. H. CJ. £'= the time got awsy.wiOioor: 

Mrs- Stail-Capt- l&ih, vd&. her cisil- 
dren and the lodgers mansged to as£ 
cut, set before- George Leib fosd tp^- 
t~jv-ed a nssty blow on Ibe besd. He 
i?, ho*reTeT B £jro^ressm^ tavoF^My, 
and fully espeeted to recover. A jiVl 
employes -^-a^. buriea in a rooia- b« 
^rs^ rescuer! bv 3iltiir-r Cltilcrti- r.n~ 
paisatJy little the w^rse. Enaigm sad 
Mrs. Gaibatt. oE the Mea's Shelter, 
hsd s mirsciilons e?cs?», coning iSus-it 

*=Ilsr.e SociTs, uatil they lasdss 
in the cellar. Fononateiv tha main 
■^"ttlU frll atit^iird^ ni'sl vut ct>jiira4'55 
had nothing more serio^ tlissi Kimf??^ 
and, sprains. The Woraea's Itidastrial 
Hotse". slfhiiufh tssca shaksn,. is 
staadiug. End can fee made secare if 
sto iu-rtiier ssTers shocks ta.^e pl^c6, 
Tai3 being tiie only ssfe Armj pio- 
pertv. it bas b^?n tsrji£4 i^t^> ^- h^T^s 

circus. ETi.i 

tKrcamE? Tr^or^ ii^petu'. a fovisipi^ ars , 
tapected by steamers irom Cala bK 
day, and so far things have a brighter . 

curniorts tne orSesrs, inspired &y t&a 
splendid nerve atid courage d Mrs.; 
CuSeuel londsoy, are all :n (WsJ sgitf 

^-onsfi for the etiforosed o^nipiEf intsi^ 
open.— John H. Clifford, G. S. . i -A 

c-rsc-ers sua 

garden beds mtd co 


trie no 
tali ^-= 

JI. and 

_ G-ffii has vrontierfuIlT stistsiiiCTj. Mrs:. 
' ':>ione! Liritisny duriES this st?aii3. 
c .--/ccislly as ih* flj^ionei is swsy -T'si 
tire stiier side of tlie lerritery. Mrs. 

T=-.^i^- •;-- r~ : --^ = : :'--: \..:z:-i..; 

o£ Mrs. Hajor Gliiford, for &s sssisS:- 
ancs of tLa relief oa the EEedy ^-«^ 
liosaejes-s uttJCtT^ aud' SOSdier^-" .21is 
Gener^i ^rcr^isry, ^asji>r ^iSCKS^ 
with Adj"_ 2£<"-r, Cspk XultiMHieei 
Esd Csdss Falsr;, h*™ dsae fcrave ar« 

S-t *=vare Is the pinch t'i aw-** 
in Si*. Volagds distn - -^ 

-fjjs" ySSger cbiidxen are '^.^Sl 
JtuBseaoii d»dfes ; the fate ; : - - - 
er is staa l,es? fortonats, Jggtmm " 
b^^;? ka=« sketch s^n nrst-ttsB^s^ 

sswiet3CS.. "AnrtSdng. ' safij* 
@^^ : * K 5s Ostler than hu2g^3 

Lold la .Quebec. 

ZERO If! TME OisY.. 

The coldest '■weather' jxperieri 
Quebeu Kincc 1857 lecintly pre 
and fortunately without « hrt 
wind or no one could have eti 
intensity .on the streets. Busini 
pi iiLiicaiiy suspended in the c 
no one.j unices compelled went 
doors during the day. Tito tra 
arrived late ovjinn tD tha diffir. 
kcepiiig up steam Oil Uie ipcon 
and all work in the opnii stoppa 
■thermometer registered as low 
below aei-o in iS(Kiseii parts 
city, while up north on the linf 
I.nkc St. John Baihvay it eve 
knvai-, and :it Lttkc Edward, 
mile!! from Ouslwo, legislered 
"low zei-o, u'hioh is twel\'= *:eEref 
tlian ever heretofore known, 
the present no lata] results hai 

3WEptSH^ORV?£GiAK ~, 

We have long, ieii our v?nnt 
music in Ihia ooi'ps, btit it has 
hscn v>6iy uiincuJt to get a 
started in this line. 

When Oldiord and Liei 
berg losk charge of the oovpd 
Diico mji to work to ipnii t 

'^"^id, IlTld hfiVu liOW rtlltii.** 

gutting a niee little brigade st 
Their playing and singing i 
ar.jji eeistart, and is drawin 
erowda to tiss meeUnEs. 

In Uie photo aro « fes oJ tito 
playoi^ tat there ure mnsy' I 
ami vte hope soon tiiseetbs t 
swelling. — Corna Cor. 

Capt. fred "White, of.Newec 
centlj- paid a . visit to Oamf 
N.B., and was. a great hlessin 
Tho ancctirigs un -Sunday -wer; 
Hie, mid rrgucii conviction wi 
Seven hold up their hands fo 
and two eame-to tha •Saviour, 
"fw M&ittsy 'ttsrwiu»«ti.i!»iii» 

A uagpef feud jubii^S' wss c( 
on Tueaday l>y ^. Cgtsa; 
a suoswsi .fa-e^y -a-^yVaad. 
caina-.4o.J«suai^-Eo2^i. Oaaq 

'sm : . 



Drunkard Saved Through the War Cry 
_Ypi»*nHi\ Srpasec Pisa Icr ■ 

itines - 


fJJ dav on 8uaday. : TestlElcsics. oi 
ex-arunkardo w67e wunderiui. One 
brother, who hid been a habitual 
drunkard for over thirteen years, was 
led to seek tho Saviour through isa4- 
iiiS the War Cry; Olheia who were 
addicted to the same habit for m-sr 
twenty yea™, told of the miraculous 
wnv ir* lyhicib O™ hsd 5svcd and. ccp< 

t-TlPTJl- . . 

The tobacco devii is working har.j it- 
our midst. One woman, now a soldier, 
told us how she had been a constant 
6jnoker for sixteott years. One clay 
while "enjoying her smoke" she be- 
came so disgusted at herself thst she 
weni to the door and. threw both pipo 
and tobacco out in the garden. Dur- 
ing the evening tho heateriug fcr ths 
old pipe became so intense that she 
lit the lanlemand went out to search 
for her idel. erne found it, but. bless 
God, shortly after she. found the sin- 
ner's Saviour ishu lias given her com- 
plete victory. 

We ere sesiag 5 lev. steaing the 

prayed for, and others are under deep 


Building Sold. 

The building which 'ire have been 
occupying for the past nine months 
has been sold, consequently we are 
somewhat anxious OS to how it will 
affect ns; however, we are sure God 
will help us ort, and if we_ unitedly 
j;«t our shoulders to the wiieei we shall 
have a new barracks up this coining 

Pealli has taken from our town Mr;. 
(Rev.) A. D. Miller, She was a genu- 

aiid always ready lo assist as in ■rat 
uiiflei tailing to advance the cause nt 
Chii.-i. When visiting her we found 
)kt verv happy mid trusting 111 the 
Lord whom slip served so faithfully 
through all the changing seeues of lif^. 
We pray tied will bless the beve.-ivrrl 
ngen Iiusnana.-J. S. S.-M- 

£o!d la .Quebec. 


dest weather experienced j.i 
nee 1657 recently prevailed 
nntely" without a breath' of 
10 one could have stood iir- 
on the street*. Business w;;s 
- suspended >n the eity, as 
rslesB compelled went out of 
ing the (lay. The trains nil 
te owing to ths difficulty in. 
;; steam on the locomotives, 
; .rk in the opiii .stumisd. The 
Lsr registered as low us 41 
in e&'in/eed parts oi iho 
up north mi the line of the 
iohn Hallway it even went- 
"! at Lake Iidwarvi, ninety 
: i Ooah?p, !e"!stercd S5 be- 

i heretofore known. Up to 
at no total results have heiot 

riie col 
Quebec si 
and fort 
wind or 
no one, i 
doors du: 
arrived 1 

raid ell v. 
below ic: 
cuv, whii 
Lake dt 
Inwnr nr 
miles fro 

than evei 
the prefie] 


We have long felt our want of some 
music in ihj« corps, but it has «it*uys 
beer, 'rtiy uiiiicnit to get anything 
started in this. line. 

Vvheii Capt. Oldlord and Lieut. Hed- 
berg '.soli charge oi the corns they at 
one* bbF. io work to torsi a striJiE 
hnnd, »,se havi ijow "sma»ed5d in 
getting a nie*; Uttla brigade startsd. 

their playing and singing is much 
appreciated, and is drawing good 
crowds to tht meetings, 

lii Hie photo ore » fe»! c£ the Icsding 
pl B v Pr?r }j^» t]j fl nj uj-e many l^arscr^, 
and we hope soon to c^i the nurab^ri 
oweihng.— Corps Cor. 

Capt Fred White, ol. Newcastle, re- 
cently paid 3 visit to Csmpbslita:i a 
H.B,, and was. a great blesBing to ub. 
The ascK'ing* on Sunday ™«re still oi 
*ife, smc mij^i^ conviction; ^^ sfcGn. 
Seven held up theip hands for prayer 
and two came- to I'hc'SsvJour. "" 
"Oii Hb^r^y two ««,„.«».!« icrwErrf. 
A rrzfijsi? sad jubitee- WM flomJuct^d 

on Tuesday lrv-_tSis.CftgisiJt."~'-It w'aa 
a EuoesBfl ra- orrery '-vft;/ aad. tne 60ul 
caniB-.tOiJeBBgi-r-Eisiga' O&sipbell. 

An ever-welcome picture. 
Commander Eva Bqpth. 0/ the Unit- you for the most. In 

ud States, has issued one of 1101 fnmous 
Sifi;:-? Proc!a:i:ations with wliicli ::;e 
Canr-.dian troops have been made so 
familiar. The Siege began on Sunday, 
Feb. 10th. We wish the effort !jud\; 
best blessing. 

The Siege will extend over five Suu- 
dny.s nnd te motto is to !;c "Fight it. 
out !" 

The P. C's have been ai iol! 
rtiC-k-h iuyiup ih ■?■;]■ plans ,i<v\ 
cettinf; the raachiney in i!!'jti'>n. 

The targets aimed ht ai>> . — 

Backsliders reclaimed 2,00i'i 

Drcnkcrds and oihsr iv'-loriuus 

sinnera converted .......... 1 .000 

i.nd ilariiip endc 


our prei 




but pro 

■ed t*. iif. 



of such a 




tbe w!k 

Jle licarti 



!!.= \ 


which I 


v 1 c;i 

11 d 

ujion fr 

om my L 





of . 

11 rai 

are no 

iniita to v 


'.VI: HI 


ituorious si nnnrs 
ami juniors are included ill 

thia number) WXOfl 

Additional soldiers sr,i ■-"«■■.! 'S.ftTiS 

New Candidates seeuied £00 

Junioi conversions 2,500 

Incresse in J. S. eompany at- 
tendance I.V.S 

5cw juniors enrolled I.imi 

y.Zv, J. £. ooii-pi-iies ioiined . . . ISO 

New 3. S. locals Appointed 2 r »i 

New Baud oi Lovij members 

made i00 

Sew Y. P- h. members and com- 
panions *>nrn]led .... 1,800 

New Corns C"dpi^ securer! ..... j0o 
New Ors'dje Roil membeit; cn- 

roUed J aOO 

Commander Miss Booth in iier ap- 
peal to the troops, says : — 

" The snthusiasrh with which you 
seized apen the- Sicgs; laEt year eives 

Within eleven days ihe oilicers re- 
sponsible for the Siiipid^s' Bureau ut 
International Heodquait^rs have inter- 
viewed over fiiree hundred people 
who, through adversity and sin, have 
:iun*t. into tne deptlia of black despair. 

The band at rui Fngiish eorprj -,veie 
lttnujlly Esitsd to play at- a public- 
lious^. Taking the ieiiue&t. iiitrniiy, 
the Bandmaster marched bi? men irj 
*ide the beerriouse and gave a rousing 
program o( Salvatior. music. 

The same baud al«o played inside 
the pilots' look-out house at the in- 
vitation of the sturdy navigatorr-. Tho 
pilots told thsin they wsve iiis riraf 
band who had ever been iu their, 


Commissioner George. Scott Kniifniy 
lino been doing Japan ivith a magic 
lonlerri, visiting the nortliern island 
with Major Yamauvo and other offi- 
cers. The Governor of Eoksidc, as 
soon as the visiting cards of the party, 
were taken to him, said ■, — 

"t th^r.k you for this vigil — you 
whose love to all mankind knows 110 
partiality, and is so generous. Be 
assured that you have my sympathy, 
ond esteem." 


At the annual meeting of the g, A. 
Assurance Society. Cr.r;;n;is?i„-::-.:r 
Carielon Kftve some, figures relative to 
our work in that ilir^ctioii. iiit In- 
dustrial .Branch had now 442 ; 0i3 
Policy-holders, and the total sum as- 
sured was iivijr iwenty-one millijiL 
dollars. Ordin.nrv Poliev-holders niira- 
hei-pd I?,00O. It' U c^tfinaled ih;n ri> 
j;.er cent, of the policies aie held by 
parsons connected will) the Sahatinu 
Arinv as soldiers. The entire .-.tail 
numbers 2,127. 

me iSoc.cij 1 was founded 011 Pn.Uv.- 

identi™!. nai 
phesic-d I hat. 


of ihe Army the 

In Mni'iilhi Teriitory plague iias 
been very yneval^iil. Lieul. Jivan 
Singh, a native oflicev of the Ratala. 
Division, was recently promoted \^ 
Glorv alter being attacked bv ths 

lliifradici- McMillan has received a 
very pimisnut. message trom the Govbi- 
linr .'f HI iimiti. 11 pint- of which read:; 
ns follows: "1 shall be glad to have 
(lie Siiilvatiim Army cc-spcrsti; « ; ih_ 
ibe $'.»i.q ::: the adiiiiiu-jLialiuu oi 1'ne 
criminal class, and shall be pleased !o 
investigate any matter lo which yen 
mnv call niv atteniion.V 

an exciting time over a contest tor a. 
piano. The lending business men of 
the city got up an advei'tisincr b»!;>;::! _■. 
Eni'h uvrMity-fivc cent purchase in any 
of the ninoieen stores entitled. to one 
vote, and the purchaser could vote for 
whichever organization, church, or 
•school he liked. Tbe Salvation Army 
heeded all the other contestants by 
224,000 voles, ond so won the piano. 

Mrs. Carrie Kation. of hatchet lame, 
recently gave an address in the Salva- 
tion Army hall at Washington. li.C. 
She spoke for h«w =;! hour, and sni.i 
she hact tiects in jail twenty-nine li:;i..s, 
but every lime she got out she learned 

eve r before. 

down the devii than 

me to fed 


proach and start in upon its und-ii- 
takniEs with "iic"t aflame ior victory. 
"Still, I feei that I must tell you 
that- my sjnbitiuiia for this year ; s effort 
cso&id by & long way those of the 
last, and ■ thai I am reckohirig upon 

Stwdtah-Norwegian Siring Band, Sherbrc/ol-e. 
Lieut. Hedbei-g, Bandmnater. Sister Olsou. Capt. Oldford, C- U. 

" " — Cfend. Walberg Keoga. Ssstav Folkenherg. 

. TBE"^WAit-eM.m. 

¥: .if.jfr ~ **?*' 

:.m : -g?> 

©Ellipse ofthe-Wbrld' h 4 Dbes^ ;i T*»f S 1 " L#ii£ : -Hf lid" ~/*ir f 


-Montreal is to have new cement 

The Government has decided not to 
s5u« -lics!!£S& for seine fishing on f-iie 
Thames this yEiu. 

A huge landslide buried the Grand 
U'runk frank miri-v tons ef earth •■: few 
mflea west oi London, Ont. 

A system oi tree text-books in public 
schools is advocated in the report of 
the Tast Heck Commission. 
■ "Onntrfi-Jis have been let for the coii- 
strnciion of a huge dam for power 
i)urniiBp= n* Eugenie. Fulls.. - 
■ Premier Whitney introduced a Bill 
in the Legislature to repeal uuiiilmod 
suffrage lepisi-ruiiuii except in cities. 
* Tbe worst Wizard since 1SK bus 
swept the far west, .:nd grave appro- 
Jiensioiis regarding the winching in- 
dustry is felt. 

Calgary is going to petition the 
Government to put up there :i sana- 
torium for the consumptives flocking 
from the east. 

A collie dog pot into a floek of sheep 
near Gtielph and killed two of the flock 
outright, besides badly biting fifteen 
others. roe sheep belonged to Mr. 
Hugh MeNuiiy. 

The Canadian Glass Factory .it 
X^iiireui has been destroyed hy fire. 
Damage to the extent oi J20.0CD was 
done and about 250 people were tem- 
porarily out oi employment. 

A ear on the Niagara & St. Cathar- 
ines Railway rolled down ji fiiiy-iooi 
embankment nearly into the Wellaml 
Canal, taking ttv<i"!>r,-tkeriien with it. 
Both escaped with injuries more or 
less serious. 

A business block in Wim-ipey -s sf 
'.irsiroyeci iiv tire, and the total i"-s 
-.;'! exceed s-lsO/JOO. The feature.- of 
the conflagration were the extremely 
low temperature and the fearful fight 
oi the liremen for an hour and a half, 
So flames were to be seer 1 ., silt! every- 
one thought they had conquered until 
an explosion among the chemical.- in 
the building sent a portion of the roof 

ill-. Slewnrt. tbe lloniii-iir.ii Suppnn- 

uj tiio Mackenzie River Valley. 11 ree- 
ioii iMiverin? more than lOO.fiOtl aqua.!---- 
li.iles more territory than the valley 
of the Ft Luwrence.' are dytnp rupidiy 
of consumption. This disease they 
bung upon themselves by trying io 
jivi* as they think the while men iivs 
MiuLLin;.' themselves up iu severe wea- 
ther in cabins so heated that they 
would kill white men outright. He 
pleads or doctors to be s,eui io them, 
ae- the; is not a doctor witiiin l..">0'! 


The • 

r>» ■ipiiee.'.-nnro oi uio ^010- 
uls ha.-, heeu changed iiy 
earthcni ike. 

The. V. 'Ipinu steamer, ?t. Andrew, on 
her way from Antwerp to New York* 
struck i id killed a huge hammerhead 

It ia ; -ded authoritatively at. Wash- 
ington ■ -al the ffueslioii oi disatma- 
inent- w.-.l riot b.. discussed nt- The 
Hague I'ence Conierenee. 

William Whiteley. the London mer- 
«*h»nt Tiitudeicd by H. U. Rayner, has 
left five million dollars to provide 
aliifj-hon^e?. Tot the poor. 

Scarlet- fever is epidemic in Chicago. 
Three hundred new crises v.eie report- 
ed otic day, and throughout the chy 
,t!!€»-j arc 4.400 altogether. 

A Cabinet crisis is imminent in 
Fiance owing to a disagreement be- 
tween iri. Giemehceau and 'M. Brimu! 
on the education question, 

xieii;lc;- Si-oly-piii has issued n c-ii- 
ciilnr statins: that, il is the Govern- 
ment's wish io come to an .*imirablc 
Hgreemer.l with Pnrliamsm. 

The Governor oi a prison neni- St. 
j/otaishms M'2r. shot in the street by 
a lad oi cielitB'in, disguised b= ■" woi!-:- 
iti5 man. and died «hr>n.=.t instantly. 

The. Seneca building, in Buffalo, was 
'destroyed by lire on Jan. Sflth, and 
iwhilst'trj-inlf to extinguish the itamep 
twenty iireirich v.eie buried bencatli 

■ A brukeM^.nn in Illinois iiict with n. 
Jjseuliar dent!'. He fell into some 
jpumpiriR masliuery, and the base of 

a 0"ESTsf5?2 iSgSS BY ft TtEHOH=STSJvft&S rs^i" 

Lieut.-Colonsi Gaskin, 

General- Recfetarv. Territorial 


" ^ APTAIN!" ' Tlie sound nf thi 
S "Sr speaker'* voice was sharp, . 

€ % tail!. oVi ym.i ihhik ti.T.t ii I 

""^ threw myself into yonder 
liver would it be the end o! me?'* 

1 looked at the r.uin in siivprHe. 

"3Ju yea thiiiR," iie continued, "I 
could ^et rid of n^y misery for ever if 
I drowneil myself? Life is n positive 
liurrur. Oh, that I could Ira* escape 

1 -liiiii Ihat, sinner though ho; 

- as rii.t... i i,»'d liiui of ji riving cav-v 

| Four's love, and pleaded with lihiV lir; 

§ tui-n from his sins, and confes-, : liV 

I wickedness then and there, ■•' 

"I ?"It*s ho use," lie cried; ''but I can-: 

:| i then reminds:! him ' of !h= great-: 

■i Ttay or.-lLiu^iiient, ttf^a rtghteOuii'JudTOi 

■1 wto "niil ici'diir to every- man v aa kisv 

I' work has beeu,- and pleaded ivith htm 

1 to; escape tile raise»:ss ot the present,- 

1 and the -horrors uf licil stEinal by 

I crying dheii and there to God for 

f 'jierev: While vet speaking, n n es- ; 

I pi-vision of-nttfiiv'-UesDEir^riis^Hd h>s 

| fiistoited face. He released hi? grip 

I ofniy shoulder, turned quickly On his 

I Iieei'aiid lied into the darkness of tl-.e 

I night. I never eatv -hiai 'ngniiij- foi- 

^Khough I pursueiMiiili for adistatiee, 

3ti» was soon lost to-Sightji-RU huvi'i'Ml; 

ui%ht iiad been oeejisioned by his hs,"-- 

':Sis lienrd the sound -*>I'u pnii™aia*A*; j 

j'^M.^ep. tie h£d eor.e— wiiere- 

"■'.sA.> i continued my wtty to tile sia- 

Jtfon hi^ wordi of de? rang ill my 

;giir», and my brnin wne all av.'hir! with- 

cogitations as tu the reason of his 

terror and -distress, his evident ".riTih- 

to end his life, mid ii,e liauatinp fenr 

of the coming judgment which held 

him back iroiu the fstr.I ec-t. 

iwqu^ntss or 


mad— i-eallv mad with 
poor drunken slnvp. 

c. J air, a 
er how 1 

'J 'he .-pe 

?r. wlio had tlms rudely 
hurried journey to the 

is made 

loud, ilespair 


fcllo-.v nf the artisan class. In tiie 
nnceftr.iii light of the street lamp, I 
couiii see that his features worked 
convulsively, jind thet lie was iii a 
state of acute agitation. His teeth 
chattered as if -with cold : his rUt? 
were clenched, and his whole demean- 
or that oi .i mar, desperately ill ear- 
nest. It seems altnost iniiiussibie to 

enns r,n, njirf i; V.-tt.l trji- Vioparture OI- 
this life is the termintitioit of ail ex- 
istonee, has been asked by many .be- 
sides the dear fellow of whom I write." 
Does nil responsibility conclude wiHi 
life itself?- No! ten thousand times; 
no ! For while there are numbers who 
would like to thus eacapo from the 
eternal of -,vronE-doitiq t 
God iifi!! decreed it otherwise, rtp.d has 
iiMimwd t'r.r.t evsry i»«ssi siiflii stand 
betore" the Judgment Seat oE Christ 
to answer for the deedp done in ths 
body, whether good or evil. Man's 
life, with its privileges, opportunities, 
blessings, and mercies, it?- 's scercn, 
respoii»il>Ie trust, ,'ind man is God's 
bteward, to Whom ho r:-.ib). render sn 
ji('/>r<iiT.» ' ; his stcuuidsiiip. Me Cnu- 
iio'i flee this obligation. 
There is a three-fold purpose in 

linngme a mo 
than that which 
wretch pte.-^oien. 
Couldn't Get Awe 
"Oh." he conthi 
but bPli>-.-c ♦:;;:! 
put myself out c- 
mind for ever, I 
without one sinrf 




iod e 



justice, (ieiuuntl thitt !be 
offender he punished. God lum pro- 
vided a remedy for k>ii, .aitd mari^ it 
possible by the sacriiieo of Jest's for 
MOW'"' . all men to be eternnllv saved. God 

hands wearily across fine made wonderful and adequate pro- 

eiiid end my lit. 
leeret. I'd do j 

his brow and then clutched his dark 
hair with trembling fingeis as he cried, 
"My God, can I never get mvay iroiu 

He wn; in such a state or agitaijon 
that it was with considerable difficulty 
I was able io reply to his questions. 
His words were poured forth in an 
incoherent stream of curse?, blas- 
phemy, re-lets, dim appeals. 

"Captain,'' he cried, as he ^rippfrd 
my shoulder lietcely, and nlinosi 
sereiiuied. "Captain, do you believe it? 
Do you believe ilird. this life ends ul];. 
Do y&ti beiieve 'imt what a man iv-ss 
in life he tvill have to face after 

T renlied, "What do voti think r" 

sucn a 


vision for the putting away of nian'.s 
trnosgression. The conditions are : 

towards our Lord jesns Chriet," v:hij!-i 
conditions^ if complied with, result iu 
a mn n. being a mnv creature. 

Cap a man flee the consequences of 
his tin? Is it iinposhiblu io; him to 
be entirely rid ui til" Ilium*!!!? terror 
of de!iL!! and the nf.'<mizinrr fenv of hull? 
Yes; blessed be the God of n!l mer- 
cies, till! \itest n;ny he ilefiij. iiViuy 

stain may be blotted out and every 
trarisgresHion forgiven. Oh, rotne to 
Chiist, fling you;- burdened fouI at tho 
footstool of His ir.trcy, and He will 
hear vour pravor He' ",viil stivm your 

fiOUl. ' 

"Though your sins may rise as. the 

mountains, high. 
And your hou! be i-itnin'd tis iiir nrt,,.- 

'J'iiottEh tc death and hell vou are varv 

njwl* " 

Our God' is able to deliver thee." 

SMi&tiir sir?!, 

H-. Wtiiiamsoh Presents the Hn«> t» 

The preso-taiiua Q j instrunir.r.i.. K 
the Bran^est sand took place ,,„u. 
10th.. Mr, George WilS^^ 

ver inBirunients were civen •» '• 
band boys. -« hiq. ; 

Owing" to the train being e>i--",,-- 
Bngadier -P.uiditt was unable k^-- 

V.^r^ilddnioK me eliair. ■ 

Mrn.-Ail;t. McGill ciBkcd is<-i>- -■■■' ' 
inK on the meetin;:. Thts"cliIi(S 
co.-iipiinidiucii JviiBipn Taylar . «.-: ij ; - 
p Iir „.„.. .... T ^i-;.^ ih ^ money ; ' r t S 

n(jw livjiniments, and then eollcH '-- 
Trcusurer Blodgett to sing a solo " u 

Alter tne band had nlavcrf ■i'i..i.-' 
Ji?'V: S >' ,le " ou their °ld hurtia,' Mr : 
WiUiamson was introduced to tho 
audience and greeted with nrn] ..-| ': 

In his speech lie referred to Tii B ob- 
sevvotion of the Salvation Army in ' 
Dati'fcon City, and paid a liirb tribaie 
to General Booth. 

After the presentation Uio is^ui 

plEjeu "5l3I>gS Of SC0llni>(l" B a J^gJt ; 

iiistrupien'!!. ar, 

Mr. Will 

then a v 

The collection amounted to 522330 
and Mr. Williemsan dnnatsil sri eqimt 
uiiiuviit. saying thut he wauled tores 
the Brandon liand one of the he$X in 
the West. 

BnudniEster Sonne then spoke a f<»r 
words, niter which Ensign TsvlSr 
thanked the people for theu- setici'uu? 

A vote of thanks for Mr, \Villiai)i;im 
was ijioposed by the chairman, antf 
the audiecae frntlmuiKsticalty Siiun-^Q 
their appreeiatio;: of his presence. 

The ;neeting v/ss brougut to a- close 
hy the playing of 'he National Antlreiii 
and the singing of tlie donoiogy. 

i'levioua to the presentation the in. 

ice. was a tall, rugged-looking God's great plan of redemption. The 
Son of" God suffered and died to d3» 
liver man from the bondage oi sin, 
and to Wot out an a thick cloud itis 
transgressions. Again, by the blood 
01 the atonement, man may not wily 
lie delivered from sin, but rcsciiid 
from the hands of Ms enemy, and 
made conqueror over death and hell. 

Righteous Judgment. 
Why did it please God to bruise Kr 

rid picture of misery Pon and permit Him to be wounded 
for our transgression* ■■ Because 
man's bob! is of such vital eternal 
impoit, that ii '05* through uiiiepetii- 
ed rebellion against God, it will have 
the nconics of hell and Ihe 

Mr. -Williamson, Brandon, • 

Who gave S233 to the Brandon Bra>s 

struinetits were on view in ihe window 
oi Mr. Hceson, one oi the leading:- 
ir.„-,,! e i- 5 in tovvii, and were the centre. 


(!n Srisi). .^ 

During the command of Caul, iiuiafs' 
at Wingham the question of having*;. 
band wits "brought forward. Srfiemtsj- 
were planned and «■> fpj-./^! s^dctc' 
ihe public to help, and very soon iw 
; orp- whh ubie to purchase iastffe- 
tnpm= and distribute then! amongst;, 
the soldiers, lho. Simmons \ms J'l'p 
pointed lis Bandmaster, and he a)»»H 
tnueh Time in teaching hi* '™"[^*~:- 

1C ri'^L.t. tiiriu..-* oF the tow- hiai*; 
waV to welcome ,-i party of Knell:*; 
imniigiiints. -i^ 

DondctastEr J.'irvis then toc-,c .iw^j 
and ui present lias ten players 111 «tj 
coorl sliane. . ... . , -■ 

Thr- hiii"! has proved .". iilcrfiT.'?' 
the town, 'and we pray it -li.-il ■■■ 
means of feadi..., miry o. II.- 8.viM.. 

They are at present lcaruutg 3p«gffc,f, : 

epoitea- that: Cottnt 
nt St. Petersburg. 

T^niito. nnd.we hone h; 

ienderB that the Colonei w: 
nccuBtomed des):. tie, is v 
miiiui>E r ' r,GL tJ"■^" 1, ■ ,! ] B * , 

Id "More Tramps Abn 
Teaiii refer« i-" the werk : 
in jf» w Zealand ia ,'h: 

■'"'he doctor at GiBuoriie 
several old drunkn.rds ; r.r 
ioaier, and. Beyerid iat-% 
w b?,*S; who have been n 
the Solvation Army, ftn< 
niaitied staunch people and 
ers these two years": Wl 
L'oe3. theao testimonialE to 
efficiency are forthcoming. 

Headers oi the War Gr< 
with jegret that a c-able I) 
received at 'i'e'niioriai rt 
on Wednesday, Jan, SOtli,, 
j];,- pother of .31rs. jiiig 
had been promoted to Glo 
suie our :beriiav«d cornrs.i. 
the prayers of our reade 

foinriiissioner Elijaii ' 
sliorily to pay a visit tc 
He stsj'H ha is goijig vritli i 
Kliiaii, and expects Hint. G 
him mightily, imd tliut 
biaze at Salvation may 
This saying is a, little air 
il is not cleur whether, the 
lior.ed ia tiiat oi Elijah tl 
01 Elijah the SalvationiBt- 

will do. 


■Sir William Clegs, of Shi 
JDiroiliicing the General 
aieeting, remarked: — 

- I am well remember t 
ci:i! \'if;it that the Gene 
Sii-ISeld. He was iiieti 1 
sonie portion ef the- commi 
riii,. i'.'it!i extreme uverfci 
had to ince physical dai 
handi of these misguir 
Public opinion has now, 
in re,--", comnleteiy changed 


-'ins1en.d of being rote 
way described, Sheffield 
oilier city now receives hii 
i-fspecl, aiid admiration fc 
\iink which die has ace 


liiirtigii Thompson, win 
reoliiig in Kewloutidiand 
of ill liealth. has bee-i 
HeadiiuarlerH. where ?hr. 
nn nprjointment frcni tl 

Borne months aj;o Kin 
pbyEtitiii, Dr, Treves, c 
to atop emokinf-i-a J proscri 
he ourrht ts have, had mail 
Being a real king, 'Rdwu.'K 
physician's -orders. . A m.m 
■■■■ hiiig would probably hi 
t:. U.iie iW preaeription oi 
thai, he enjoyed his <jigar « 
lie could not dtepensc'.-tgt 
he hsd unioked so- loi.ff t 
stop. Rut th« man "«-iiti"ni 
Bi-itiKli Empire has pj-bvi 
eity as 2. rossi by ruliag \; 
that is slow to anger ia bf 
mighty; and he- that lule 
than lie that tnieth a citv 
result. nf fclloisii^ ais pli 
vice ia-that -which inteiw 

According to r. clespHtch 
^''"•to'I hy ihe t_'tiicftgo 'i 
its JJC^ll M i;^l t ■ , trOTTeBpond^n 
~""\ il , !ias iaiproveti " so sr 
eval health stncg he gave 
that he ib oHiged to teen 
eseieisc te.,teap.ido%Q:i»M 

SILVEI "..*-- -- 

Presents the Hifc'iS 


'■•? si instrument!; j.T 
w *«* gla« oa j£,' 

.,Sto!i lino.;;;. 

were given <« «- 

ref 5giiaHt§.@& : 

WS i'i%a 

liiiiii ■-■ w 


train bein^ 
t- was uHiifi 
tng, and so 


- pi^.'. 

iill (iskot'i God's Viks. 

;1„ I ] '- B . ^'B'riu'an-. 
hsigu Taylor ™, t.v 

8 ir.e money for thfi '; 
. and then dilU-i ba 
ut to sing a solo. , ■ 
cl had T)lav»H "»-tj 
their old horns, K'r : 
i introduced to the 
eeted with p™;,,.,^* ; 

lie referred to his.-ib;- 
f Solvation Army in 
d paid a hiuh UibaW' 1 
1. "" - 

ssenfntioii n>„ ;.-_* 
>l Scoiinsd" sri their'- 1 
■ n«v. Mr. \ViUiaK0,;.-'. 

that lie wanted to res . 
tic! one of the "nest i!> 

sane then spoke a !c h - 
hieh Knajg;; Taylir" 
pie ior their gonciuas 

tf ior Mr " WiSSn.wa 
y the chairman, sitd - 
.ii"j>'.pEt:raiiy s!iuK!>d 
■a ot hLi presence. 

.'&S biiiugllt tO a CilfiS 

f the National Antheai 
e presentation the in- 

mson, Brandon, 

to the Brandcui Bto>s 
Baud. ; - 

>n view in the window 
one oi the leading 
, mnl were iiic cents. 

.ttiiifiliu of C'lijii. avee-- 
quertioi! of fiavin^r 

lit foi'miitl Schetaefe 

id i.<i ht-;^5! sii-&"tr. 

lii, mifl verv wion ibB- 
to purchase ii)sif»i 

riijute them limonp:; 

io. Simmons *'i6..*S>*j 

master, uad.-iie BpsgJ^ 

tncllilli-' his r.miirmins.i 

■ a party of jineusH". 

ii-vir. thai took »"""• 
lis ten jilnvci-s m fa* 

prcv.-d « 1 '-«:«• l<" 
e nruv it i ' 

n'miv in jHw Hflvaisr-s' 
enent ''karniu£ ^ttite 

hat Count Leo-«i 

T^Miin. nnd.M hope by. the «=:= 
this ieaue iV iitjthje fend? «f o^r 
readers that the Colonel will be at bis 
accuaiomed desk. He is much tetter. 

In "More Tramps Abroad," Mark 
Twain refer* tn the soik si the Aiiiiy 
;„ k ? w geeland in the follo-A-ing 

'"?ne doctor at Gisborne tell* me of 
several old drunknrds, , <?niritloss 
iouier, and severfli iar-gone mora! 
wre.^s, who have been reelaisicd by 
the Salvation Array, and have re- 
mained staunch people and hard work- 
ers these- two years'; Wherever one 
eoes. these testimonials to the Army's 
efficiency are forthcoming," 
Eeaders of the W«r Cry will learn 
with regret tliat a table message tvas 
received «« TeriiiurJHi nearj quarters 
oi: Wednesday, Jan. SOtti, stating ili-ii 
I'.v mnther i! Mrs. Siigadier JSoiifl 
had teen promoied to Glory. We nre 

tlie prayers of our readere in their 


r.iir.iTji;=ioner Eliipli Cfldinan is 
Mitiriiy io pay e visit to Australiii. 
He iijsb: is goiug iritu the spirit o: 
E!n:i;i, and ezpeels thai, God will help 
hiii: laightily, and that a giynr.ii._' 
hiflsc !":t Salvation may be iimlled. 
Tins paying is a little ambipuoup, as 
it is not clear whether the spirit msn- 
lioned is tiiat oi lilijah the Tishbite, 
o" Kliiah the Solvationiet — but either 

will do, 


ivr Wiiiinin flesjr, o£ S.'irrSc]il. iiin-n 
iiiiruilueiiig the GeBi;fal io a recent 
it'c^ving, remarked :— 

"i vjivi woli remember the first oifi* 
'.i::! vicif that the General paid to 
St„.i~ !: !d. Ke wns iheu recoi-.-c-d, -.-;.- 
rcu::e portiori of the vummunity at any 
,;,.„ mi*i> 2xtr£ii-ic uversion, and lie 
lm cl Io face physical danger at tlu 
; amis of these miaguirlnj ;>sop!e. 

'iiliii'j opinion has now, we are filad ' 
.-:i--', oomnletelv ehaniid. <Lnnd d].- 
i .au-) 

In^l^od of being received in tlie 

iy desciibed, Sheffield and every 
■ tier city now rcc-ei^es liim with love. 
i- -peel, and admiration for the prand 
v ik which he has accomplished." 
t nplause.) 

i-lnsigu Thompson, wlio has heen 
i' fins is Krwiouiitiland on account 
«': ill health, lias lieers crdsriu tc 
tlendquartera. where fhr ^rill recci-.u 
nn appamtitiKit Sr^-m the Commis- 

Hoine months aso Kirtp Edward's 
!>b' ::-;=!;, Sr. Tre\=e£, ortlerejl jiim 
to .-tup smohiae^a : prescription which 
he might to hsvi had imiijy -year" ago. 
Being a real ting, Edward oheysd- bis 
piiysiciaa'a ordets. 'X jn£H v.*ho is not 
a jiirnf would probably have derlinp»t 
t- :-.-;i iijc precc-ription on the growd- 
"■.niii. he enjoyed tlie cigar so math that 
he could n<jt dispense -A-ith ii, or that 
he had fmokeji so lu„ff iift />oLld rsot 
Mop. But. tlie Stan «!irj rules the greit 
Biilisli Empire- lias proven his capa- 
c!!v a= s, ruler -by ruling himself. "He 
thfii is slow to ar.ger is better than the 
miE'nty; and he that ruleth his spirit 
than he that taieth a. city." But, The 
le^nlt. of foHcTnuy itis piiysieian's nd- 
v:ci: is that -which irsteTests us most. 

Aecorimg to a destiRteh W.-sirsd soi 
: ftn«r pgivby ihe OUicngo Triba-,e irom 
! 5 — -MiUJn'-" rarreBpondent. King H!d- 
'"'"/'. has.inipi-oyed ' to smeri in gtn- 
cuu ijea^Ji sjaee he gave ap amekiiag 
that ho js obliged to Seep ««> vigorsraa 
esei«6e teikeepdo^n'his aesh.—Ex; . 

1 ne fassiag oi- ■ an iirm y :i neno. 


T!>» Ealv.=,tiua Army has suEtained 
the loss g" ft great Mend in the death 
of Mr. Timnthrr £)2tG«, oi Turonto, 
who poc£s<: s— ej- iii his resid.eaCB on 
•Jan. 3Sst, 

immediately on receiving the news 
we w-red the isfoTiiialiou to the Com- 
missioner, T\h'j was en route ior Hali- 
fax, and who Irom the.Jrain sent the 
following message to Sir. JeUa C. 
Eaton: — 

" News of your esteemed father's 
death has reached me on the train. 
Mrs. Ccombs jnins me in tender sym- 
pathy with your mother and family. 
TLb iulvstiGii Aiiuy mourns the loss 
of a friend, and v.ill pray fos Guu to 
!>k=£ a:;;; piuaper you ai!.— Commis- 
sioner Coombs." 

business enierprizes in the country, 
yet founcl time to may »"<; .«».j --* 
ashamfid for it to h?. knovu f.h.ii ii? 
whs on the side of God. 
' To the Salvation Amiy he had a 
warm and kindly feslicg. an d in many 
irtstsEi^s "Wherr eases have been 
biought to his notice of men and wo-" 
men -,y!i~ h»u luiien in life's battle, 
and who wanted another chance, he 
has. through our officers lent a help- 
ing hand, and used its as the means of 
giving his help,- while he has heen the 
unknown benefactor. ' 

Where H5' Drevf tha Line. 

He marked «it s. ^pcc::i path ioi 
himself. The story is told that when 
he started business he laid down some 

Lata mr. f. -baton, 

The Gommissir.ner lies also penned 
the toiiowins tribnte to the metnory of 
this Army irietid: — 
A f riouie to a Friend: 

The cnll of desth has pome t.i an- 
other friend of the Salvation Army, 
Mt. iunothy Eaton, known all over 
this "--outincat as the mightiest of 
departmental h::sine== ilieis, sad 
whose vast ability ?.= an c-rr.r,niier is 
acknowledged by nil «hn L : pfv,- hi~„ 
or have had to do With his enormous 
eetabliehmentj-has gone. 

Ailir.j for eome tirjae as a reSult <f 
uu accident, yet to =11 .ippcarances 
likely to live tor years, he has been 
suddenly callled away, acute pnsu- 
uionift being the cau^e. How quickly 
all is ended ! Death is no respector 
of peirjns. Both the Merchant Prinse 
and J?ad WatkinB, who nicked up the 
cuttings Iruiii work-rnoms, or gath- 
ered the junk irom the houses nrnijiid, 
h=.v,t HT-. theU life at the enll of this 
n>ii.'iea. o eni visitor. What a need there 
is U; m r«r.(iy ior the coil, and how 
glad wc ate to believe that Mr. Tim- 
othy Eaton, busy man as he was, the 
head of. one " o£ the most . wonderful 

Among other things he 
that three things should i 
in his Erores, viz: — 


2. Tobacco. 

3. Playing cards. 

Of course the wise-aeres said he 
would soon give way, it would uitver 
do, the biitjiness w^uld not prosper. 
*iiil t>o ivrtn; but he nailed hia colors 
to the mast, una determined not to 
lower them, and so the great depart- 
mental stores at Toronto and Winni- 
peg. ?r:th j»U the fietories and work- 
rooms in different parts of the Do- 
minion, that, i,uud out goods trora 
Newfoundland to far-away Alaska, 
stand forth as evidence of ivhat"can he 
done without in any way bowing down 
to tiiOSK thing? which a man ieei3 i* 11 " 
foes to hia fellows. 

The last donation he gave to the 
SaivatfoE Afmy was part of n promise 
he had made to w specis! branch of 
our work, and in giving it, he spec- 
ially urged upon the collector tlie im- 
portance of keeping on with the Sal- 
vation work for oil we were worth. 

Lesions for Salvationists. ~ 

There are two things, among many, - 
that I would pt'isH uu to the "euders -of 
the War Cry bb lessons from the !::= 
of our departed friend. 

The first is: Stand by your prin- 
ciples. Never haul down your colors. • 
God honors the man who holds on, 
who endures. 

Tiie second is : Keep en with the 
Salvation work for ail you are worth. 

This jshouiu be a rallying cry to the 
SaivnTioii Army officers and soldiers 
everywhere =«d diirir.g .-,,■■ jjieaent ■ 
sjul-saving campaign, ths coming visit 
of our dear Qr-neral, and the fullowLiur 
up oi his meetings, we ought to nut it 
in praetice more than ever, so that 
Timothy Eaton; with all who have 
gone before, and who are "Looking on 
at the fight, may see we are doing it, 
while the world at large may be bene- , 
fited and heipedl because amidst the 
great haste that people around us are 
milking io get rich, the Salvation. 
Army ie at the old siaiiu. keeping up 
the old light, and happy in the know- 
ledge that He, our Lord and Master, 
will say, "Well done!" to all who do 
well. Yours in the Blood-and-fire. 
T. B. Coombs. 

Mr. Timothy Eaton was a great and 
good man. The founding and succsss- 
lui carrying on oi the largest depart- 
mental store in Canada, h HvsisesH 
that gives employment tn 9,000 per- 
sons, i« proof of his commercial capac- 
ity. The universal respect in which 
hi Vwii held, iirui the mimics, of those 
who knew him be.-«t, atlest to his good- 

M>\ ICntcn w.-:/; bom hi Ireland,, at 
Clogher, thirty miles ficnn Belfast. ' 

Mr. Eaton'* forefathers migrated 
from Scotland nearly two hundred 
years aco. They, with many other 
j->.- t ("milieu, trrrmed a settlement 
and for several neiierntionK engaged in 
agra.rian pursuits. 

The subji-fi o£ this skfiich v-'iis the 
voungest of a family of nine. Before 
his birth his father died, and h's 
widowed mother Sliced the world with 
a dependent family and nothing to 
.support it. Phe »ms ambitions for 
her children, however, and luaQugeu 
to give them the adv milage oi sucli 
education as could lie acquired at the 
nr.tiorinl school in t'loghcv. 

Farming in those days was not con- 
ducive to the acquiring of great 

found the toilers little wealthier than 
before, and when calamities, in the 
form of crop fjfflines. L-rfe! them they 
were in dire noeil. • 

The vear 184ti was one of the darkest 
in the 'history of Ireland. The potato 
crop was ruined with rot; other crops - 
were partial or total failures, and : 
starvation stalked through the_ land. 
Those who were able emigrated; and , 
others bore their suffering patiently. 

Among those -who 1 .ft- tor other lands ■ 
to Eeek "their fortunes was the eldest 
member of the Eaton family. About 
the same time Timothy, the youngest, 
n= apprenticed to n diaper at .fort- ■ 

At. the end of five y*m», ine term ot ; 
apprenticeship, ho was given his 
ivaees, which amounted to noni.etni.ig 
like £100, nnd with this he took pass- 
age to Canada. 

His enreer since that time has been 
such that there is hardly a name in , 
Canada, in fact, with the possible ex- i 
ception of that of t.hp rrisi; Minister, 
so well known to the people ftt large 
=.; tliat oi lii, Tii««'tlijF numu. fiir. " 
Eaton stood out pre^e-Tiinci-tly ii tlm • 
Dominion as tire typical Merchant 
Prince, or, more truly perh.aps, so 
enormous and varied were the inter- " 
e=ts thai sprung tip under bis name. - 
the typical captain *nf Jtidu'btry. _ 

He* was a member of the ?, - 
Ciiareh, n'lid iooi£ a pflrticiiliir-part in , 
the work of the young men in organ- 
izations of a religious character. He 
gave liberally to (he charitable insti- 
tutions arid objects, his; lnrgest eoBtri-" . 
button being a recent one of iiD.WO ts 
the Toronto" General HosnitJit. 

The good work stiii goes on at Grand 
Forks, 'R.C'., and three more Imve 
stepped into the light. Three young 
men who have lately been converted; 
Imve talien their stand with ue on the . 
street, and the crowds at our open-airs 
and indoor' meetings are much hetw&i 
— Sainsbury, • • 

FROral OU-K* " : ^iB^Wwi 

thy id Ciiii 
SJJ'.^ion An 


c Ti::: I:DirOT«.S. A. Temple. 

C@HlIBS!ltS 015 ^t 

■ Current Matters, 



The Salvation Army' extends its 
deepest sympathy to the Governor- 
Geiierai and his family at the s;cd 
loss thoy have sustained in the death 
of the eldest daughter of His Excel- 
lency Eari Grey-^the Lady Victoria 
GrenMl— who died at Government 
House on Feb. 4th, oi typhoid fevur. 
It is thought she contracted the dis- 
ease while traveling with her husband. 
Cant. GrenleH, in Mexico, The bio^ 
will Lie felt all the more keenly as 
having parsed the critical Et&ge it was 
iho-jsLt eho would be safe. All ths 
members of the vice-regal party were 
present when the end came. Never 
before has 6ueb grief happened to an 
becupant of Ridna« Hal!, '.he Govern- 
ment House. But death, as the Com- 
missioner remarks elsewhere, is no 
rp-Rjactor of-persons of places; the rich 
and the poor alike hnv? to p^s r.-« sy. 
If, therefore, behoves us all to hu 
ready to meet God. 


Canada is 'not a good country [«.»r 
>"jor peopi" i" winter limo. The si= 
treme oold is very trying to thoie who 
hjive an inadequate supply of food 
arid filing, nhd quite "a fsTr casts, of 
which the following is an example, 
have Hppearcd in the newspapers of 
late r — 

"St. Catherines, Ont.. Jan. 30th.— 
John Wilson, a laborer, aged about G3 
years, was found, rfesd On Monday 
evening in his roem in a. house in 
Grantham Township, just outside the 
city. Coroner Merritt was notified, 
and, on investigation, foun3 that Wil- 
son had died from exposure and want. 

"Wilson bad been living with a fam- 
ily nsiTir-i McEcnua. The husband is 
in. the Hamilton Hospital, and the 
family have beea reduced to ft state 
of great destitution. Coroner Merritt 
on entering the house found that the 
fsmily had practically-no food or fire, 
and their clothing wgj? of the scantiest 
nature. The mother was preparing a. 
meal for herself end the jimmy, con- 
sisting of a tin of canned fruit, and 
the children clustered srauad her . 
clamoring for food." 


It is true that such cases in this 
jprosperpas muniry aire rare when 
compared with the destitution that, 
jirevaiisin older countries, but they 
are far too many with us, judgir.g 
frpHi tie rspoHs fulii'aiied us by U;fl 
League o£ "Me r cy •srsrV-js, £■]>*;,. is 
Sheir visitation, come ir> oontsct with 
aumeT©u3 families in the direst of 
tilstreSB. Ono worker- has told us of 
entering -a-hoin^ *?iih. ths atmosphere 
thirty helou- »ero, and finding neither 
food' nor tire; and one oi the childres 
vviih .oiiiy b cotton garment on hf.r 
little body. Tie" League of Mercy .» 
doing most excellejit work in relieving, 
dlatreas". bii't-.:tp >"ort2 arc iizaiied b/ 
leek c£ funds. Should eny oi our read- 
ers desire" to '-'nanst *EC relieviag duca 
2ec£ij£it6u&' cases funds will be grete- 
Suly receives foi- ikia'purposf! by the [ 

'Help' the 'Suffers* 


wdAT ■ rne ; CHIEF GP 'Tfig 


A terrible picture of v.-intr priv^- 

tained in the following paragraph;— 
"John Erzinger, who has just i-e- 
tarned from a western trip, gays that 
between Lethbridge and Medicine Hat 
thousands of antelopes ^ere sirusgling 
ir deepsnow without iood on which to 
guhsist. There were thousands'upon 
thcusund^ of tUetn ba«ded togerher- 
near the track. Around the animnl? 
'■isre numbers oi wolvep gquattir> sip 
on their hauuebes ready to seize upon 
auv one of the antelopes th&t might- ■ 
happen to fa!!- The wolrsa we; 1 !; jios 
all eorcte.-, for intermixed 'S'itii theni 
were big timber wolves, lie ssiiasates 
that Lhero were store than sorty .wolves' 
in sisht w°teh 5 ig for their intended. 


The Grand Jury at Uie Oriftiinal 
Assizes' are to he congratulated "on 
their attitude towards & number ct 
evils in Canadian puhlie life. 'TJiey 
condemn the publication in news- 
papers oJ udveriisameniu of nosious 
drcg^, the publication of details of 
crime and criminal trials, the "grey.? 
negligence o* bank directors," «he per- 
jurj os witnesses, the discrimination 
evident in the speedy administration 
of justice, and the increase in drunk- 
enness and crime, as ahown in the 
police report*!. Wife reepecf. to the 
publishing of ailverfisetsents o* ob- 
n^^ious cjrugs the jurors fifty: — - 

disgustingly franfc in describing the 
ailments they are designed to cure, 
and others, carefully tversVK: %v he ft 
thin veil to cover a palpably illegal. 
business. If, as we are assured, it is 
sn jnfriotiou oi the law to publish 
theee, the law £hosl4 bs strictlv <;n- 

"Ah a kindred matter t-a this, v-'e 
tiilbltMy ?^pri-^' L'ur seuutumiia 
against the reporting in .tJjo daily 
pie»e the nsuseaGng details o* crun- 
inal actions in this and other cown-r 
tries, -while some of the foreign papers 
extensively, zzli in iue siresta "tST tnir 
city are in thin regErd unfit to go inio ■ 
the homeB o! the people," 

.Thr:r-c "="b-j 5Ct, s. higb vuiue on public 
purity will hopa that 'these words v.-iU- 
be taken well to heart by both public 
and press, for after 3ll a paper prir.k .. 
- what-iti readers desire, and the.prurir 
ent nniurc ai £ putnaa ib very well 
indicated by the newspaper he takes, 
and tho ideals of ^cviimper manege- 
ment stu-Uu revealed by the i^uuuni ci 
space given to dotsila of sordid eases. - 

■ A 'Safva.ksist' EtlW.;. 

"'• ' '-ACCIDENT..'.. 

Ws learn ■ ;vi!.!v : r>rof3Ulid .Tegret that 
Brother . -William Tait, oi ■ Yorkvill'j 
corps, has been lulled while on datv. 
The following newspaper cnttiii^-pvea ■■ 
tiie - mcts- fioiHiaoted trjih ihi^ ' - aati 
event:— - ; '■ ' ' ~ : : • 

•'Wili!"-n3 Tait, who'" Jives' ai- the 
eerscr s£ Ciiristic St, &lni':St. C'air' 
Ave:, a conductor on ihi- Tor«mi> Hat!" 
way, died -■ v,-idle r^h^ .isacn , ic_ .tJ?v- 
sjeneral Hospital sliorxiy .alter iitmii 
icMJay, .^s arEsuU ui being struck by ni 
etreet car, 

*"rait'-.i:."3 a conductor on an AvemBa 
Soad car, anil bad left his car .at the 
corner ol Coii^g^ and'VoRge StT«ffwts to 
' buy tickets iujta a !c«nditcU» oh a 
ionge car. When going behihd the 
Yonge ear-— ^2«p£nt i^r BtruckTiiirii 
and dragged . him under .-tag, feSder. 
He -wasTolied over and xlver, h\it/ did 
not eo ssder ih=. whiivii; '''■ ' £ ■- 

■ "The car' 'Was stepped Ssid'- ifcs_ ia- 
jnred- man' taken into ;lSond'8 ' arag 
store,- whews -B?s.: Sarrstt-^sK- Aikcns 
■ attended him— Ao- assbalsnee iDot 
him to the Genera:, but. when they 
arrived iters' liie v«bb estinct. 

"BacSBscd ran put of Uje ^orkvijls 

married, ■ and , leBfea a wifs and one 

. "wa imitexstand that- Sisfe?.Tsit is 
ir, decy dioircas, an* we ask tha.pffii[7 

hold and support, her in this. Bad hooi 
of trial. 

In oar nest isaua vre shaii publish 
a life-sketch and ,sn .acec-wit ol /the, 
cunerai. . . : - '-. . . 1'. . 

- The Cadets —ho ii&Vfe 'been .vozkiBS . 
at ParHaman*."it». carps ' for tiki? Itst 
lew-months iare^elled last' Sttnds^. 
la- 'Uie aitftinoQii tfesy .*&*?'- "3 "ni^sBiesI 
meeiing;- .'and :. did -eKea^&atl«. : '.Ev:c" 
oiie-save ^a:4arewell ^seech .'*t .zajja&- 
and.Uie Iieist«s2=t hii '■& ijpssiai m&s; 
sage- ipr -them, -which. nhe tfeHv«f«d in 
■a'-wewj «loqaca» ssMs-sbte :mandir.' W^ : 
based !rar remarks en- 'thB Siviour"s J 

■ wpraa, :*JBehoId, 1 i secd. .*te . sa-.^h»'.|^ 

■ One man'«!S.vfl s ■' t;stlsi-3j^?. 'issmg 
tis= oay'xnat it-\VEta owin|; to '-tSg' inSSi : '' 
Eflee oi ih&=C«deta-tb«t v hB Iwdl ii'MQ 

■ «p_4rittkinpr- sn<J fi'^ed tz .siras'-Smi-.' 
iiany oQien^hbve caused aliii) ti> ij? 
thsaLiultor tiie gcdiy Siie sna-stenSai 
ialwrB' oi .ihfei*fl..ygang;; flScsrE. . tmsA 

■ prayers follow them.- -.", -.,;,., 

. Elsewhere we- sive Euuih -niTiii„r : 
c 4 «.cerning tho Kmrj^lon disasie>.- cor 
• ributeil npecialiy to the CnMdi.- 
War Cry, slid be-low wp , i>p l j> 4 -j ^ 
t'-xiractfl from a lettoi wri*i^ n (.y jj r ; 
Br.-uiiweii 'iiooth-. thp Chic: of i"nis*W- 
i~ thri Sttl-vexionisi* of the Eri&i! ' 
Field. His words aro applicable to U„. ') 
Cunadion ecinrade9:— '■'•:.'. 

"Cur ofEcei-a were provid*rt!_; s i|- 
prescrved; but, I.' fear, msBy-iS-'o'dt"""'' 
soldiers jnuut have ppri=hed, %smk ■ 
ore not yet to hand, cur ofBcera hai- : 
ing most probably been far more ir.r r 
ceEBBd-aoout assisting othprsendvoij' ' 
ing with their immediate needs' than" 
cabling lis particulars. . .- -. 

"One ihlns ;is n»iU -eisa?: ' Toe ; 
Arsay hea p ustaincd a serious Ims-^ss 
checfe ' to 'i*z prvgress in the ..liaH^pg.': 
capital. :;.Our. halls and offiea a*i 
Social agencies are all down, .Tjtw 
cScgra' belongings aiiu other propKty. 

_ars either. destroyed or burnt. Kith- 
out-hpihe or hall, and without^ths or. 
dinBry sources ol income, 
have bean driven into. cRtrenaJj.-isvi'.'. 
3n='eireas3tBs<~!s. TLis caiMwisii; 

. esSraordiharj*. trial called. for imc:;:!- . 
5niA si:d' cstrsciuiuury help.; lutC' 

. selyiag on the sympathy and wigstra- .' 
tion- ..of .the tifEccrs jind soldisij , 
thronghcnt .Great Britain and Irehm.ij 
I cabled. £180 to meet the Jnun?jB!tfi.r 
claims ol Colons! Lindsay, his SUM ,. 
QScbts, ftnil such poor as woula J». . 
S'.srs t<s Si' to tho Ariiiy in iii«ir uLt;J 

• treES. I. fo"oiswl this up by issdjug!.*" 
iejTant to draw upon us,to Uis'^gl',' 
ol _..£sD0, For tlie devastation i^ST 
found ti> be ,'widcr and severer thftfW?-; 

: Ssm-Vsai-itsd. Commander SvaBgoiSr 

j.-VMr.ITssi"; CciTiSiis^iuuet 'CofflisTiSj',: 
Tororato ; and > 0aXiiiiiis3iQneT l .. 
Chicago, . iefegrophed their sympathy'; 
pro£ni,si aid, in this hour ofsisffsrii^v-:; 

. .Vm|_ atie.. grateful to them. ; The-Jja^i! . 
that iunite us in wa7 tighten ^ajs . 

. fcsily T?heu we are called yfwn. p- 
suffer. ./' .. '.■■., ',y 

' -"But -S50S" will not go fei.^ls^l 
ther*|ore; iseking p. ^pecisl spprfi'ji ["-. 

;qvery x^Sder o» the TVor'Cry to oaiiB " 
k%. ones to ths heip of Jamaicans*] 

*-ai«"*1»nt lo javineh our' SelirHsiSj^ 

- A^'^tssl, i : I..'-ney:; shd wc -zhsli tz:3 ' 
oirMy eomraila and irierid to Entarjlfl,: 
ihs squill With lie'firt "hdq yiE'^i . 
aisfoy- B«t> comrades', this c;""--" 1 " 
does jjot. cofiie ^auder, oar-JJW3a^| 
elsiiBB. It. stands by its" 1 '. na*i-*P 
■^eS ram only piittisi^' 'iSt^'-t^^: 
^iS± j5S TfOSld Ju 11 you-s-ro-r t 

"pkes.- I leave, . theretnf3 : <fc»^pesl.' 

- va dpsikritt itselt. . Let us-oas4!ra s" ■ 
do ■"Eomithin^.—Youra for ths "";r!r- 
Ssu^aiion:,'.. . ■ : . 

-W. -BBAMWEtt "■•BtK'"S ' 

.Onr owa C(aamissioner.Ea?S: ^^"J 
■vps. .au«py.-. .wbo will .-icad t>e '"" 
dss-Sftfer^ivg, arw sorrow ,TOoi«^ ^ 

. awitliiSir.^gft^aay. wto "w* ^Jt 
^' swiy'sWa -M-.ia tiie daii?-.1^^:t 
.- : .«%cis<t' asa'ns^'ka-Ja S»* a ,*^SiSS4i 


-■^Sst 'IndMa comrade,-), «?» *®.^i 1|I|t 

fes-ra'ma"^fsrt3iiiity s( f^feS.S JS^ 

■ 0^seeStevWiSkih6.sji6aMie^^' , " ! |; ^^g. 

^S^i^^ia!l«*ep..MiRio£ajass?^^ j-^^S' 


us oil. 

■ 2feS«K--l» ■ 

■■TiiB£8% '4aim$2- as™ j 



Jhz Se«efal's Impressions. 

The Goueral's C&^paisn.ii? the great 

same magnificent lines as the Cnrr.- 
psiirn with which the Gi::srul cpi-Vvii 
ISO 1 ; at tie Congress Hall, 

Th- 1 .• , J 1 >:*~^> have brrtt immense: lfv* 
euifiuaifusra tremendous : the public 
and civic welcomes sincere uni 
heorty ; the soui-ssving' results glorious. 

Bat i>i s" the reniurkacie features of 
tlus Campaign, the labors of the Gen- 
eral have been the mast astonishing. 
His personality _ more magnetic than 
ever ; bis .eloquence vigorous. dram- 
atic, and winsome; his. vitality appar- 
ently incshavstibio— lie is. a marvel to 
us nil. 

Vr"iiLiiit r of these remarkeble meet- 
intra, the General aays : — 

"The Izsl ccrrfi^ oi- the Campaign 
was a real 1 fight, and no -mistako ! 
The gathering ot the audience was a. 
struggle. The last man did not re- 
luctantly leave "the Empire mnnh ta- 
fore five o'clock, .and the place whs; 
r-.-ge-i to tire very verge of possibility 
eci safety by, sis. . ■ , 

"Toe servica that lOil-w-wJ yras r. 
fight. Never do I remember jus chorus 
'Ycu are drifting to your doom/ sung 
with mwe pointed application. 

"Tlic sermon was a fierce attack. Tb.3 
Spirit of the Lord - came upon me — 
the voice oi the Lord on this occasion 
v.-os certainly net- as 2, still' nr«sil 
vuicc. 1 was worried $™s.y by an im- 
pulse that, compelled me to deal out 
tlic terrors of the if.K, *o predict the 
assured revelation of hidden ein, to the /woeful consen'uaa'o^s 
that must . follow — together with the 
risk oi procrastination, and the im- 
portance of immediate decision, -unlit 
I hardly knew where 1 vras. 

"Pnrhapsi in tfc ■ Ssrecse^s of the 
realisation of the ins and danger oi 
oi the VGst crowd I : fore rhe. -T u-ent tc 

the uttermost. of : 

message. ^-1 can- 

not tell, but I do t low that the word 

nF *ho 

. rr- . ht waa^*? it fire ia 

lay hones snd an c. fife on my lips. 

"And then, the Bleating that followed 
rcss a fight. . The cr >rd appealed. to Its 
tiiUihiijeed with is- :cr- a. long time. 
But few ™-rv6;I 1 -wards the door, 
where the crowds v °rs still clasnoihiir 
for admission. End : ilj» ones and twos 
volunteered ■ £or the stage. ■ -The im- 
passibility cf the g&ri£rr=y= laads Ssh- 
iug nil hut et. i.niTK>=3ibii:iy, .' aai. isf 
tiiriid souls ts Sght taeit: "say to the 
sUge a ii?s ssis diSeuit. still. Slit . 
tve fought oat ' " 

"CeUsSciB . i«wiey end Whatmore 
fought; the. oSicors fought; the hansl 
fought; and, . ■K'ith ayuipsthy, !dth, 
and prayer, .the. soldiers fought. Brig- 
adier; Powell, . in the oy^Hio-^ Tsestis^ 
in the citadel. -Joij«*t;^^, i ^ilUoi 
times the foatjOf all, th.e;Messsd.Spirit 
fought, srid =s-a result Q»e names r ;f 
117 men and women, -wiih two Gr three 
PTe^itHi&i brchsr, - hs&rtc^ - " Lhildrcfi 
throvrn in, were .registprf-.^ as bKins 
uorn ogain, or sa backsliders vficon- 
e$>vslcd Ut -lap Bervit-Z.o' God and th* 
Lnmb. . : ■ ■ ' - 

"Some.oi ihesevieie esHv.eb- of tha 
city, while (itliere ha* traveled msr.y svulcj. aay thgy ll!s.e it> fight 
for it^i3dmcot thc'Geufirsl 1" ih; 


Lftftll-S ir* tile 1 

^■J^S J&S J|i£ ™ ^? 


StffTffig Address and a .SympaShefr 


The IIetiiensaat=Gcs¥®raof oi ffovg Scotia . Presides at the 
■ C&uinussiaaei's fleeiing — A Mecord'lresklsg .Visftc 

(h-'rom Our Special Correspondent.^ 

St. John, S.B., Feb. !>. 

Comnii?Fioner nntl Tifra Cec-'.bs i'C^ivcu u spieHdid receptioa to t lie Eas', 
At Halifax four great meetingf. neie held in Ihu Academy ot llusic, whiMi 
was packed in every part, and the nmnber'at the mercy seat totalled forty. 

The Hon, Duncan C. Fraser, Lieut.-Governor of Kcsa Scjtia, preaTdcd over 
Sunday nftcrnoon's meeting, whieli was a most successful one. He was 
supported by Premier . Mu rray cud the Deputy-Mayor. 

From sit points of view the vi.-it to Haiifox was a reeordbreakes . 

A i'littyninCPal andzi>n.cs r.^££nibi6fl «t :h^ Oper^. Hoaic, Si. Joiin, r^.i,., 
on iiondny night to witness the Commissioner's illustrated Esrvice, "Froiji 
Bothleheiu io Calvary." As th-; powerful pictures were flashed before the 
g&z* of the ii.=seu2bled erowd persons were weeping in all parts of 
the building. The service was p morA powerful one, and no doubt brought 
tho RO.eueti of Calvary belora the minds of the people iu a way that will 
have a !aslinp~effeet. 

Tho Commis 


tlic lett beiujr the reception-room, and 
thai, on the lisht the offifo. Immcd- 
iateiy .idjoining ihese are the dining- 
room, left side, ?nd work-room, right 
fide, the dimensions o£ the^e looms 
being ?-5 s 12H. fauh. Large cup- 
boards!, wiiii locfcfTF, are being fltt<:d 
up in the work-room, where the eev,- 
idg mflb:riul'5 Caii b-2 stowed awny. 
<Jn the right side oi the ground floor 
is a nursen' for the children, and 
adioinincr thi? is the oiSciiio' dining 
iind sittinc-rooni, with a bath-room ut 
- the rear. All these rosms axe exceed- 
ingly wall lighted, and ' are likewise 
lofty and airy. 

The whole building scheme ia a 
sreat credit to the workmanship and 
oxeeative ability of Brigadier Sound- 
ers, the *rmy's architect tind buiiuer, 
who has caused this place to grow in 
a manner that reminds one of Jonah's 

.=fi a cm 


ins'sifsnsf Mniey Coiwucts an Liter- 


"Ten Sivojisana hallelajahs to th< 
Hing,.bi.feSiurii-i?>.'- ' - ; ■ '-;■■■-'-•=■ 

k. Oood tor and a Splendid PosHton. 

. The Me.naeins Director of the Sai- 
Vc.Uo^ Army Lite Assurance Society : : s 
to be congratulated upt,a the very 
gratiiyiug and steady progrps^ which 
\he society is maiting. In his yesrly 

- "The Premium Income for the year 

smuuiLL^d t<j £2uo,712 6s. iOd. ms 

Qjoiast £I7£^Cf74 IBs. 3d. for 1&C6, show- 
ing an increase o: £25,6S7 6s. 7d. This 

is over £6,000 more than the highest 

record reached )B the past. The Prem- 
ium Income of the Industrial Brantfa 

amounted to £158.603 ISa. 7d., and timt 

of the Ordinary Branch to £50,10S As.- 

3d. The Industrial Branch incicase 

■was £20,443 1£=. gd., and the Ordinary 

BraneJi increase f,S,!S3 12$. Ud. At 

the end oi the financial year there 

were in the ■•ufetrial Briin 

Policies in fores, riprcieutiiig sums 
.assured to -the amsmnt o£ £4,113,i55; 
.and 'In the- Ordinary Branch 17.3G5 

Policies in force, rfpreEeEtins surus 

assured to the extent nf £gv?,-"57." 
' This splendid position hss !»?!> at- 

tAmed by the Socisty eft*:r only tw»iv'e 

:>=;ar5 ; n'ui'S, ana in the face oj severe 

and persistent cosnpetilioia. 

M C p idstd=aidi, Hew. It^m, 

Ti-s ioini«r Home. being pronounced 
uneuiteile by. the doctor it "sras de- 
cided to dispose of the property anl 
ms^ko st-rap.sersEnta for tlja ' urecUoa ;-'i 
& unv: buiidiag. sThs work \ras ac- 

■ coEflpiished in nixie wee'ss, arid the 
; new. Home-i= c large aad c-osjtb&uLuus . 

two-£torcy JiDiisa, the Jnam building 
being. 70 by 09 feet, built of woo J 
throughout, on solid concrete, .founda- 

■ ■ The haaiJi etitrsiiieh-il i£ Tx.iiCi,. ■ 
j.Tin o "orridcr r^rio tuniugh. the house 

.on to. the baclt, veranikih. The hid! 

!i^ s . C5^p« oi orasmeiitBl . ; .&rche?:, 

two Bets IJ of- piliEstarai-aaa; .sn artistic 
' eotnice running -round the ceiling. 
] Thi Iwa.Iront -coosns oa the grounii \v finally r.ejoioed over two' aoolg iu 

floor sre esc5.!4>< s Bit., the oss on '.the ipunuun — Sbs>H>as. 

Tho Comraissioner condnnted n 
United Scaiiiiirtaviiiii Demonstration 
recently in Chicsgo. A large ciuwd 
gathered in the Scandinavian Mission 
Church on the North' Bide, over a 
thousfir"? is nusiber, cud a most 
blessed and useful meeting wao en- 
joyed by ell who were privileged to ha 

. Lieni.-Cojgnei Miles ' assisted the 
CommiGcioner, Licut.-Colohel Lee and 
Major ChriRtopherson, of the Geundin- 
nvi.RR Sts.S, also rendered good nerviM. 
Mujor Fynn and the Territorial Head- 
quarters Band alao were there, and 
Biinnlifei the muyic for the yceasion, 
. Tfie'mestinK showed that the Scandin- 
avian forces in Chicago are mating 
themselves felt. 

C-ci grs^'ly bls=rC-l cur 'uis on 
Giiuuay at. Simsbe. Bro. Clark, from. 
Fenrssylvcnia, waa with us. and tih 
Ajxitte -with. -power, ia.aii tii« meetiaga:' 

aiisign Clarlt preached in the even- 
ing on. the. "Unpardonable Sin." . .- . 

The audience was. under deep co.n- 
victi'in. and h. hard fight was wegad. 

Mrs. Booth recently addressed npna j- 
ed meetmes in (he Highbury siidJ^g- 
land Park 'Congregational Oiurchc? :»t 

By the aid of facts, figures, a.atl 
stories many blanches of the Wr- 
men's Social Work were vividly prt- 
se;;ted, and an encouruging accod^t 



Home was given. 

It was mentioned that the accoiriir.J- 
(iatiou of the Home is at present ovi-r- 
tased. Ruririg tin* year J03 cases hfevo 
passed through Bricoiiirn- Goldsmith'^ 
hands, immy of them cominjr to ii^ 
under the most pathetic circumstances. 
.fjet=.iieen oi the number wc-io nioihcrn 
end infd'itfl. 

. Spcsting ui the influence ot the 
Slum Officers in changinc thc-horr.^a 
(hey were constantly visiting, Mrs. 
Booth said sho wanted to offer priien 
for the cleanest room in the worst 
street iu the districts where our Blum 
Officers nrc -.voifcine. 


Siriking Evidences of Regard forlhe Aimy. 

From a recent enble from 
Jang SirjRli (Hammond) n-i> !e!>.;-n tl.iif- 
'JoinmisEipiter Mnd Mra. Bootli-TucU- 
i2i'= vi^ii. to Trivwidrnm called forth 
Diatiy warm expressions of legaru for 
,thc Anuy on the -part of the resideexs.. 

A Uiiihii'iii gositiemail placed a 
siou at tho disposal oi tin; pnri.y t :>-.-; 
also gave seventeen acres ot land iuc ' 
the purpose ot industrial institutior;;. 

While in South India Mrs. Comrt.^- 
sioncr 3"0rii-Tucker dedicated ;h? 
Obstetric Ward of the Nasercoil H.^- 

FMJfiRA'nON SN ISO?.' " 
Rush of Emigrants lor Fir.4 .Sa!lto|i, 

Aa already snnouneed. an AtlaE'.ic 
liner has been el!artcre<l to make i 
succession of voyages under the Atjy- < T 
Hag in the spring and early samtr..i' 
of this year. 

The first, sailing! bo on Feb. '2fin, 
wh»r, th- 2.£. South *i.j is, djc siswi- 
ship of the Kensington, wiii Bail in" 
Quebec with over a thousand possexig- 
ers on bosjd. 

Atresdy there is a brisk demand 
for passages on that steamer from _^!1 
parts of the country. 

Berths have been booked by. people 

Hi, ™*ij, r-jrisiriB'utn, uniiiuun, Emwi's 
Sittingbourne, Bouthsca, ■ Frniwrbarch, 
and many other towns and cities. 

in addition to ' the Soutliwark, i 
. ^sdiictiu party oi Army emigrarJ-7 
will ler-'ra Liverpool for Canada on 
' Feb. I3th, foiling per B.S'. Lske Clvr:.j ; - 
1 plain, .---■■ 

^8^ . 


ra«^5 ITOui ■ jviiiK^i-ii;; pHiti viaii t-o 
Odessa "reoently. Tho Adjutant's tidi. 

™,iAeh - eajoyed by oil, and grea 4 .Iy 
stirred the hearts of the, people. ■ 

.Wc ere not a very numerous fe-ce 

here, but our soldiers are blopd-arsd- 

fire. . With_ God's help we' are etrivia? 

.daily to uplift Christ said bring- ?.,t-.e 

.lost to Kim. — Capt. Dovis. ■ ■-." 

jl fire^t. Wisfk Is Bvin^ Boss in tiisaoa 




(By Wire.; 
A ciaemstograph service was held in 
ihe Mown Hail on Monday evening. 
TUg operator, Envoy Hodges, knows 
his business. Theic «as a good cro-^d 
and uqh soul surrendered on Thursday 
evening. Capt. Wilier, of Saskatoon, 
,-was with us for Sunder. The junior 
meetings well attended.— Corps, Cor- 


A Splendid Week-End. 

{By Wire.) 

The vftit oi Lieut.-Colonel Sharp tmd 
StuS-toSimtoeAViis a splendid sneress. 

The program given by the blind on 
Saturday night was enjoyed by all. 

Sunday was n, day of days. The 
meetings were most enthusiastic, with 
excellent crowds and twenty-foar seek- 
ers. The Colonel's addreEses were full 
<jf po-n-nr and took the crowd by storm, 

On Monday night Bro. Bonny and 
5i=ier Irwin were uiiUed hi the bonds 
of holy matrimony. Building gorL'wi. 
Finances- good.— Ensign Clurk, 


Gives Address on Christian Evidences. 

The General Secretnry conducted the 
Central Holme?? meeting on Thurs- 
day, Jan. 31sl. Cadct-Sergt. Eusseii, 
C;;nd. Simpson, and Cnpi. Duni'nn 
v.-ore -called upun to xestify, which they 

sane u solo. 

T7>e Lieut. -Colonel's addrcs- iva; 
upon the evidences ol Christ's Divin- 
iiv He referred to the stubborn un- 
it?: A of ThomuH, and compare;! him 
\vi : many to-day who will r.c". believe 
tin icn they have the most striking 
pi' f?. 

1 hf. character of Thomss was des- 
oii »d o; ir.c!sr.c-i:0l,v, gloomy, re- 
ser ed and pessimistic. - - He always 
ioojied on the dark side of things. 

Uany to-day are obstinate unbeliev- 
ers 13 to the possibility of holiness. As 
Icn: as they will not believe they cm- 

com-w to us is accepted by faith, and 
the" ' is no other way. 

O. e sister went forward to claim the 
ble= inr iw f^ith. st the end of Lilt- 


Oar soldiers at CaSt have been 
fighting -with la grippe, but whilst it 
hua attacked their bodies, God lins 
kept the fire hurniug in tlieir hearts. 
Last Thursday a nice crowd gathered 
to heav Capt. Andrew tell her exper- 
ience of two yearr in the Klondike. 
On Sundny afternoon five comrades 
?.ver-c enrolled under the YelloH-, Rc.'l. 
si:u ijiur, arid ut night the service was 
conducted by the Bev, T. Egerton. 
On Monday-evening we had u musical 
blizzard. Staff-Captain McLean was 
present and commissioned ten uuuus- 
ineri and the Color-Serjeant, God in 
Helping m wosderisliy in our visita- 
tion and with our children's work. 
During the past lew weeks fourteen 
■children have ^iven their hearts to 
■God. — Capt. Pease. 


Good jurogress ia being insd.n £t 
Viiii^uvsr if.i and six soulu have 
heRii versa since tlie opening of th^ 
coreE.— 4tasife cud Adams. 




Lieut.-Colonel Gaskin 'Lectures at 

At Peterboro. On Thursday, Januuiv 
2-Sth. .->ti nrn-»rppipi*ve audience listener 
to Lieut.-Colonel Gaskin's lecture, 
" Queen Pish and How They are 
Caught." The Mayor of the city, who. 
presided over the meeting, in intro- 
ducing the Colonel, expressed bis ad- 
miration for the Army and its work, 
and his willingness to do all in his 
poiver, in bis omcial capacity, to xw- 
ther the efforts put forth by the local 
corps. The band turned up in good 
form to meet the Colonel and escort 
him to the hail, and played some very 
fiue selections, -which contribuiad. 
greatly to the success of the meeting, 
'''"e Slaver, in a few concluding l't- 
marl:s the Cc-ioasi - "fcr the 
lecture and the band for the music. 
He reierrcd to tha apprcacbine visit 
ul vur Generni to this country, and 
wished he could do something to help 
arrange for him to come to Peterboro. 
It was with much regret that we 
learned from tire Color-.el that Ibis 
would be impossible. A vute-uT thanks 
was recorded the Mayor for his j;i-es- 
ence with us, and the meeting was 
closed . leaving '-M ££ti;Scd v,-ii|> whjt 
we bnd beard, and looking forward 
eacerlv to the Cfilnne!"-- s"-;ccdy rftuvi!. 
—A. M. L. 


At Barrie on Sunday. Jan. 20th, the 
memorial service of Sister Mrs. Mc- 
Dougall was conducted by Adit. H'jd- 

The pliiiiurm tailinc nis draped 

juniors dressed in while occupied jliu 

nropiinte sotigs. 

T:iv ineetiu^ siiroughouiwas vcry 

souis ,ir the ntprry s^.»'. 

On Tuesday nigul we bad a pood 
turnout to the soldiers' and ex-sol- 
diers' lea. 

On Thursday the meeting was led 
by the Corps-Cadets. 

Saturday isighv's meeting was a i-ml- 
road meeting, and wgs led by six bro- 
tbc- 1 -!; who worked on the railroad. 
They explained their difficult ivoA 
and drew sniiifjiaj !e?=ons irom it. 
Suitable railroad songs were sung dur- 
ing the meeting, aud it proved very 
interesting.— C.-C. Lily Home. 


We have had a glorious week-end at 
Kingston. Adi'.. Williams mid Adjt. 
Sims visited tue penitentiary in ihe 
sftemecr., and much conviction was 
noiiced on the faces c: the priT.t>'iir;;. 
The officers wished they bad the nf sc**ne personal dealing witti 

The barracks was picked at nigiit 
end the Spiiii of God ^vas ielt to be 
cmongst us, which made us certain 
that souls .were going to surrender to 

The iirsi i» itspond to ihe invitation 
were a young couple. Altogether seven 
came forward lor Salvation, and tbi-ae 
juiiivis friso knelt »r. th*> nieirj- r*s? 

We conclnded with ar hallelujah 
wind-up. and the soldiers gave a 
hearty invitation to Adjt. 'Williams' to 
come tiirnin — Mov rv Parker. 


'\Ve had sis out tOskcfii-jriU at Col- 
iingvi.'3od on Jan. 27lii, and God 
blessed us all day. 

A powertul meeting was held nt 
nJRbt. ami niueh rcnvic-tioii was on the 
people. Three eouls s*jvrcnderev:l to 

Tiie iuidiers turned out well to the 
open-airs, and the Rttoada rse« a* 
guotl at our b:.-iiie' rnestings. — Ciipta. 
McAaunond and Nicholeon, 

Sis Seen trie asviuur. 

Sunday was_ a blaaned fiayg^f;it. .- 

vohn'v iiii ivrCKi vaulo Vcty _^iear\^C.i' 

knee-drill and many comrades spo*'e 
about the Salvation of certain people 
being laid upon their hearts., On3 
suui sou^bc paraoii - is - the J440rnjng- 
meeting. . ... 

We were pieasea to navfi Ijie".t - 
Coionei itees and his daughter with us 
in the afternoon, also StaS-Capt. and 
H— . Morris. Misi Kcco buhk b eoia 
euiitiea '"Leuii on His arm," which 
the people were delighted with. 

Tl.e Culuiiel iben commissioned iyer 
fifty locals. . , . . , 

Capt- Jones led the meeting at night, 
' ajj.j before its close ~a bad the joy of 
seeing five souls knefel and claim God'a 
forgiyeness-vL. Brigden. 

A Repentant Wife. 

gtnSf-Cs*pt-ain McLc-n arid Er.siim 
Clark, of SiBacn« ; were -with .as on 
Fridav night at Brentford. e.ud ivb 
bad a'very interesting meeting. 

Music <vnd Bong ^v»re mucli !.i 
jevidence, and nbouf- forty local oiU- 
cers were eom^rissiosied. 

The League of Mercy sisters have ■ 
been very busy of late. ... 

One sistir who sought Salvation last 
Sunday was persuaded to return to 
her husband, and the means supplied 

An .application w-ris also received for 
the Army to conduct n child's funeral 
four simes-iT'ui in the uuuntry. 

The jail meeting was- led by Brnth-jr 
>"C"ie ,"£d rs^iltcii in one pri^oriSr 
teekbac Salvation. 

AdjtT Bioss ied splendid meetings all 
dav on Sunday. The iunior? are also 
going ahead, and the Young Soldisr 
Brigade is making good headway.— 
W. H. Godden. 


A fcyod uuuiber ot souls have been 
saved since our last report from Sells-* 
vi!!c. Amongst the iiiiinber were five 
men and thei;' J'.ivcs, t-omc nre^tskuig 
their stand iu the Army. The bari-acki 
was well Slied on Sunday night, and 

Ensign Coy had announced during 
the week that ho would expose the 
inr-ines.! man in town. 
■ He first of all instanced peveril 
cn;,cs if men uhorn the -.vor'd would 
consider menu, and then brought boiiii 
the question '■Will a man rob God?" 
The mealiest man of all .was the man 
who would rob Uod bv refusing to 

snrro Wirr. 


_ On Sunday St. and the 
Temple Bands exchanged corps for tha 
afternoon and night meetings, 

ihe comrades from T.ippmcott are a 
hprd-workiiig lot, slid .pitched, in foi 
all the-y «ers worth, ivitSi the result' 
thai ut «e rejoiced over eleven 
souls for the day. Things are moving 

iher crowds are good^and this week's 
total is thirty-si?; ior th.s Kiugdo:i,i cf 
God.^C'oi-ps Cor, .:-.'-.' ,; ,.- 


On Sunday,- Jan. 20th, we had a 
Staff-Captain, »■■ Adjafeiit, five \Jap- 
tllinc. nnd aa e liisuteuarit Ui i«i«'«= 

Our band is getting on well, wnd 
now appears on the platform: Wo 
are hoping for some n»or# players. 

The eaumitigr; « e ij-jng tnkca ii«id oi 
well, and ihe soldiers have nearly all 
signed their pledge cards. 

Oa Jan, 87th Adjt. Thompson l?d 
the meetings, and -six* souls surrend- 
ered to Gorl. — Miller. 


Good .meetings were he'd in ahar- 
brooko this weak, »nd much iniereBr. 
'■vas mardiuriied, notwiihstariaing tSe 
cold weather. The aew striRg . band 
was Us ti-.s front, ail day. Two souls 
sought Salvation and one sanctittca- 
tion.— Coipa Cor. 

HrssraBa »f-t^^:fe^- I ^.-.s^£_^v:- :: '■?-- :: ■ :: 

ih| Darraeks at Stratford vS 
; crowded oa Monday, Jan Sisi ? 
witness the wedding of Sifter Phiek - 
Brooks to Bro. fc. Burden tw 
cerfimony .was - perjormed bv : &F 
-Capt, Hay, m lonoort: " .•>'„-. 

Before th^ importani. w*-i ^ R ." - 
Capiihi BpoHe briefly on'ffis work and"; 
progress of the Salvation Arm* ~ 
pecially in tJii s c-ij-y, and the'iWSf L =' 
rjii-iii-ed s~ musical Beiectiim GaS 
Hosro, ol Sidgetown, Bpakn ■•■'i£~- 
""It 5 - r= d «''■ KacUregor, a*a!t mS-'- 
of his iavorit© songs, entiUed "Goiai 
Huroo, which was received with much 
pleasure as was also a selection froar 
the Stratford ^laleQuartstte. •£i& s £ . 
vice -w^8 particularly intereBUos, tot 
our comrades are much loved and ie.i- ail. Bros. Deaida aad,Ker r 
spoKe""vu behalf of the men, •while- 
Sister Cable, Mrs. Stratford (3 %-~ 
S.-S£.), and Mrs. Hay voiced fee good v 
wishea of the women. The bride *aa'' 
attended by Sister Sosie Cable and the' - 
brideaKSarn. J>y Ssu, Jajnra Bsiffiinji; 
Both are ^©od, soldier.; in lh s AiTi,} :- 
and wepray_ that God will abundantly 
bless them in their isturc life.— E-, u 


Lerge crowd3 still continue to at- 
tend' the meetings at Prince Albert; - 
and there fe a" deep snd growing iu» 
terest. . _„ 

We have the sympathy and cotind- 
ence of the townspeople, End asny- 
souls are being saved. 

The sbi.-fierr; are keeping true and 
enjoying a deep experience o! Godls- 

platform and hall \vt:e well filled fa/ 
Sunday night, and Svc souls came to 
the cross. Soldiprs and officers sum 
rejoiced, and Adjt. Scntt and iieut. 
Mirey's faces beamed as one after an- 
other the -people came to the mcrcv : 
seat.— J. H. Wilson. 



Cap". Jfiiiier Was nt Barnwell iior '{fa". 
\vppk-eml,- snd on Friday innh.t ech« " 
ducted a lantern seii'ice. -■-■'--.■' 

The meetings on Saturday and Stui- : 
day were fall of inteiesi. 

On Wednesday i.ieut.-CoIotiGl Eharji'- 
and StaB-Cnpt. Hay were wilh us. Tha 
crowd was not so large as usual, owing 
to the cold weather, but they. did. 
their utii«.'»i io bless those who caDie. , 

The Colonel related a thrilling vet- . 
pciieuce ho iiad had whilst in 'Sire-y 
ir-iind'and, b>h1 Staff-Oapt. May fav- 
ored us with music and song. 

At the elese we rejoiced over .one.-.. 
Sviil eeesing salvation.— Lieut. Hftrris.: 


We iit'e .hnyicg victory in .LerwiK^ 
dar.-v, filtiiuugh fighting against; ta&& 
odds, £ 
' No lea« than twelve of our tmaraSS" 
are kept; away from tno meeiisw'affS 
siekucas, but the converts are mpcsg 
than filiiim the gap. .<..;..,-->. 

ISv.crybuuy is working as wc. :■• 
praying, and God is savinf ii" 

rt SrS.-w"V*'nr : t^orrpRT«l!ldeut- -.-- -■ ■ ^r.w 

We are glad to report c'ae t-iu". *t 
Be!! !*fand;"~'0ur Sunday crowd*. ™^p 
lEeraascd, as me-men are seitan^w?! 
vEwk -Biter the Christniat iijliJi;?.- , 

We }j«d a comjuissioiiine 'ji r-.-- 
yaaterrlsy. Bro. Hemrv_PotaEis3» :! J 
bram Sergeant; sro. KIM 5'^'™ " 
Juntor Sergeant; Bro. John Aidst^. 
.Orderlv Se-tgoant, Hrpidirv ba-i- 
more and Sergt.-Majnr Wiles M J^ m 

buTineas'Trere! and v.'e in i"- '"-'I' 
him.~-T. M. W. 



hftij « nutuier 
i OhsthasJ, S. 

1 ,.i«l ...-'.s.-.l.-liifi' 

we. had a blessed tune. __,ac 

Our cottage weetmra *^ •-' \ 
tims?. of rofrs^Hir.f and a»'"" ,r " 
1 cessftil. ' ..;. ,.j, • 

&. series of apeciol tt "-- -. sV 
the direction of ihe i *■'' f " 
. and the brother the, l--', h ^ 
commenced.— Wi Ctaig.' 

Tfie series oi holitleas 
iq,wt«fl by TJei!t : -Colos« 
runt, and Mrs. 1A orris »r 
cere, (hiring rrtK winter 
ihe Vritv of Si. sJi-hri's, is 
]iti BBaBOns of special ble 

Reports oi revivals 
Provincial Headquarters 
nlsuen. including ■ Pi!! 
vl«re nineteen wefe i 
weekR. Heart'B Ddighl 
tignaiiy Messed, and Tt 
St John^s city are all on 
„,; ti.o oecaEic:: of the 
Chaiiueiier, tno peniiei 
filled. St. John's II. in 
- -;Io ?!c- III."^-4u!-:c 
Dpporlumtieii, goveil-Eonl 
lust fcuiidny night.— Corr 


Brigadier and Mib. rJ 
<?uei«d ;=omB Week-*end 
Cornwall. One ac-il soui 
lion on Sunday murning 

At night Mrs. Hargra^ 
power nnd two bouIs knelt 

A Herviee oi sor.g was '. 

Whid, and Heaping the "V 

It was vety impressivi 

iolly adapted for bncksli 


uoii bus been ivorkins 
Lusksbdei's at Tweed, anc 
U-turned to the iold. 

■Quiifl a number have 
teers, nnd some made tl 
Mere leaving hems for 
Thuy came to the penit* 
DiAiueut the invitation n 

/.)n TueEday night eigh 
knelt nt the penitent form 


We are having bleBEi 
Greenspond. Capt. Sn 
Lieut. Ruse are in coram 
did meetinga were held 
mid in the afternoon one i 

Oiw pinner came to th; 
B( u.-gbf.— J. W. C K. 


■We are having good tini 
Harbor Arm. Last we 
viflited by Adjt. Hiseoek 
bud weather his stay here 
eucd, end on Thursdny r 
joytd hearing his experie 

four .^omrndcE were tbr>; 
Lieut. White. 


(;,-,.1 ja -.vonderfuliy bie 
tlip T? mplo this week, and 
niplit six souls sought pan 
■ A beiient concert was [ 
junior?, on Saturasj- liigbt 
were distributed to thns 
them. Over fifty gained' i 
the majority of whore hai 
a single attendance, i. . 

Tho t-rtrnkards' Brigade 
also on Rntiirday, uiid b 
cnpt'Ot-ng four drunks. Tt 
undar the direction' oi Caj 

tin Sunday we i-ejoicec 
teen goulg, which makes 
twenty-eight for the wee: 


Brother and Sister Cm 
lulely farewelled from 
Prairio. Our brother has 
Iwi of proniiiiBiit pssiti 
infps being at one tim 
i«iij<jr. He was also a Ba 
nnit was in eharge of th 
■ ■" wil, miiB him very nn 
. H . -"''oweii Wa was m'ra 
p.,ims and aoldierg, and ( 
tec ujmite of the blesniiiE ( 
comrades had been to the 

PRAVtKfS FOR Trig ! 

■A betJiElidor .returned 

<i =i 'c Gn Sat ttrdov nigh 

lienS „ j y a 'Jt"»or-.g| 

£li^e Jnnnly ehnll.aooa 

P^ : 


at. Sii-atfshl ww ' 

Wm. Burdiea. ,jrWJ 
5>6r£onnec! bv RjtaE 7 ' 
ondon; " *~i; _*&:; 

»«"■'■ overf tua iSiaa..^ 
i|8y on the woifc ^y 
Salvation Armr ^ 3 

■jiiy, and tha'h;™^'- 
ml selection. Gaps; 
;town, BDoko -»-- ^' ft -- 
HacUregbr, asarons^ 
>ngs, entitled "(Jeiae. 
is received with much 
also a selection' SronF 
e Quartette. 5te.Br- 1 
darly interesting, loj. 
s much loved and leifc 
■ «' £.-■*-"» aUQ k«S 
: of the men, tviais>- 
Irs. Stratford (J;. g»s 

Hay voiced the gos&i 
imon. The bride veapi 
:r Sosie Cabie and thff "! 

oldier- is „„ «.,.* 
t Gcd will abundantly - 

iCES 8EAME5, ; 

still continue to at. 
;gs at Prince Atbir}^* 
ieep and growing is v > 

sympathy and corifitt ; ";i 
.-nspcople, auji Easaj - """ 
saved." .;;..; 

ire Reeling true and : 
p experience ol God's:— 

ill w:* well filled' rn 
jicl five souls came to V 

djt, Scott and Lieu!. - 
ntued as one after an-. . ; 
e came to the meter -: : 


vns at Bothwslf for tM 
on Friday night "ec; , . , 't 
ti scvice. ^' ; 

on Saturday and Sun- -.\- 

y Lieiit.-t'oionei Sharpy 
Hay ivere villi us, The 

large as usual, owing - 
eather, but they dids; 
bless those who canie.*- 
related a thrilling .ex-:; 
d had ivliilst in Kew-V: 

Stafj-Capt. Say -aft* -3 
usic and song. ■■■- 
we rejoiced ovar.ppee 
Lvation. — Lieut. Earris^ 


£g victory m-Lsnife&fi 

1 fighting agamsS bb 

twelve of "Tit wm'SsSj 
from the GteeiMWJJ* 
she converts • are- smsiip 
> gap. ^ : J&£i 

i wonting as well J$s 
3od is paving iiie-:^ys 


to report one '".a: f* 
sr Sunday cro*^^^ps 
it- men are reiiss^gsfKi 
- Christmas hetif^Sllfggte* ■•■:, '«-" 
3. Henrv Pr.ttx^ias^^jSf 

'.: Sro. -Bicn."is^Si4 
it^Bro. J«]-a AcUeiL*. 
in* ■■ Sm»'«7 r "*'" 
■^Major Wiieoi-.^""^ 

arid'we £>e '» '"'''■- ' 


oidiere* atti.g^V' 
.-^roiwri wafi BicooSb^*^ 
■u>d time.. . , 

special •S3 & -'-^;3^^s 
of the sisUirJ c--' •/ 

Ss tte «-' h 

W. C'niC- 

Tiie «eries of holiness meetings con- 
,1,,7-irf bv-;it.-Goloael .Eses.-.Stsff.. 
rlnnt" nnd Mrs. TSOTris an<l tba csty-lP.. 
rsra curinu uib wimer Ussiuaien, in 
ii,e (iitv of"St. rfsiiis's, '-UEB' proving to 
i» sBBBons of special blesaing, 

Reporta of revivals have reached 
Provincial Headquarters from several 
nlauen. ■ including ■' PUlsy i.' ■ Is.auu, 
whure" nineteen Tver-i &eVuu in T.\vo 
weakn. Heart's Delight has also fccSn 
signally bieascd, aad 'ifntiU'iBaie- aiw 
5t John's city are all on fire. AtKo.I. 
.„„ +).= ceca^oi; of ths vjail - or the 
Chttucejior, the penitent iorm -was 
filled. £t, John's II. U aleo movinp, 
, v ;.ii c "; r III.""lin" "tiult*; aiivG to ita 
oDportuniiieB, Eeven souls seeking God 
hist Sunday night.— Correspondent, 


Bfigndier nnd Mre. ■ Hargtave cen- 
uesied some Veek-etvd uieetinna: nt 
Cornwall.- One s^il sought aanctifica- 
ticn on Sunday morning. , 

M night Mrs. Hargrove spoke with 
gower nnd two-souls knelt Jtt-ths siercy 

A service of song was held on Men- 
-'ay cvsnir.iT.' entitlw.! " Sowing too 
Wind, Hnd Eenping the -Whirlwind." 

It vion very impressive, and espec- 
ially adapted for backsliders. Three 
:rturr.C" *c. G'-rd =1 the elos= ol the 
servics, - _ 


aod has been working among the 
huckslidcrs at Tweed, and eleven have 
returned to the fold. 

tjuii* a number have been voluu- 
leers, nnd eome niiide their decision 
lia.r.ira lonvSrjj hams for iue rneet:C£. 
Tliey came to the penitent form, the 
oii'iiieut i'ne invitation was given. 

■On Tnesday night eight more souls 
knelt at the penitent form. — Ernstus. 


U'e are havinn bleased times at 
Grtempond, Tniit, SnTn=bury anil 
Lieut, ftose are in command. Splen- 
riii! mestingH were held on Snndi", 
and iii the etlsrnoon one comrade wad 

i)n.-< dinner eci'ne to the mercy seat 


\v ■ are having pood times p.t Muisel 
Har-or Arm, " Last week we were 
vi.^i .[1 by Adjt. Htscock. Owing to 
ijnei vsattier his Stay here -5?as length- 
ened, and on ThurtdHj: night \v« en- 
joyr : hearing his experience. 

1"' ii- .-«m.Ta.dcs were then =nroHed. - 
liei; . White. 


Vk, h '.vcnderfuHy blessing up nt 
tVu- T^mpio this weeK, and ojl Aionduy 
uiphi ^ix souls sought pardon. 

A ; mini concert was given by the 
Jtinie: .-'. on Saturrlay iiight, and prizes 
were distributed to Ihojs deserving 
them. Over fifty gained u urai prii-, 
the majority of whom' Uail not missed 
a single attendance^.-.. ; • : - 

The DrunfcaTas' Brigade 1 wais at Vork 
also nrt S-nttirdsy, aiid _succeedeU in 
cnptijr'ng fonr drnnks. The Brigade is 
under the dh-eetioirof Capt. Smith. 

On Sunday we rejoiced over foui- 
teen souls, which mokes a tolui of 
tsvei:ty-eight for the week. 

■~*3*^: '■ - 


Brotlwr and Sister Campbell have 
lately fatewellert from Portags la 
Prairie, Our brother hits hehi u niim- 
bcr of prominent pssitiong in ihts 
i"rps being at one time Sergennt- 
iuiijor. He wnj also a Band Sergeant, 
'•'id **ns in chai-pe of tho j»!I r;c-rk. 

*^ Vfill miaa him veiy nmch. 

„.- '."rcweli tea Was Arranged by the 
tmesis .ind soldiers, and quite n nuni- 
Utr spoke of the blessing and help our 
comradeB hsd been to- them: 


A bRi-islldor ^returned- to- God C-t 

,; 5r 7, 5 ", Saturday night. 

Jn ; nanday a. junior gave Ood her 
wart, and we- are praying that her 
Jliole Jnmily shall uoonb© 'saved; ~ 

By O. 
MONG the heroes of faith and 
self-=aerificc, few are more 

J~ S conspicuous on the dark 
I back-gron nrj of 2 tscksliuuL-n 
age than Jeremiah — known . 
amongst his own nation as thp. w..epr 
iiii,- Prophet. 

■Yet this man's peiaonaliiy seems to ■ 
make these veiy virtues standout in 
bolder relief, ng if to witness what 
God can do with, nnd make of, the 
-weakest and most unlikely iiuman 
characters when completely surrend- 
ered to Him in unquestioning obed- 

Called- as a child to n- supremely- 
Divine mission, almost the first trait 
nutii-eabiB in him is that of timidity, 
shyiiHsg, a shrinking back in dismay 
from try;. t=Ei: imputed; thai amounted 
-to positive fear. 

Altlic-iigli u£ priestly pedigree, and 
therefore blessed with higher advant- 
«g?5 of education, and opportunities 
for study than the eommon people of 
his day, the idc-e of a public ministry 
doe3 not seem to have been fostered in 
his young heart ns his. most likely 

Jtremieh'E SsrisHi'-eriHss. 

He- had j\o consciousness whatever - 
that he possessed -any personal power 
or ability, and when God called him to 
be a leader of men, to be in the fore- 
rank of His messengers, Jeremiah's 
extreme sensitiveness almost suggests 
weakness oi chnracter. as he instinc- 
tively recoil? from the thought, and 
exclaims pitifully; "I cannot speak — 
I nm a chiin i_" 

How little did he kiuiw or imagine 
thai. H-iih his nstarai .withdrawing 
ironi pain, suffering, exposure, ridi- 
cule, c-ritiL-ism, failure, and reserves, 
God was goingio demonstrate the power 
that changes weakness into strength,, 
thnt overcomes physical disabilities in 
.the triumphant shewing of that might 
which actually glories in reducing to 
nought things that are, and choosing 
weak things to confound the mighty. 
Let Ub uot forget His great and solemn 

Western Provinca. 

Cant. Mntifif -hss i'dt*iiliv been ap- 
pointed T. F. 'S. for thfl We-sfora Pro- 
vince, and on his first tour has met 
with good success. Briefly, the report 
of what is joiiii: or. ar.'ongst our box- 
holders is as follows:— 

At .Windsor a nvji^bcr of n«w uujt- 
holders were secured, end-ixi the rrit-el- 
ii}g seven souls eniua to-Chiirt. 

At . Essex the box-holder, - Miss 
Dairau, di.1 very well, and expects lo 
. do better yet. 

Some new box-holders were secured 
nt Bothwsll, and the service (Ben Huv) 
w L as very rni.?h eiijsyed. 

The agent nt Drssden, SfioS K^Ily- 
i; doing l.i i !_.t==i ;-j bring up ihe re- 
ceipts from ihe boxes. 

At Sarnia the largest income from 
the lantern service that the Captain 
ha* yet- received was realized, klro. 
Gowsiss k liie Agent here, and he is 
doing his best to incrprme the amount, 
in liie boxes for the next quarter. 

Fsvarsham is a large Circle Corps, 
commanded by Captain Harbor and 
Lieut. Bourn, who cover a large'coun- 
try every week. They report one soul 
lttftt. wcelr: The" h.ivo eome good sol- 
diers of long und faithful repute. The 
D. 0. visited them a short ii-ne ego 
jvith tlie l)i\dsional ficribe. 

Midland corps is in a. flourishing 
condition. Four sinners seeking 
mercy are reported l£st week, und the 
attendances, "both senior and junior, 
nro good. Capt. Crocker and Lieut. 
Cornelius are pushiug .the- Winter Cam- 
paign, and the aoldiers, aro with them. 

purpose in so doing in order "That he 
that gluiieth, let him glory in the 

We are not Surprised either, to fiud 
that Jeremiah was a man totally -ti- 
socaiil ui ihe- spirit of .vindictiveneBS. 

Had he been naturally of a spiteful 
character God oould not have chosen 
him to be the messenger- 6f reprooE , 
and judpment. 

Jll-Bttlng would it has been were 
Ms hearers able to detect in him any 
lurking suspicion of gloating delight r s 
he proclaimed the warning knell of ' 
doom and destruction in their unwi'l- ■ 

ing ears. 

Striving to BSes» : . 

God saw hi him a man with quick- 
ened sensibilities to pain and sorrow. 
A man whose very nature v.— ir,fub;u 
und running uver with melting com- 
passion, One who whilst faithful to 
the last, ceased not to intreat with 
■weeping. eyes. A sympathetic man, 
patient and long-suffering. Sparing 
not to repeat the mesEaKe o'or nnd 
o'er with 'insistancc, "leading not 
only iviiii, but for the people. Making 
their siiik end Horrovsa- his own in 
intercessory ministry,so that even wjisn 
his message was spurned and dis- 
obeyed, and ehnnee to escape the 
doom of the sinful people was offered 
him from high authority, he utterly, rn- 
fused to leave Ms people in'thoir pun- 
ishment, but shared their lot and mis- 
ery, striving still to bless, cheer, und 
encourage them, ot the expense oi ilia 
own comfort and safety. 

Such was Jeremiah. God's WKsrior 
mid standard-bearer, in the darkest 
p.-ige of His people's history. 

Oh, how men^oi his 3inmp are need- 
ed to-day ! Men to love, pity, sympit- 
thize, and plead, whilst they unsheath 
the Sword of the Spirit, declaring The 
whole counsel of God. 

How the Lord backed him, fitted 
lnm, 3«du?d him, touched him, com- 
missioned him, nnd the nature of nis 
niission/etc., we must reserve for an- 
other -week. 


A member of the party carrying mail 
from Edmonton to Hcrschel Island, 
writes s. letter in which lie says: — 

"At Herschcl Island the Eskimos 
have seven or cisht wives apiece and 
trade them off with one another. There 
is no marriage ceremony performed, 
but whenever a lloskie trades n wife 
and receives another man's wife in 
exchange, they have a great fe««t ar.rl 
indii'gt; in all kinds of. dancing, which, 
is very amusing to limit »t Very o'ttn 
s M'JSicr, is traded for a dog. 

"The winter in the Arctic is ex- 
tremely cold, and one cannot be too 
careful. Last winter two of the crew 
of the Bowhead were frozen to death 
(inly a hundred yards from their ship. 
Thev had been to the mainland, for n 
load of wood, and were caught ir. n 
blizzard and ftozen to death. A search 
party was sent out, but returned to the 
ship, as it could not endure the fieri::: 
blizzard and the force of the wind.- 
The bodies of the two unfortunate men 


We had Rood meetings on Sunday at 
Snult Ste. Maria, Mich., in spite of the- 
cold weather. 

One man who had lost his exper- 
ience gnve his heart to God once mora.i 
— Margnret Murray, 

^Popular "Saturday 

How IJsgar Siree! Corps K< 
vived the Saturday High* 


Saturday night meetings at Lisgar 
St., Toronto, as in some other places, 
had w-aned in interest, so Capt, Mc- 
Fetrick set himself t& work to increase 
the popularity of the meetings, and 
this is how he did it :— 

He invited all his bandsmen to co- 
operate with him, announced. that the 
meetings on. Saturday nights would 
henceforth take a new form. They ■ 
would have music, lota of it, with a .; 
bright, interesting G^pel address,, 
and a few good songs. Coffee and cake 
iv'utiid also play an important part in : 
the proceedings, nnd be distributed at 
the close of the meeting. 

The bandsmen caught on to the 
scheme, the soldiers were interested, ' 
and a new era began for the corps. 

The barracks now presents un ani- 
mated scene on Saturday nights. In- 
stead of about two dozen, people, there 
is now an of about 200, 
and everything is bright, cheerful nnd 
lively. People are interested, snd, 
therefore, th^y want to come; it is a 
delight for most of them to be there. 

At- a meeting attended by a War 
Cry representative there was' a special 
iiio oi musicians eiiEueed for the even- ' 
ing. Willi the aid of the band they 
kept things going lively for about nn 
hour mid a half. The Captain held 
the reins of the meeting throughout, 
and by his skilful handling of matters* 
absolutely forced everyone present to 
thoroughly enjoy themselves. There 
was no drag, no hitch, and no gloom 
about the thing, and the popularity oe 
the service was evidenced by the in- 
terested and enthusiastic crowd pres- 
ent. Ii. was n noteworthy fact that 
the majority of the audience were 
young men and women. The collec- 
tion, too, was verv grntifving. With- 
oui any difficulty whatever tliv sum of 
ten dollars was raised. The people- 
seemed glad to give to a prosperous . 
and growing cause, and ?evernl dollar 
bills and fifty cent pieces wore noticed 
on the nle.te. 

The spiritual results of the meetings 
are nlsu pood, as far as we enn judge. 

The meetings vary in character 
every Saturday night, and new fea- - 
turCK are introduced each week. 

We hope many other corps in the 
Dominion will follow suit. 

Canadian siesors. 


His Majesty the Kim. ims just con- 
ferred the Imperial Civil Service 
Medal, which was instituted by His 
Mnjesty for the recognition ot long 
and meritorious service in branches 
other than administrative and clerical 
on a number of public colonial ser- 
vants who, while occupying huinhle. 
position*, huve nevertheless rendered 
good service to the Empire: Gcom- 
Bonner, light-keeper. Nov.- Scot:;i ; 
George Curric, light-lit.. .^v, Ontario; 
Nareisse Cusson i-'.e! ^arri-'. , *-IuuL-' 
real; liobcrt Fiancis, coxsv.nin, Har- 
bor Master's Department, St. Helena; 
Joseph Soy, i.itssenger, Quebec; Wil- 
liam Stephen Short, letter-carrier, 
London, Ont.; Doriln ; Tremblsy, light- 
keeper, Quebec. 

MgiBux fieri io nutf Baby; 


While her husband was out in a tcr- 
rihle bliEiard an the Northwest, Mrs. 
Hiram "Wood had the heart-breaking 
duty to bury her infant nlone. Mr. 
Wood and the hired man went to 
round up cattle when the storm broke, 
For four days they wanderer about, the 
wife distracted over their absence. 
Then her infant, aged eight months, 
grew ill and died.nnd the mother had 
to dig a gravo mid put the little body . 
in the earth alone. 

>&&"!$& - - n1 *^jlL J|^".. 

--•jag ■jnsnv-aiHi.ntB.iistu .viB#a^it|gp5i|S8 
.And 'nerteii To'^est:n^fe ; ;^©")'^wV»ine> 


ej*a JIOST ihterertins article ^Jiv- 
5 31 cently appeared in the Cus- 
H- ia*iioIile£ MegepiM tauter 
w H the above title, .doling with 

seized eo many people of 10- 
iky, and opposing the iracauient sys- ■ 
. tern' by which hmnah vairipffea fflpd 
mill intien on lueir credulous victims. 

This criminal traffic has infe^o". 
iiciiij every pood-siwd tnun jr. <j-_e 
country, end the "game" in in the 
bands of a lew crooks, who pass off 
as respectable men. 

Owing to the barriers which they 
have built up around themselves and 
their vile dens- the authorities hove 
always iound it difficult to suppress 
gambling which takes place at pool- 
rooms and race tracks, and it has be- ■ 
..come a canter on our national life, 
affecting to a greater or lesser degree 
nearly every house in the land. 

Every good wife or mother, every 
honorable and clean-minded man 
should do Hisir utmost to protect the 
nation from this terrible evil, find 
»ave its sons and daughters Irons 
being caught in the meshes oi the 
"gambling spiders" v !'--- make s- busi- 
ness of feeding on human credulity ■ 
and cupidity. 

The writer of the ariicle first, givss 
his own impressions about the matter, 
alter he had iuve^tiguled ii iuiiy, una 
eays as follows:— 

Trail oi the Vampire. 

"In striking the trail "i the ra«a 
truck and pool-room vampires, for ihe 
iivst time I begnu Lo see riie w"ds;i 
embodied in the rigorous laws against 
belling on iiorse-rneing that are found 
in most States in this country. T begin 
to see tvhv the law makes of the book- 
maker a criminal ; why it makes places 
where pools nn races are sold common 
gambling houses, and \iUy ii stigma- 
tizes the race Lrack owner ami his 
crowd oi 'sure tiling' pambleis. 
crooks, touts, and eiifiiiiini riff-rufi as 
a menace to tile public weal." 

The first tiling, he says, which in- 
vestigations vi-ns a word oi four letters 
— D-O-P-K. This word is ns nulling 
ns the word "graft," and has a very 
sOa-tio =ig:;ifjca::L-j. In the p teeing sense 
dope means the benumbing influence 
that the racf-fambling passion has on 
the brain oi its victims. It utterly, 
perverts then common -sense, and in 
spits of the ict that, the advertise* 
incuU inform i ig you that for a dollar 
you can nm< ?ase it tip on a "sure 
thing," are it: ads on their faces, they 
continue to blindly venture their 
money on ther. ■■. The eiiects of "dope 
are similar to ihe effects of narcotics, 
and put the gullible victims who swal- 
low them into a state of dreamy ex- 
pectancy tl>»* hey are going to win 
large sums of .lOuey. Thus tr.cre arc 
dope "ads," iope " newspapers, and 
"donesters," o men who s p ]l fraud- 
ulent iniorm; ion concerning the 
■ races. 
Pnr'nei's Urssmtrs. 

In "SHpclsnd.-" &s l-ie writer calls 
the imaginary country in M-hifh .the^e 
peoule irve, are to be lound a*#. auris 
of men arid wuriien, and he gives one 
glimpse uf the sad procession mat 
winds its way through" the intricacies ' 
m of_a!luring promises and blasted hop=s. 
" ''Types? Turn to your right, turn to 
your left, look in front of you, look be- 
hind von. <""e eye-sweep will bring 
before" you so meny v,tcsI:s that you 

country oi 

boosted morality and rnritflnicai 
ideals, the machinery fov the hashing 
of 'human beings into unrecognizable 
wieeks is allotted lo' grind ever; - day in 
the year except Sunday. Tru you know 
■why the sheriff's sign is on the door of 
j-our erstwhile prosperous grocer? Do 

waited on yon is no longer' at his 
couhi«? in iJis'benk' or connting-room?. 
Be- ■ ysa know why. your trusted em-.;, 
ployca "fltoIeWonr -money? ■ . 'Po yo« 
j-.r.nir srhj' H1C rlSusmi wHom yes kfiosr" 
aa a «'aba 'wri'* t^3 :a good mst-hvr ,ias 

lawyer friend eHowcd his clisn«* to 
fair nwny from him? If not, I . vjill 
tell ycu — Dope. They have _gone to 
join thatamiy o; pathetic, dreamers 
whose minds saturated witrs a. pi-upij 
more notpnt. than, alcohol, iuore de- 
praving than the poppy, \ more sabtle. 
thnn cocaine, h»ve >^ascii to work its 
tiiey did before Dope polatted. them. 

" Gcna to Hull." 

"Before I began to wander in Dope- 
land i (>3ked a trisnd what had become 
of a man lor v/liom we both cherished 
a-gennine affpetion. 'Gcn= to hell, -:c 
said ironically. 'He took to playing 
♦ n "e Ponies.' lloi once, but .many 

travelers in Bqp«fespai -^SHftilKtO 
the backers to the .Kaosag 5HWt.iTat,.% the 5*ksw:/"! T ork~ fishes 'Scvt.^'-fe^sjiH-' - 
. of "calculation, th<J Srst itesi iaiEcijiJg 
on »aa onuoi not iess.tiiEii..?l3,85C-,!aS : - 
-a j-ear -prodt-fo'-tha actual. ewa«*s. «.,■ 
iii^-iricso 3^iu : the operiitibisS;. ,pJ 
the "tracks. This prabsbsj": -siaw? Ris • 

fl(rtrr^jp*2 V4ilUO Of -az£ tlio FSCJPg 1>iS^ts. 

irHiiie country , or a.pwftt. o£ ©lie wua- 
jred >>?r cent, a year. Five' per. feiai,v 
investments do not appeal to' thcTgeii-' 
tlemen of the Kricing: Trust, ' •■■■ 
a:- pyS;M:5~5. ' ' " 

"The total attendanofl dtirinp 1905 i± 
ail the American race tracks? approxi- 
mated eis rml'ion. These Sgtires. ?£ 
present comnarativfllj sc^srata statis- 
tics.. JTrom "this, point, the . leap ijiio 
the big millions . wag Kiddes, To ks- 
timate the aggregate amount of money- 
bat at American race-tracks last yeai" 
is. t^; guess i but my . racing friend 
■ olacfid the figure at 5110,(100,000. ' He 
calculated the gross profit to the 

s5gojHffiT'^'"iJ™'?eftpvi»]iw'.£ e ra 

i'rt!.oJ: out! 
a- Be 

,v^ W ,j!g&Bi,0f tfes. jssei.. . B8 ; pV^.; 

pgii won,; ekpectice tbf>| 

^^S, jL%#* &.^#'&i^S 

'aue tiigt'UKg 

.dia jj>k.,,ae!;H?; day. jraa ; SaUvroaVSs 
,MG&aty?i wjjli as-.goou .iracjvifr ' ~*i£il, 
■ ^pdsmf^ was one «iousftnd.n!)rr^u| 
«%y.i* .was .three hundrer.', ..Cfe.; \k; 

s^ managers announced .jfc. 

KK3 i>, 

tr^ek close 

■-■"vp..." . "" m 

Sopefecd follow tlie 'sport of TiS 
pi;.that_tliev fnlltnv tbe tlioini'i.- -■ 


An Unexpected Police Raid on 

times, <fid I have this explanation 
offered mp before I begun to grasp, 
even -arju^iy, the meaning that lies in 
that phrase, 'He tnolr to r-.laying the 
, ri>r,iea.' Wiint. i=^ the faJ?cir,s;;,..r! ? 
What are ihe intricacies of the ma- 
chine ibat works such woe? Vi'iio in 
responsible for its existence? W'luit 
srs the agencies for its demolition ? 
These sre the ihings tliat I storied onf.- 
to learn in Dopsland." 

Rnring Prcfi! an.j Loss. " r 

of 'lie msgnituds of professional horse- 
racing i^ouie fignres ere cui^ted, Th^rsC. 
deal only with the United States. 

" I find ' in the ' -American IvacinK 
jfuniini' f sr iggj i' [1S i there was a totel 
of 1^07 racing days on fill the tracks 
in the country. According to the ssni-j; 

oat Ut -'.trrjera of worses by race-track, 
owners tha ssaac year was. $5,801,557. 
'xiiu. total nnmber. of rates run was 
S.011-. Thfeee fire tlie only exact nffiires" 
-(jbts!n'ibie'oa"lbe rsiiris giiiiK, tor ti;s 
irace^ti-frck eramblBTs, like 'afi othet- gam* 
.-blera, iearnfirst of -a!!'' te 'dedars ihat 
"ag.aioriey, or, ii not SaScI- 
Loney; not majdne" £.m'.. 

!„„;-, a 

NoterisiK " "«v* Vor« fool-Room.- 

- bookmakers, who ply tlieir iraue at the- 
traeliB, at, $Ij,500,Cf>0. In the pool- 
rooms and handbooks hs f^timstefi 
that iuHy an much mars -sa? liaiiiSiea,-.. 
and thai- ihe gross profit to the boekies- 
v.O'-'id ran at least $j.00O,tWO more * 
than tha profit from the money hand- 
led at tbt j tracks, for the poel-rGonl iuu : 
handbook men have a habit of 'shav-! 
ing' the odd.'; so ns lo infike the profit. 
v:i e given ainouiit bf'piny Isrgc?. : 
From ail thai. \ iisvc seen aiiu -hcam • 

figures are under, rsther tlian oyer,- tha ■' 
actual DiViuuuis oi money handlsd sad 
piofiis Of oourse ihe net jirofit:. 
ct the bookies is less- than this, sum, 
■lor shirs io pioleciiou to bz lpoiced 
after, service lo bs paid {or, and othoi 
itsiiis oi expense. T . . .;--.- 

Then th,. comornf^Es : thai caibls . 
th=j pubiie' to gombie, • and ^'ithout ' 
whose services theie"could;bsptr.i>upe-" 
-land bay.-iiid the cdnfjlica os a fuws" 
traclr are to a giriti, dsgres"'re6ponsib'v:'" 
for.:this ■ state ef "tSiiKB. . v -.A ^triMngi 
■inc-ident . is •((Uoted.vBhowing'- wfcst t»2.' 
reaiiii is when city 'aUtiiorii;«f ijigjit 
upon ihe observance of law, £sd..Wliftt-> 
ihe scntrsi :■ motive ,1s syjongat' tlicss ■: 

'■'•in .iiiWisw^cVrtsrk, llwrison:. 

;.w6fiK .IN CKtCAGO ST0CK.V. . 

Electric ongiu?^re and fire- Hadefe- 
writerar interested in the Union fjfaj4 
Yards, at Chicago, have becoiffe; 
alarmed over ■ the advent of ibsells 
swarming certain, sections of the papp- 
ing-ptanta, and insistinc oii feeditei 
-upon the lead pipe instilntioa : ef 
electric wires. Then? browa/hgitT-iB-?- 
tie wrJgglers, «a C K fi^^ighUs -4f S.. 
iirch tnnw, are tnovint' through ti^hos 
storage nouses. at the yards, gmtwiiig. 
ii regular patches of lead, often eatti%'r 
througli One cloth and rubber iii5Bls..'j 
iion arid short-circuiting the electfiSt 
current. ".;;'." 

Kales an inch long nnc) hnlf r.n inih 
v.-ida "nave been cut through m!i>ter.thr 
inch thickness oi icad pi"e. :•.. ! 'y:v 

"The' lend' pipe cincli" bug .ia'^is 

■ FsCS^ r^b"S- i-lii En5«^~ s ;^' 


Many striking f=ala rica,iiia E H;&C 
Uiitain's immense Emiiirp Iwyrand flfi" 5 
anas . are eontiiined in a Bias BuSk - 
just- iMsueu. " ^-"i ■ 

_. The ■..British Empire. f-xcludinE^g ; 
' £jriti."h--'-I™rK cumpn.-tS il^i^^p. 
souare niiies — 10t) times iiie Ei.%™"; 
the Jtiotlierfniir 1 . The nnpiilatie£"d.-. 
iiilo" pi>i'tiuii oi our vasi Jimpire is j 
iiaiiTly 350,000,000. Hub ti-.ESE peopfe 
are distributed is shown in the follpv^' 
ing ■ table :—,' " "'."-. 

India fBvitish and feada- - 

:" tory) aoo.aoo,*)- 

r.cst, of the Emnirc (p-tdtjd- -^..^ ,jr -.4 

irg British Isles) MfiftM) 

■EacJudinK India, tk i;nii«ie ai«- 
nges four persons to the sguaie mile,; 
Not pinctieu for room yet. 

iVustralia lias one person to Uw j, 
siiuiii-o tnijo i Canada hss (Hit! onii. 
three-quarter*. _. 

The total trrnle oi iiie jimpira- 
otnouiils amounts to o«] eik'bt billion .. 
dollars, f .-:_.:', 

™ .'to r «Jj~' s scresgu under mheni-iifti;. 
EiOwnJiom just over 2,000,000 :'. 
18'ji to nearly 5,000,00(1 in J 905, tfK 1 ?.: 
lier. production has grown irom S7.0W.v- 
C00 bushe!;i hi 3S3I to over luWAyTO^ 
busheis jii'ISOii. 

~ . WHerE HE HAD HOT TO. y 

Adjt. Jiursi, oi London was, before 
his caaversion, = .Jfiuiksrd, tes=se= ; 
which lie lost, or gave up, (lituatM 
after situation, until at Jenjn^ 

hau saved noon went, and lie.-w 

.'i'ejh n -smgvilAr. iiiing iisyin-'M^ 
■WaJkiag slang .the SLiunu at^ 
int',. an ciu mini, no 1 B0 respects j, 
dressed' ss . William -Hurst,-; wt«pj* 
him : .and; asked, for the prjee, -&J; 


ijd. Lo' 




fi-ve ' 

lot" ii 




t CnJt 

>■ T?i 

■ :;:;.; U 




Iffi i)i 



•* , 


^*.. u ^' 

y „^rhcr 

^ ' 

OK " 


?9^ *. 







Ths Gofiee-Sts!! Sroaki 


.ondon, where tfie 
houra o! labor, in one 
loim or another," go aij 
round tlie olbek, End 
■M-her^ -. the Bsifeb. ^vork- 
niaii either leaves his 
tnil or goes to the same at all hours 
of the night, it will bn readily =cdcr- 
steoa that the enffae-sta!!- ptriGTTr.s q 
very useful part. For the last hundred 
years or more it- has teKi in ia=iitii- 
ti<iD, and modern conditions! of laboi 
tombiae to make it even snore so. 

E,00u stalls take uts Hint position ;r. 

: eitv ^lodiG ?;tr^ti. i^. s riniii' *>? ?r^^. 
Uight, .'-,■■■'-- 

There ta a police resc'ktion whicri 
lirohibits them from Rpceiiring eatlier 
for fear of impeding the traffic. ■ One 
'soffee-aiail keeper erwe na.-anotlier 
leagcri. Ke said there -^-as iiojisa in 
uominj «.;t btlure iTvcivs, as- ihoro 
js-eno iot many peoplo° -jfho would 
drink eoh'ee while the public-houses 
iWciB open and they could set beer. 

«Tieth»r this jfiefcrenoe for «lcoholiO 
dvinltB was owing to the bibsIcuB pio- 
■pensities of the British public-" or tho 
. "- """■;-;, -,ias not Quito elesr; 
A Picturssqua Scone, 

in some respects the coges-still is 
S ehoerful sicht irt ths "srss Hin'o/ oora 
*uyont the t-tval." . Tiw shining copper 
urns, the glowinfr flames, tha Igsusacaa 
JsrapB, and the nr.poti;in 6 ' diepisy oi 
ooilcd ham, lin-Td-uuiUd 'b-fb >'ad 
tooiiiBoino . confectionery., wakes";. -a 
pleasing picture ■ 





md fire 
lie Unio 




i j in/ 





: ; i 




iiii? i| 




-■ j ff- 

_j, J-E **? 




• •■■".-■ 



:■= "■i - 

&p'V j ^ 

r ^f 












i-£ _*.._ 

- -— 



• '~^r0 

T3^i~v G 





v;! 1 

'tffK? P' 


^ '% -/'*- 










iwrson to Hm 
i* lias as S 

of liie iSmpllfc' 
dv«i eifiht bilffiit;. 

2.000,000 acres .io* 
>fl in i°05, ^;iiU" 
own i:om" 57>0B.- , 

. .-»»■" - ^sas 

iB GOT TO " -jjjlf 
"<ion, Wes, Mft»" : i |gj 
~ve" up, tatustSoa jBj 

,i:i : m- lag*- _ lit 






He II 




null .0 

■" ;■ 


•<c re. 



in; ipor*u; 

fioi- to; fo 

and Hi? Q 


hours o£ Is 


,und tin 



maD either leaves his 
to the same at ail hours 
of the rugiii it will bn reB.ijl;.- ur.dcr- 

rery useful i irt, For-the lest hundred 

ears < 

it b.H 

tira, aad nr (tern condition^ of- labor 
£ornbius to make it even more- so. 

,u ia eatJTT-iat^il that viti .f^xcer ihi^ 
" d.OOu eIjiIU ti:;e up ihnt position 'n 

city dock; strike se£ ftrm.' ci riid. 
night. _ 

There 15 a polios rSeUiatioa TFhicb 
prohibits thtm iroin spbc-ii=5 BSiii=r 
tor Sear of impeding the truffle. One 
'CGTiet-alall keeper nflvg es - SuOtliHr 
i-ason. Ke eaid f-hsrc vras hojisfi Sa 

iwero not many people *■ who" ■would 
driak cofies '.vhile ini> onnlic-hosscs 
iiTero open and they could .get- besr. 

whether this pjelcrcnfte for sloofcolia 
brinks was owing to the bibulous pro- 
pensities of the British public- or iha 
an . o' ,5c, -,v3s not Quita el^nr* 
P, Picturs-uuE Scans. 

in eonie rospasla ihu cofiSB-stal! is 
* ohcsrful sight, in tbs "wes siaa 5 . oura- 
u?.vont the tv,d." 2iju shining ccrpsr 
.urns, ILi; glowing iames. iha !Tnsiscii2 
'^mpa, and the ^palizins display 'rf 
«."<:d h am , h^d-bo-Ied e S =B, and 
.luoiiwomo L .t>n£eetiorisr X :. maioe .a 
Pleasing picture. ... 

1'he business of ths aiglit, coffw^tafi"" 

W S 

^ A -iTtiirf Js-»»j ^=»r 

is main]}* confined to two periods — 
from haii-past twelve to halt-past two, 
and from haif-past three to seven. 

People who leave their v-crk niter 
midnight jrrive at their suburhnn 
homes at too late sn hour for the 
good wife to remain up with a sappir 
lor the wage-earner. To such H i.- 
colivenient to liave a little repast at 
the coffee-stall. 

"Those whose duties faring them city* 
wards by the trains leaving the sub- 
urbia SiatiouB at half-pnut- three and 
!c/«*r. hara, to '.eeve their had &L mu}* 
Keilier t-?-~ siiartUiy on hour for the 
rest of the ho«2£h©ld to set up and 
impure breaiaest. To such, a ixa- 
grasiu oun nf coSes aad £ hatn Suud- 
wich, or a hard-boiied £gg, which oec 
be got at the cottee Etnll, is ~» boon 
.to housemfe as well aa huabEUid, 

But not all those who hsvs reln-Bn- 

pcriod mentioned belong to the de- 
5P-rrins class of lateworketa. 
In Bad Oitar : 

■I'hB night coffee-stall hoa been JuGtly 
brought- into diErepute by the Tro7th- 
less eharsotcrs th«t. irequent it in the 
eatly aaorning, for ai uiost 
e'efree--sS^lls Ersa hali-pasii twelve till 
tivo tiisro ia.lo be found n. grjup of 
iatosicafed youth? and sbaadoned 
women, t hs ^outha ireuti each other, 
and the women as well, to numerous 

der ot their -whit? checta aad olantai 
' physiques -n-hen remembaring the 
-quantities of arsenical beer, and- poos 
ooflee that theygua-Je so freely. 
. *■ But -amongst the silly youths anc! 

rd clas 

It is the 


rifling the poehets of lha youtiiB, with 
the aid of their female confederates, 
or by resorting, if need be, to extreme 
forms of hooliganism iu' order to get 
v.-.i::EbI== or jr.aac;* trora the maudlin 
yoang men. 

To suiih an extent are the coffce- 
etalls made the bsunts of abondonad 
fir drunfeea eharaeters daring the fir=t 

fv"* houict afier mirimght. th-t the 

laavHi has been brought belore Parlia- 
ment with a view t<; prohibiting the 
opening of £•.:£:?£ sUlIIb belore 4 a.m. 

It is true that a proportion ei late 
wor!-prs, and the eatteva who bring tho 
Bi.ipplies of flowers, fiuit and veget- 
ables of the Covent Garden Market, 
' find the nnffee-stsll a grinl eonven- 
l-^i-r-o 'di llinr.^ '^•isl-^: but, euiiUxiieH CO 
to ~hov.' tliat were it not tor tho worth- 
less characters already mentioned tits 
coffee-stall keeper -would hnyo very 
littin inducement to eater for the lato 
workers, and would, without the aid 
of Parliament, confine his sfforts to 
supplying the seeds oi those who eo 
to work ni very ecriy hows. In view 
of this it would, perhaps, ho a good 
thing if the coffce-stiilla were confined 
to the morning. At. any rats s wc- think 
that the polien mig ht dcsl in ilia same 
manner with those mho bang about: 
(hem as thtw VFC-uId by ioil-irers ftener- 
aibi-mive them on. 

The coffea-Btall breaifast of the 
EHtiflh ■working mail usually consists 
oi a- hard-bci'^d egg (hard-boiled; fir 
Convenience in eating), a chunk vi, 

leep a Few Hours Longer. 

%a t*u? n. "^ &fi %M fFm b 

bread, nnd a cup cf tea 01- tuffee, tlie 
whole workine out- to abovit three- 
pence. He can. if lie deeires, vary 
this with n ham .sandwich or soma 
confectionery, but at most stalls there 
the variety ei-.fls. 

r-ldrjcy in Coffvc-Siaiis. 

When id is borne in mind '.hat no 
fewer than four hundred workmen's 
trains leave suburban sta.tioiia at Rtty 
time from 4 » r_i. to 3, and chat 
cac-h i.,HJii .-'iiiTies from six litiiidred i"o 
a thousand persons, it will be readily 



Buburban railway station is a valuablo 
property. As a matter of fact same- of 

no less than a iiuadred pounds. 

That there ia money in coffc6-stalIa 
ia also evidenced by the tiiimhsT eg. 
persons who have literally liKen from 
tbo fiuttsr to greater things. 

A communionM Ye ecffcc-stall keeper 
in the Borough recently complained of 
the falling-off in business nf late yaars, 
but Biiii was cmdid enough to admit- 
thBt he was making a tidy thing out 
of his still. The™ wee a time, he said, 
when h« cane to his pitch at six iu 
the evening, and between that time 
and midniaht, « r ou!d take a 8'jvercign. 
From midnight to Seven o'clock he 
v/anld tale, say, i,oin thirty shillings 
to forty shillings. Thus im aighiiy 
turnover weuld average about £3. Bat 
now, ow'ri-'iHjj-the fact that he could 
not starfWsiEess before midnight, hia 
takingB vfould not average more than 
£1 per night. He included tobacco 
and cigarettes ia his sales. 

%Er&3* Jf*t%¥* 

'Summer-time is by Jar the best 
Ksasoii of the year for business. This 
-is because work is more plentiful; ariu 
oorisequsntlypeople have more moriey 
to spend. Besides, raore people are to 
be iottuii otsf- during tho warm summer 
■iiiU'lats than, on Ihe wet, cold nights of 

- 5=rhap3 there is hardly a belter 
point of vantage to be found anywhere 
from which to study the seamy side 
•of soeisly. than behind the counter of 
a coSee-stall. Vice, naked and un- 
ashamed, resorts thither; the criminal- 
on v hi3 errands ■ of plunder makes a 
stop there: the r)>ki= d-tiuchec 
lcJls against the coffee-splashed count- 
er; while the poor homeless -wretch 
Iretruems it in the hope that some 
generous customer will give him or her 
the price of & nun' of coffee. Here a 
portion of poor humanity stands, 
stripped of all conventionalism— is 
seen iis it TBniiy is', and 'h.e sight is nou- 

The misery is often relieved by 
gleams of ieilow-ieeliili! exhibited by 

are worse oS !hnn themselves. « a 
remember iu the early dawn of a suni- 
mer day taking a. cup of coffee at a stall 
■when a burly, bustliuts son oi toil came 
along. "Give us a cup of coffee and a 
hegg, guv-nor!" ^claimed he. 
keeper complied with his request. But 
standing in closs proximity was a 
cadaverous creature, clad in ragged, 
nroasr clothes— = most wretched ob- 
ject. ThB son o! toil locked ?t the 
■iujccb u£ misery, and then turning to 
ins Oi«"iec-i.ii'ii keeper sniri : "Fur 
Christ's sake give this bloko a cup of 

"'he sun of toil carnishir-fl' his eon-.' 
versntiou v.';*.!: a plentiful supply ' f 
profane epithets, which clearly showed 
that he did not profess to be r- follow- 
er -oi Him in whose asusis ho gave the 
cup of coffee, but wc could not help 
thinking that He who had said "A crip 
of Cold water given in My name shall 
not lose its reward;" accepted i:is gift 
as a Ciiristiy deed. 



Northwe ;t Province,.— Capt. Davav-r 
Saskatcon Feb. 15-15; rrinca Albert 
Feb. 20, 21 Ecgina, Feb. 22-24; Wolse 
ley, Feb. 25; Sunnerbury, Fsb. 2fl 
Virden, Ftb. '£i- t Aloosomin, Feb. 23; 
Brandon, I ar. 1-3; Ne»paw2. Mar. 4-S: 
E-aupiun, Mai. 7-10 ; Shortage- lo 
.frame, M-ir. 11-13 j Winnipeg, Mar. 
14-17; Kenore, Mar. 18, 19; Pert 
AiiLrrr, Kir. 20-22-; Fort William, 
Mar. 23-25 Winnipeg, Mar. f st; Sal 
klik. Hkt iB-51. 

Capt. Murd. East Ontario.— Man- 
vers, Feb. 5; Port Hope, Feb. 16-13, 
Coboiirg, F b. 19. 20; Trenton. Feb. 
: 21, 22; Picion, Feb. S3, S4; Belleville, 
Feb. 2-5, 26; Campbellford, Feb. 37; 
Napanee ; Feb. 23; 'DEsciuiitq. March 

iktarch 5, S. 

CapE. f^atier, - London. Division. — 
Gadnrieh, February la, IS. l? ; 
Wiiigh'jiro, February' IS, 19; Listonel, 

■ Feb. 50, ai; Paimerston, Feb. 22-25; 
Drayton. Feb, 25-2S; Gtielphy march 

, 1-3; Hespeler, March a, £; Gelt, JJ&ich 

6, 1 ; PariB. March S. 
Ccpt. CaveodcT; Ea«f"r^ Pfssvines^— 

V/'esiviiis, February IS. !!!, 17 ; 

Sptuiwatil. rah IS; Farrsboro, Fob, 

19; Amherst. Feb. 20, 21; Moncton, 
-»Fob- 22; Csmpbellton, Fob. 23-25; New- 
' caatle, F«b. 26; Chatham, Feb. S\ 

'FrederiotoU, Feb. ii8; Woodstock, Mar. 

1-3: 8t. Bi-aphsn, Mar. 4, 5; St. John 

II.; Met. OS. *jsiii 


■ J MetArSalinisi PugDiiro ass? &e gls.d 
46 itj^ss -CBaMrff' 'dotbilig fer msu, io 
good repair, eapeaJrtp-?^esw>at9, 

' mils, Frea Ba^eac, Ssivaijon 

■ Tean^s; idbar i Si .; Sjroiito. -BEpreas 

S!s«r Mrs: utincan, pf Hfew (?!»5gaw, 

\?e reErret ta have to ehroaiclc thfe 
death of sister Mrs. Duncan, who 
passed away on Friday, Dec. 21st, after 
much suSeriug. It could be said of 
her that she died at her peat, iifca a 
warrior, beneath the blood-or-d-fire !;ae 
which hung ov«r her ss Ae. Isy^yuig. 

jConverted at Hamilton, Scotland, iA 
the =s= sf thirtmu, "uo reguiuriy trav- 
eled to the meetings from Motherwell, 
■a distance nf t»-o mUei. :er ^p-sr.rds 
of ten years. 

: Her conversion was very definite, 
and She inrmedisiciy dersnsrj the Army 
uniforci sr.d inarched on to aa her 
•Mocter'a will in spite of maay sneers. 

Buauovoied ihe major part ol her 
time to the junior work, and , was 

Mr?. Jamss Duncan, New Giasuow. 

Band of Love Leader for about threa 
year^. at Airuri* 1 . .Scotiantf. 

slip ernigrs'.vil io Caiiada over three 
years ."po, with hoi liunbami. 11 nd th^y 
attached s-lu-isiselvert io the Sew Gljis- . 
gov/ corp.=, where she proved, herself 
a -«i!!ii!s 'worker aTnoriS the children. 
' The writer was a constant visitor 
while our comrade lay siek in I he 
hospital, also at her house, and ns one 
talked about the war iu "Bonnie 
Scotland" her roua'-ensaco fcsavued 
with joy as she rein ted the many vic- 
tories God helped her to win. 

Our P. O .. Brigade- Turner, visited 
her on his first visit io Mew Glasgow, 
and "» he sar-.jj ic her. Lur voice eouid 
be heard praising God. The Briftadier 
left a donation with the B.-M. to get 
soine flov/crc for the sick room, which 
she appreciated, arid remarked that 
she would rather hnue the Sowers 
■strewn along her r,alii while shs was 

Our officers, Ensign and Mrs. ?iercy 
and Capt. Reeves, also Capt. McKim 
(Stellarton), viKited our comrade fre- 
quently,- They always .~~.a = WP >. 
floxii the sic-k nhnm'hor very T^-^ch ..e. 
Ir^shed. She disd a c-ojiquercr through 
the blood. 

Uur' comrade leaves behind her a 
serrowins ■^.utihand and -.two "wee 
jHiiius,'" also her father and mother; 
who have our deepest sympathy and 
;pravars. A special feature of the ser- 
vice it th= house vrttH tne dedication 
nf her little son, Gsorge Davis Duncan, 
who was givon %•', Qod ang the Arsiy 

ol our gioriiied comr«der? 

v/s laid her to rest in Biveraido 
• Cemetery with ^the -sura and certain 
, hope of. meeting her "irt the- morning." 

—George Smith, W. C. C. 


"AH U WsH, S'srrr Going Komo. 1 * 

During the past week u-n hsve S>aen 
oallsd to i-'^rt with our comrade, Sister 
Mrs. MoDoucall. She was siriekan 
with typhoid" fever' on the 1st of T-Jo- 
■ vember, aad w.oa taken' to tho Soyal 

for ten weeks. She was patient «i all 
Iibi sufferiiig, and wnen flii'fl. A'ySj, 
Hoddinott coliert to see her sne *»■", 
that she was jirapared to -iTieet Iter.: 
Saviour. Site expressed a desire _■»«% 
have an Array fsriSral soiae:aaya ha- 
,Vra 1.5." death. 

""SJia" wob promoted to Glory on Sun-- 
day, 13th January, and Slot last wnrru- 
were '"All is weU, I am going home/ ^ 

On' tho followinc Tuesday -ws.-.-gax*' 1 
her a real Array funeral; nnd although., 
ji v, P c 3 verv cold day, yet tnere was 
a" ^lerTdi'd -"tsinout' wf : soidiers sad 
friends. After a Bhort service at the 
h^nsii th^ GcldUto umicheu - over a-' 
milato* the barracks, where ft very 
impressive serviea was held and auii- 
abls si=«ing wbb. renderen by song- 
B<ers.~ -Sifter Mrs. ' De*t>- is«o " a ^ bse^ 
her "constant companion, spoke very 
feelingly of her Christian, character 
and soldier spirit-. Aithocgfl .car : com- 
rade, had only been in this country 
threB years, yet her pure devoted lite: 
has made. a market} impreseion. upon" 
those she come In contae6 with. 

I am sure our readere wiltpr&y for- 
the- bereaved husband, who-.lcses n 
loving wife, and the three little chil- 
dren- who hove lost a loving ■ mother. 
She has just eone oa^a Utflft-:ba?orn, ; : 
is ^-i sUiil: :s?;t again in tliK-morn*; 
ing.-C.-C. Lily Home. v -. 

, t STEPHEM-- BRADBURY, OF -;';.' 
-.,-.-. l/ANCGyVEfj. 

We regret to' report the da«th f>f 
-Stetihsn Bradbury, who was a-eeideiit^, . 
ally shot near Fort Simpsoiij He was: 
taken to: the- hospital ai! i*ort;8impsori, 
where all thai could be done for him 
was done, but iu a few days tie jiaassft 1 
away. He was one of our "boys" and 
sttanrlns- the jneetings -Tegtilsriy and- 
lovcd the Array, but did not profeen 
Salvation Adjt. Bluthbuyn, apoukih^ 
to Ivisa just prior to his 'death, received 
the reply that 'lie was jiot afraid tc 
di^. From this wc 'tope that ]ih ii»d 
made his peace with Hod. He was but 
twenty-sis years of age, an only son 
of (\ widowed mother. Needless to say 
she is henrt-broks". His last request 
that- he should be buried by the Army 

siniined to Vancouver, thcrme'to Now 
Wesiminsler, and b'.'-rjcd in aupperku}: 
C'ciiietpi-y The lur.ors! war, coiiiiucicd 
by Brigadier Smr.elon, assjist-sd by 
Adjis. HaypR ii«d Eloss. Tiiay Ood 
strengthen and comfort the aged and 
sorrowing mother until slid meets her 
S3 in heaven.— K. W. M. N. 

niSSING- -J 

To Parcnts f RclaE.lons and Frtrnds 

\"z -■;;; jcEtf-cn iar nibilnFT pc-sans in any fthft j;ltiT>ei 


ISk - ■ 

-. tli 

i,i«lrt<r:-d fur. 

(First Insertion..) 
5<e0. ELLIOTi:, KOBEKT \V 3. 
Age 2D. Left England for British 
Columbia in April, 1R99. Last heard, 
ui in uuttoa, Ont. Supposed to have, 
taken up iarmir!-. 

ANNti;. May be soiog. l>y '4, e .T»2 ;= c 
oi nirs. W. U. Fowler. "Age SO, height 
6ft., dark hair. Missing eleven years a 
Last known address, ir'eterboro;' Was 
then employed -Ht' the EleotTic-WorsB. 
. May Se in Toronto. 

Age 2B, dark complesion, height Oft. 
loin. Last knnwh arldrcss Blue Liv"; 

5770 QUIKLAIJ JAE.^nd^. Were 
farmers. Last heard of in ICSi. at 
Derby Bound. May have returned to 
cue StateB. News ; wanted, 

5786. TKOTMAN WM: - - -As= iS, 
height oft. 4iu.i dark hair, blue eyes, 
pain complexion. Last known address 
Fernie, ii.C. 

FHRES". Age 31, height 5ft. 4i.v., dark 
iiairarni complexion. Is a Walfihirj&ii. 
Last known address, WijiriiijcE. 
■ E7G4. ERIGGS, FBAiJK. Age SS, 
height fif t. ilir;,, fesir turaiBg , grey, 
blue eyes, f;;ir eouiplesion. Came to 
"Canada in Match, I&35. Sapposed to 
■havo grine to Siiemaid. OBI. 15ews 

fnrft). =BARWICK, .!-■" 

Age'.43J|teight 8ff; lin.,'a^^S^ 
■sEXss. i.43.r'&- csraplssion T* 1 : r 3i ni "-: 

^5769. JMULLHOT.LaITD 'iVa""^ ' '■ 
glsj, isgB. m, height 5ft. tjjj' a k J: if' 1 ; 1 ' 4J 
grey eyes, fair aomploxion.°-'fe|£|v r ' = 
Last heard of m ■ .Vsn.-^hSl^rS' ----i 

Age 29, height Bit. eiri.l 
iort.i -Husband an 
heard of five ycare __,.„ . 
:isy. Mny .be-in Montreal," 

S753- UYEK, W. T .--.. igo-.#=sA.|- ■■ 
5;£. 6in. rather thin and fair,'- Oaiw -1 
to.Canado, iu July, lees;- ^tSj"; ; 
iar. news. * ■ . . " ^* ja3 

r,. 575?: -SMITH. JOHH.'. M> : i ; ■ 
■:±£2j&?-*&i<:u yearn Rga.i.-Tui&£Z£jiJ . 
.-jn;Mesicrj.- twenty yeara age.. -WkV " 

flrivet ori a locomotive. :JjeigM Ml '. 

8in,-,,dark pjnnplessGii, biua e »ea m', 
AbwA 47, Brother Ales, snqaW, " = " : 

. . 6530. MILLS, HAKBY.VAEBnpn 

Age ^height, U%. Tih^d^riS ^ 
■ neir, -brown ■ eyes. v ., MiskiBg,^^ 
.months, ., Last .known; 6,ddm»i Kt'e- : 
-vllle C»mp,- Man. ., Wews.iwAritei, 

\:- : . (Second Ineartlori.1 ■" ; 

"...StSs-j. WHIT^SO,:-AOKffl:JSJE= 
,.C«na..ia. : Q=nsda Ba g child |ea. f^ars 

agft, age iO, lair hair a»diSo*j^ao D 1 
-brown, wcs. May : be : stuissDiUi E r: ; 


:•;', S?t®. ' STEVENSON* :.HA}?DAI,. ff 
Kiifl alroHld Blast l!is sys- ,cf- giaj] 
vStowiBor., -formerly: oi ■ Purhma dtv 
.ag^tertd; will ha pleas? .jcssawiah'-'' 
:. reiBi file above office? '."-'- 

; ; „ 6756. ~HOLME8.. JAMES;-- 4g '■£. - 
Ssjg«i fsi., Ughi brown bairj biuB>n«' 
Eaif swiBiesion. Scotch.. Laatlisarfff 

v.oial^*. months ago, was then abtRjt Un 
nulea from Vanceisycr, L,C. ""/. 

."- h?-^. PATBICK, BOGAK. Aga is 
• years, fair complexion. Last beard n! 
!n-Grs2b-y ; B.C., five years agQ^'Ken""- 
wantad by his sister. 

&7S3. BALKIVILL, JOHN. Ago 80, ' 
heigiri ft., fair compleEioa. .Lsal 
known addrePs, Swan Hiverl Mse. 
.-: BrottJer enquires. 

sviii. HAWKHWORTH, seosse. 
Came Out.u'om England fire iaoutoa 
ago. . Jf.ast heard 01 in TecmiusBn, fear 
"mbrrttiB ago. May have gMi£ is E^ 

0726. CALLAN, JOHN D. Aga 83, . 
heigtli 6ft. 2in., black hair, dark eje, 

- irooe. Last known address, 133, Oi- 

goodte St., Ottawa. 
: WW. KUSSEU,, MHS/JAlsa^iua,, 

Erasinis ArmstroriE). Oft.'j™ to^""^* ' 
"in 1S50. Married twice. First KKiira" 
" name^ Hiscock ; second EusseU, ; Sees 

""sna" BOMBERGi AEHAK. igeS. 
r ,me<%jm Jieisht. div>!i hair aad e™, ■■ 
rofl-y ceaipleiion. Was heard m aiM 
veara ago at Montreal. Wife enauires. "'_ 
' 5718. JAGGER, THOMAS HEHEt. -j 
Ho was raat hoai-d of in T oroatb.; Ms?, ! 
bava Essaoverl to. Bt. Villa. ..= 

Will .eaadtt^ Special M«Ub^^» 

-hegihtioss, Feb. B; Mediana, an,*. 
Feb. .9, 10, ll;.Mopse Jn^Psbj.K.Mts 
-H^^llis. FcB.'i^, Iu* Kjauiiiw, PW' K»-" 

' Hf°ts7 Cai-berry. Feb. 19:rWipigS{; 

-5L-; J^&mery EG; Selkirk, 'F*Br»rj^i .: 
Ssdirdrv, Sat., Sun., Mon., Jf#^.<»-'. 
M, 25... 8. A. hall; Soo. r 0A t lm- ~ 

Mich!, "Thvire./Fri., Feb- % ,%• V; 

5 A. frail; StiiiTjaon rasrs, <5a?i- JJ5 1 J 
Moa., :Mar. 3, 3, 4; North B^»" 
Mm, S, S. A. haUrHaileyb^S"--; 

'Star. 6, ^Orange Hall; Ne»-.l|jjP*; 

^"■- ; ■ "^.SJ- S : -ti> Cxi-.. 5i«-' : ***;*^*** i " :;; 

,&>Sd, Sat, Bun., Man V.:'- S.-J;- 
ia ,i« Hall; Hnnt3»"^g»^' - 

Mar/.ISTS. ^-^SsSv^^ 3 
WSd., Mar. 20, S. A. ha!! -= -v 
-Halh Kewmarket, Thura., m*, 

6 A. Haii; Aurora, Fn., Mar. M. * 
Hsll or Town Kail. : '___JJ^i 

WANTED i-STEHOursftFHSsfe ■ 
Titers are a <sw vbc** cu * ^"VSJfe 

Vw*i asople ot eltnor '- ., , ., ;, 

7 st'nfflcsfa =? sr-WSere, 3r? .'-*'i^SSS 

'"" j -Tbe-T« 

. HI I i 

B mm& 1 

i-irt 1 

u 1 

llll 1: 



.:^.'.Cera*tB .. 

■ A+?SS SEfiJ " 

I I" si' I ' ■ " ;: ^ 

lit if ^^ ( 

1 Iv- -; ^i : L testlmonia 

ASfesrl^S.. 'i"ercrte.: 




u«o. i.itt >;..,;;. '; 

years ags.'-.".^,'," 
■ptivB. 1 Jfeigtjt s tf 
ion, dim ejas, j*. 
Ales, enquires. *" 

■■■■ . Mwsiaff,-^^!! 
■ News -wsatfed, " 


i, AGSjgl.'.AOTrr' JHB 

^.eadjMSREfaaia, |§j§ 

*" H 

ON.-,RASDAL t! 111 
Hw c^jl-.jynad J§| 

CO? ^^ jig 

, James j^E =_'=:. 
oivauaw, biro^ja;, .3S 
rstdi. ■ Ltut e««5 cl aH| 
v.aa .ihen.stniHtkE JfiB- 

., BOGAN. %a !S 
sion. Lest hsarr! r,s 
vo years ngOv.'Esn 

LL, JOHN. Age SO. ' 
eomplesiou. ,Lsa) Hiver. .'Mfg. ; 

iVOT'TE, GKOS-iC. " 
r^iand "five ssi&i 

V have t;«ue t$ &£■ ' 

JOHN D._ Age S3,. 
.ask hair, dark ejea, . 

vn address, 133. Or-.- 

Uvice. First sSr5 " 
iconil RusseUS-Jfejis : 

S; ABEAM, "Aggif,^ 

Was heard oj kw ■'■. 
real. Wife cJMttjp-" ' 
oi in Torottio." M»f. : 
St. Villa. ■_-_-* 

p«eiaJ . Ms&fe»_!^ 

8 ; Me$<sia issv-? 

oae Jo?, R!K.ii,l|S 

reo- IS; totaiHM 

uu., Mon-» *§S.'.^iv. 
1; aoo,.Oat.i.if^>s 

&. FeV% ;^f • VI 
!; Not* B^*»*« 
Jail; ITei". Kf'^P.', . 

. Morj., M&iv § $» : 
t. Tours.; HK;. -;. : 

1, Fti..HW.^>*' .i 

1. • 

,, tor ■/.-'■■- -■., 
-J ■•• 

lops, nr? - f -S||ip 



*.. .. 


i aw 

| . These spzssM4- iss^innsafs, unsufpasass in quality and volume of tans, and finished -with finest 
i ^workmanship* are nsakmg a striking reputation am&fig our beat bands in Great Briiain and the 
| '-GmosiSS- Among those ^ho testify to their superior qusliiieB in Canada are the following Bands t 


| -Ti>€ Temple* lilfnnipeg L, Rmttiiovd, Vancouver, Petei*fe©tt© 3 
S:'-Lisga'p.Stit.eet ? Olace Bay, 

The -fficss far " Ouf Own Make " in CLASS A are as follows i 

Brass. Silver Plated. 

Cornets — The Bandmaster's — Nothing Better Made „■ $75 00 

Cornets — Clas 
.!• IligSl rluiiib 
TeitOis- — "Soio M 
ienors . . , 

Trombones . 




i4D 00 

50 CO 

37 5° 

en on 

5° co 

07 .50 

40 00 

57 50 

55 oc ' 

82 50 

75 °° 

1 IO GO 

(25 00 

37 5° 

i to 


1.15 °° 

47 5o 

85 00 

137 50 

105 00 

170 00 

125 00 

205 00 

£W3 I 

' 1 i iiFl I 

If J |. 

r si i 

-rvionsrre . = . . 

CLASS "Bf-'* -Our- OwaStofce-V are disable, general purpose instruments, aea will give good 

■ service, and are siuch crtsascr^ Prices on application. 

-' -ApSft If am the above ■??£ con supply a line — not ";Gur Own , Make' — that has given good 
^tisfaciien to many rf oup eystcsisrSs Prices rusx as follows ; 

and S30.G0 
.GO to 520. 0u . 

iromfjancs $lt),:j3 xc--320.;3> 

Baritones $26.00 

Eb Bass ?42,GS 

Euphoniums ..'. SW.00' 

Eh Bass ...I., sSB.OO 

1 &v 

1 1 

I i^Bl ■ 

' • .-Assy Bsnd coiitempia!''-i£ pu?chssing, whether Army or not, will do v/cll to consult us. as w 
-eaa-gWe such the beneKt of our ess?sk-tice f sne ss good r^ics ss can be gotten elsewhere. 

■■' "•THpf HnVE'dif£F FHL1E0 A TW£LVE..HUsBR"EB BOLiii uiSEB 

'»| "OiJ? Ovvfs Mske" fc? Brandon,- Man. Ensigr Taylor sends us the following unsolicited 
testimonial 1 "Our instruments arrived ia good shape, and we are moc? thas deiigh.ed with thenr" 
& TM Canadian IMiusic; Tt-sSss }oo"riial ! ' for Novetsiher last has- th? felfciwisg to ;«y Concerning 
' "Oa?Oa r ri "-"aks"; 

' " "SALVATIOM AnfflY '.HSTntifnEfiTS.— It is not, generally known in Canada liiat all Mie band instrameiita 
■QEsd bjthe Sar.siiCiL.Anny are manufaotared in the Anna's uwa factories at Campfield Works, B+,. Aiv>»r!«, 0. 
suburb of ~XoDdon, Eaglsiid, where nearly a lumdwl men ?.rc consttuiUy empioyed in the production o£ higli- 
cl.ess brass an3 miliiery instvuDienta and drums. For use in Canada the iiistraments are imported by the officers 
at the Terrilorifll- Headquarters in Toronto. A representative oi 'Tlw Canadian Music Trades Journal* was 
'shosvji Br bew narrflmrMfxr'n cornet mndn by the Arar.y. This is S ijaudcor^e, silver-plated instrument, tuste- 
iuily engraved, and fitted -with the beEi oi appurtenances. Of the Salvation Army cornets, Wm. Short, L.R.A.M., 
ths rrT)icip=i Tmjapet of His Majesty the King's Band, says that they are equal to any lie hag ever hloivn. The 
Temple corps at Toronto lies one qi the best bands in the city, using instruments and wearing uniforms from the 
■ Army's 







Soldiers" and Ex-Soldiors' Meeting at 7 p.m., in Bend Street Con- 
gregational Church. 


Masssy Ha!!. - Ths Gsner^I wi!i preach si ii a.m. and 7 p.m. 
LECTURE at 2.45 p.m., subject: "The Secret of th* Success 
of the Saivstion Army." ' 


Culu'irns- and tK-aoidiers* Meeting, S. A. Citadel, earner CatljeerS 
and University Streets, si 7 p.m. 


The General wiil lecture at 8 p.m., subject: •The Secret of thi 
Success of the Salvation Army." 


Soldiers' and Eic-Ssldiers? Meeting, S.. A, Citadel, at ?p.m. 


_ New Opars House. The. Goners}, wil! preach at II a.m. =ȣ ; 
p.m." At 2.S5 i'no QansfarwiU XECYURE, subject: "Tfis 
Sairst of tiie 5UCC2EE =f the Ssivstion Army." 

His Majesty's .Thfatrs, 

rest at ii a.m. and 1 p.m. Ths \f 
Genera! will preach. Lecture, 2,35 p.m., subject: "T! 
Ss^ret ui the Success oi the Salvation Army." 


The General will preach at 2.46- and 7 p.m. 
NOTE.— Young children with or without parents will not be admitted. 

PLEASE MCT£. — The Salvation Army has arranged Cheap Rates with the vartcus railway 'Csir-psnU's fhreuKidut Canada f;r -5,-jOim 
attending General's Booth's Meetings at Tprnnto, Macch 5th to ISin, indusive.. Ticicsts sold at "one way? First . Cca'ss Fare and sn *•£ 
ditione! 15 cents. Holders of Sisndard CertiHsstss, whkh must £-= ssansi when purchasing iho -EboveTis&gts frens Ag»n*s, wis ! b« returned 
fi-cc. Standard C5rt>fi£ate.<; musi be" presenM to Srisedisr Hows II, Transpsftation Department, for signature. 22 seen as passible aitor ths 
passenger arrives at Toronto the "dd'tians! 25 csnts is payable whtr, pre&cntinjb. Certificate for signature. 


Tunes.— Oh. v'.icli ifo Von- in K.B. 
. 12); Rockcv in the Cradle (N.B.B, 

1 BehoW Me. ^nndis? a* the door, 
' And hear ie pleading evermore. 
With gentle v- ee: Oil. heart oi sip. 
May I come ir. May I come in? 

I bOTe the erue: thorns for thee, 
1 waited long .nd patiently; 
Say, wflnry he- \ opprest ' ivitb sin. 
May I come in iiay 1 come in? 

I would not pi. nd with fcbee in vain; 
Rsutembe; all i y giiel mid. pain i 
I died to ransoi i thee from sin; 
May l come in? M&y l come in? 

May I come in? Ma? I come in? 

Tune.— Sinner, S?* Yon light. 

rt. "inner, s^s joe light 

■£. Shining clear and bright, 

■ From the ci'Ofs of Csivarv. 

Where th» Saviear di™. 

And from iiis cj(f C 
• . rioived the oiood that Eets us free. 


Come ar.'.-iy;' 

To '.be cross for refuge flee. 

In the gloomy uliade 
:■' ; When He knelt and prayed, 

■ • " Aa Ki8 brow was vet, 
- With blowjy sv/ait. 
When ia dark Gethsemane. 

Se« the 5sviour eUnda 
With Hi- grounded hands,. 
An* 33o calls. inuwi to thee, 
"I for tfc*^ lii,; s^ T fi> 

.HowT^thvfeHirt. !>b. give to' Me;"- 

©figs for AH- 

I ^s^ "'"f[§%sr© 


Ti22e. — Tuft Old Oahen Bucket. 

3 How dear to jnj heait -is the sioty 
of Calvary, ;; 
Oi .Tj>;s5, i^y Ssvibur,' "srio BuSelid 
• and died; 
Ks came that irom ain He might par- 
don and tree me, ■ ■ 
And aiy guilty past 'neath the blood 
current hide. . 

iaB story qj UalTary. tc clear and di^- 

Oas time ray hard h^art woiild r.ct 
solten one part 
WJjen Jcs-js, mj Saviour, ivas oeid 

,Bnl now all is changed, I hia favor 
have gained. 

And Calffnrv'A Vjirr'e i^ 2» "VCr 

And now it 59 Ewei/since tha past is 
To ponder and issues o'er His won- 
. derful love, 
To tell to tho einnef the joy "He .haa 

And o! the ' brkbt home roteDar,^d 

Tiine. — Oh, 'tis Coining, 

A Have jou received the holy potrer? 
^ 'Twill fit you £or thi fight. 
'Twill make o: you a mighty hCBt 
To put your £oen to Sisht. 

Oh, "iifi eom.lug! 

Eavp y«i, re<?eivs*! tU" h-lv pc--«£r- 
'TiriU falVfrom heaven on you; 

FsOsn i?t:5i23 ! throne this very hour" " 
"1'wiU make you hrave aud true. " 

Oh^ now receive thia holy fire, 
■'Xwill bum away all drags,;. .. 

All earthly, salSan, vain desire, 
'Twill make yoa love the crOiss •'' ■ 

Tuae. — There. There, With All M* 
Care (M.S. Vol. £VI„ 7-3). 

q Under the burdens oi sailt ssfl 
" care 

Many a spirit is gricYins. 
■^".o ii, the joy oi the Lord jnishl; 

ijfe everlasting receiving. 

Ule. life, eternal life, 
Jesus alone is thfi Giver 1 

LiJe, life, Abundant Site, 
Giory to Jeaua for eveii 

- s -- s IllK*SawIflSi| 

. ■»»«» rat vn^wuigjn; 

wiii vSait 
ORItLIA, Thufs., rA. \il^- s frv--: 
3st to Oalvarj, 1 " :;» t' : ; 

. O^ora Hous'a,' st S p.m. 
WOOKtOsS, O.nt., Sst.>' Safe-' Ss 
— ."^Frsni Sethlflhsm io Si 

ths Opara House, 6 p.tii. - ' 
tO^SOM, Ont., Sun., Fas.' e&-fi »r. ! 
• . " Wellness, In the filtadlei ^S^S 
" ; ^rss5 ^;±=t!r,S .lEi tllo S^e^ StU&s. 

. ™ ph»i. " rram BBtjlieftSB! ft'Wg 

sfEf^2^S5"»SS B Sfit.| ffilsHmj. 

LsEUT.-COL. AND MR®. ®s»«: 

„ Brows, . 

Flosdiuj tha vale -sri^h a river; 
So, from the hill o« tha vims there 
flows ."■--■ 

Life move abundant for ever. 

Oh, for the showers on the' ■thirsty ■ lun^ 


:" W« had good iiniea at Si.. "" ■* 


BtaH-Capi, and Mra. .n.^;! '-"• 
prssent in ".the. uiternooa, : ■ //- - 
hot watimony meeting *«" "" 

^Ofc, sor ii. migjrey Tavjyal! 
t-»n, mr ^ -Scji-jtiiiea, feflrleES band 
Soadj- to h=!] jisciirivsir ' " 


Srigwifee S®nd, Thura., F®b. 19. : 


- sight aa> -sojne ,. . „ , iiai ^ 

were given. The haii ws3,-w^S: 
sh« a 'bettqtifuI/'BietJiBg-^Jwsi^ 

AdurSccca weiw tjiVcii vy, '^ a ^_^^^^ : 

pBOpSe, JjuTji was not -„n;;^ ; . 
dictioti had been procsunosSj^^gi 
iaBYo wis mads tavrotdss t£*s 
foiin. Then one de»?_ ^^g 
sfefelis sisad for Caws* j| 
w£ftfe ■ ksts a good tMtaW^ 
" Sge of ains forgi^S;